New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers

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New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers home decoration School Room Kindergarten Wall Sticker 7Style New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB1f4GHJVXXXXXvXpXXq6xXFXXXF New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB1f4GHJVXXXXXvXpXXq6xXFXXXF




New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB18RWiJVXXXXXuaXXXq6xXFXXX9

New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB1gACMJVXXXXcjXXXXq6xXFXXXQ

New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB15l5oJVXXXXalXVXXq6xXFXXXG

New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB1SKCGJVXXXXaKXpXXq6xXFXXXm

New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB179SMJVXXXXbvXXXXq6xXFXXXy

New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB1eR2qJpXXXXc4XpXXq6xXFXXXv

New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB19HfmJpXXXXbcXFXXq6xXFXXXa

New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB1ISbnJpXXXXamXFXXq6xXFXXXP

New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers HTB1LcnzJpXXXXXfXpXXq6xXFXXX4





Brand Name



Single-piece Package


New Classical/Post-modern




For Wall




Plane Wall Sticker



304 reviews for New Hot Naughty Cats Birds and Street light Lamp Post Wall Stickers

  1. v***a

    very cool stickers! whole came, not wrinkled! дочкой наклеили directly! thanks to seller. recommend. 2.

  2. M***a

    приклеились colorful stickers and good.


    thank you all good


    very cool stickers. tattoo art put more gift: 3

  5. T***a

    пришёл order in 12 days, all carefully packed, fabric cushion on накручено was from foam, therefore помялось. tattoo stickers-put seller,-change nice, it thanks very much! creative получилась карьинка, прилагаю photo

  6. E***a

  7. V***a

    the seller is very considerate and answered the all my doubts. i love cats and simply i’m passionate at my adhesive. he came well packed, wrapped around a roller foam rigid & with a plastic casing (photo). the packaging assured that the product chegasse in perfect condition. the material is vinyl black (photo). farei a feedback extra after the collage. and the seller still me man sent one chart stickers as gift (photo). very-thank you at gift, seller! liked very the sticker and the store. stayed very satisfied with the my purchase. sure enough recommend the seller and the product.

  8. i***i

    all-match picture, funny stickers)

  9. M***s


    Perfect i like it very classy street light stickers i will order more best seller easy to stick with a gift like like like 😀 thank’s


  12. V***k

    looks cool, but not good wallpaper my glued. отклеится… or not see


    11 заказывала 11 come 30.11., match the description, and seller recommend!!!

  14. N***a

    order over 2 come, very satisfied.
    all advise. quality is very good.
    packed well, помялось no.
    thank you so much.

  15. U***m

    match the description, клеятся good, material. perm about 2 weeks before shipping, отслеживался track.

  16. Y***a


  17. V***v

    like this gift stickers

  18. M***h

    shipping more month (whole all приехало. good packing. this nice подарочек sent))

  19. v***v

  20. A***a

    all ok! advise. delivery before the moscow month

  21. g***u

    i like it and my cat also like it

  22. A***a

    крути och

  23. s***s

    went оооочень long! seller here but not being.

  24. A***n

  25. J***s


    item matches the description. химок month to шла package. as a bonus tattoo put.

  27. E***h

    great item for your money

  28. D***n

    funny, more light pole thought that true above, then it would be more more interesting

  29. E***a

    stickers very well packed. the намотаны cushion. not помялись.

  30. M***a

    it is two weeks. thank you. very good. later прикреплю photo

  31. p***l


  32. k***k

    very like, .. it is where the week полторы for
    приклеиваются very good, standard stickers

  33. A***a

  34. K***a

    новгорода grand 12 days. gray diversify their попытках унылую in flat bought this beauty. wall протерла detergent, наклеила, прошлась top a hair dryer to certain. perimeter cat one white other though normal. to cut. wallpaper on the light look better of course, nice but also my) what really like this kind of some. in the home уюту 5 k) order more’ll.

  35. N***a

    all is well. no more клеила

  36. j***n

  37. A***v

    item packed well. подарочек small complete. all like in the description, seller recommend!)

  38. A***o

    seller recommend. if package donot отслеживалась. ростовской area to nearly two months. after installation дополню feedback.

  39. E***a


  40. p***n

  41. P***v

    all ok. for an impressive small size but

  42. V***n

    it’s all) i наклеила wallpaper (these protuberances with silver and i) they do not fit for such oboj видать, tk отлетело for all night, but good переклеяла door and all of course not sorry that my wallpaper держалось… not only it over отлетели mirror, not know why, the same everywhere wallpaper

  43. R***b

    three weeks went, all quality! likes. order more’ll

  44. V***V

  45. I***O

  46. S***v

    minsk month 1 to shipping. on wrapped-packaging foam interesting tube. complete tattoo-set. minsk delivery 1 month. pack creative puf on winding up. tattoo gift

  47. o***l

    beautiful products 2 months arrived mubarek gardaslarım recommend what is added to this house apart from the weather

  48. O***a

    it is very fast, class design.

  49. I***o


  50. V***k

    flat шёл belarus in order month. satisfied all, помялись decals. ставлю five stars.

  51. H***o

    order come well packaged, помялось no, belarus 5 weeks delivery


    very fast delivery! beautiful packaging. not all помяты. thank you seller!

  53. E***a

    2 goods come, stickers good, клеются perfectly. advice

  54. J***.

    excellent stickers, порадовало quality. отклеиваются places, but not critical. come in integrity, запаковано per roll, помялось no.

  55. P***R

  56. R***l

    it is according to the description, glued good.

  57. I***a

    very fast schippert, great product! thank you very much

  58. A***a

    It took about 3 weeks to arrive. I already put it in the wall and it stays very nice

  59. d***d


    stickers came quickly, look like the picture помнулось no, well packed; with wallpaper i patterns. приклеилось all like, and stand back but can. glue on better of course completely smooth surface. tattoo stickers dabbed seller gift. продовца and recommend.

  61. e***e

    even put подарочек seller

  62. E***a

    отслеживался пришёл and goods in time. was packed wonderful, помялось no. description picture and fully comply with stickers yourself. thank you so much seller! recommend!

  63. V***v

    recommend seller. выслали stickers, мятыми дошли but. seller free выслал again. мятыми slightly also come true, when the seller here but than. the seller is very decent.

  64. V***a

  65. E***A

    months наклеила подъезде in back. very good on uneven приклеилось wall. the only thing wall протерла pre dust. stickers very satisfied. заказываю second time. now gift


  67. i***i

    наелейка класная, дошел item fast, all like gift made seller. thank you.

  68. J***a


  69. A***r

    пришёл item fast, packed perfectly. smell no. recommend seller


  71. E***a

    пришёл defective goods ((((огорчилась, around the drawing have scratches. so interesting and decoration for room. front to plan, but’ll наверно glue on the toilet, there is light mk.

  72. A***o

  73. O***a

    14января заказала, girlfriend. 5февраля already received.!!!
    thank you!!!
    seen everybody like.
    size medium height all 150см flashlight. dome light 20 cm.
    excellent sticker recommend!!! or smooth wallpaper glue only cabinet.


    item not arrived but seller refund the money


  76. A***v

  77. K***a

    наклеички cool, have not true клеила …. roll помялся little unfortunately shipping …. appreciably will поклейке hope when it is not! satisfied overall order!

  78. V***n


  79. I***v

    thank you!)))

  80. g***e

  81. s***n

  82. E***o

  83. K***A

    goods arrived after 56 days… caly worn but the product packaging and no uszkodzen… recommend.

  84. N***a

    order shipped quickly,
    пришёл, packed carefully, per котике have small defect, slightly but think it, small put surprise, recommend seller

  85. A***n

  86. F***z


  88. O***a

  89. E***v

    fast молодец seller sent parcel! придёт that did not expect мятая good not packed in mint condition. all in good! parcel by the seller thank you message!

  90. A***a

  91. R***o

    Item is in perfect condition and shipping was incredibly fast. Extremely satisfied. 5 stars!

  92. M***a

    order come very fast. all like the picture.

  93. O***a

    came sticker, all the whole, thank you

  94. m***m

  95. I***a

  96. S***v

    match commodity description, well packed. enough fast shipping
    thank you.

  97. v***v


    no problem with the paper wall. the problem is with the post office. the product does not take pra arrive no brazil, but pra deliver it took over 2 months.

  99. O***a

  100. s***r

  101. S***d

  102. A***v

    Very good and interesting product.
    Gift included.
    14 days delivery.

  103. t***a

  104. I***h


  105. A***v

  106. A***a

    slightly more свердловскую area shipping 2th weeks. description all matching.

  107. v***a

  108. B***a

    delivery fast, отслеживался track, packed well, all the whole, not помялось. no more stickers yourself клеили

  109. K***a

    fast shipping доставленное fully match of product, all связывался time delivery, thank you

  110. G***e

  111. G***h

  112. D***h

    all standards. but not specially thick film пойдёт basically

  113. A***O

    perfectly. big.


    bad keeps on the wall. may depends on the wall. nice looking

  115. M***v

  116. A***a

  117. D***d

  118. s***s

    This is so beautiful !

  119. V***n

    shipping krasnodar. month. normal packing. 200r for used to take

  120. I***a

    суперрр stickers, thick quality, клеятся good. order пришёл fast, seller not общалась


  122. D***a

  123. Z***e

    seller chic! buyer to more communicates with so many few, and in the delivery. молодец. packed perfectly. укрпочтой come, but here, without external damage. shipping fast. отслеживалась package. наклеил mirror stickers, so, not my photo. but look good. white bow kitty frame, out of common выбивается little pattern, but смотирится cabinet door dark, as like as should be. general приобретению to advise.

  124. V***v

    good stickers. good printed. door страшную замаскировали little it with



    product packaging very good seller for thank you stickers good quality, satisfied, good luck in business.

  127. A***v

  128. n***a

  129. I***a

    order дошёл fast, packing excellent. without streak black hot figure and stains. приклеили while not more, externally claims but no. description all-match!

  130. O***a

    whole all thanks…… until клеила… delivery of the month…

  131. m***e

    according to the description, thanks a lot.

  132. D***a

    sticker as description. шла мецяса less. подарочек put seller,. recommend

  133. m***m

  134. a***y

  135. O***o

    2. all ok.

  136. P***k

  137. J***o

  138. D***a

    quality excellent!

  139. A***a

    it! thank you!

  140. Y***a

    excellent stickers, it is well packed, отслеживался track, to seller thank you

  141. O***a

    goods is completely matches the description! wall приклеивались slightly bad i (satisfied very stickers so) seller more put a pair of gift stickers, a very nice

  142. A***a

    all-match description, дошёл goods without damage. track trackable. put the seller gift. thank you

  143. M***a

    liked a lot. stands upon the who hoped. bem-haja lord seller.


  145. l***a

  146. l***l

    fast! goods seller recommend! thank you!

  147. T***r

  148. O***a

  149. t***o

  150. O***n

    fast дошел goods

  151. V***v

  152. I***A

  153. K***o

    снимаю star one. общалась not the seller. goods not отслеживался. 🙁 wrinkled stickers + ждала very long

  154. L***a

    two weeks пришёл sticker, отслеживался, goods скинули mail could pick, all in perfect, seller recommend thank you


  156. m***i



    all super!!! excellent glued!!! less shipping month. thanks to seller татушек put two gift) very дочка обрадовалась))

  158. A***s

    exactly 30 шла package. packed well, приложило тяжёлым all but than the same, have creases and dings. a very cute, клеется easily.

  159. M***a

  160. g***n


  161. A***r

    4 уральск зко микрорайон

  162. g***l

  163. G***a

    дошло оренбургской area to within 18 days. fast shipping, all the whole, cushion hard winding sticker. very satisfied.

  164. b***b

    item matches the description. отслеживался track. shipping fast. recommend.

  165. h***h

    клеила not more, but пришёл завернут gently. not to помялась picture, seller тубу styrofoam inside put

  166. T***a

    мятое strong

  167. M***n

    all super, thanks)))

  168. A***a

    goods come. all is well packed. very satisfied. recommend.

  169. E***a

    spb parcel has come in very fast. whole all

  170. n***n

  171. T***t

    Is lovely

  172. v***a

    gorgeous, loved na wall!!!

  173. o***o

  174. D***a

  175. S***u

  176. S***i

    arrived in short time, i still open it, next time will review attached.

  177. J***z

  178. r***r

    excellent thank you multi



  181. R***f

  182. O***a

  183. a***e

  184. S***h

  185. P***S

  186. L***a


    Is like a picture. i love

  188. A***v

    and non-распаковывал клеил do not more двухуровневую повешаю and only-инсталляцию каминную and backlight.
    hope everything will be ok.
    all of good luck!

  189. V***k

    Спасибо за заказ.Пришел быстро в хорошем состоянии.Спасибо продавцу.Положили подарочек наклейку скорпиона.

  190. Z***z

    Receive in 2 weeks! Perfect!

  191. A***n

  192. A***i

  193. A***a

    Thank you

  194. M***n

  195. g***a

  196. B***a

    Ещё не собирала, но все пришло в целости, не помятое.

  197. n***o

  198. S***a

  199. j***y

    It arrived on time. Sweet.
    I hope it will be and qualitive too

  200. m***a

    Супер быстрая доставка в Спб.

  201. T***a

    заказ пришел быстро, вот только помяли
    немного, надеюсь это не повлияет на дизайн нашей стены. заказывала для садика, как наклею отзыв добавбю

  202. C***l

  203. b***i

    bello, come descritto e ben imballato

  204. L***a

    Muito lindo, igual o da descrição e chegou rápido. Obrigada adorei

  205. M***I

    it’s o.k. butt not waouw


    thank you all cool

  207. B***e

    выписала 18.06, received 4.07. all super. packed well. stickers thanks for gift

  208. E***a

    super quality, super, super shipping order not regret!



  210. a***a

  211. C***O

  212. D***a

  213. u***k

    belarus come to order 21 day. cushion on wound has been sticker and well packed. thank you seller!

  214. K***a

  215. E***a

    beautiful sticker! very cute! to buy recommend!


  217. T***o

    thank you for fast delivery. sticker
    excellent quality

  218. O***a

    match commodity description, отклеивается only

  219. J***n

  220. R***n

  221. A***a

  222. L***a

    item exactly match the description, packed very neat. заняла волгограда shipping to all about 2,5 week. thanks large seller!!!

  223. K***s

  224. K***a

    cool stickers, very fast shipping recommend seller заказываю not the first time everything always clearly.

  225. E***a

  226. O***a

  227. C***z

  228. l***l


    when the goods are damaged shipment. замяли likely the post, 4-ре oh so soft and packaging but stars.

    seals as a normal. glossy.

  230. F***m

  231. I***k

  232. k***k

    all super

  233. N***a

    Super. Keep well, order to work

  234. S***u


  235. N***s

  236. C***a

    Cute and arrived early. 🙂

  237. g***k



  239. T***a

  240. M***i

  241. R***a

  242. k***k

  243. P***v

  244. S***a

  245. A***a

    Shipping fast delivery, too, two weeks. Everything is good. Try to supplement when attach

  246. T***a

    Match the description.

  247. R***A

  248. N***a

    Liked kittens. Goods come quickly (weeks 2-3). Seller put a present, thanks to him)))

  249. J***z

    VERY fast delivery, good quality goods, UNFORTUNATELY Africa post as usual pogniotła something/ALTHOUGH VERY WELL SECURED PACK!!! THANKYOU FOR TRANSACTION, REGARDS J

  250. V***n

  251. O***n

    Awesome. Very beautiful. Very good and high quality made. I love it. Arrived within 2 weeks before Israel

  252. A***z

  253. S***e


  255. O***y

  256. n***n

    Love them

  257. n***n

    love them


  259. A***k

  260. A***a

    It came in perfect condition, well packaged. I placed the order on 11/11 and received it on 23/11, before the expected delivery date. The street light measures cm.
    I’ll leave you a picture of the vinyl on.


  262. A***v

  263. J***t

  264. E***a


  266. n***a

    All is well, product description 100%, the product came quickly, thanks to the seller.

  267. A***v

    Thank you

  268. s***y


  270. B***e


  272. V***h

    a very nice picture. Its quality is high. The cats look great on the wall. The seller is nice & sent the picture very quickly. Thanks a lot to the store.

  273. d***a

  274. O***a

    Fast delivery, well packed, i’m happy

  275. B***o


    Before st. petersburg the parcel was 1 month. I shoot a star for the fact that the stickers have come crumpled. Although they were folded with a tube tightly, but from above nothing but a package. At least a film with pimples or cardboard. I’m afraid that all creases will be visible when pasting. Very sorry. Then i’ll add a tip.

  277. A***a

  278. T***o

    The sticker is very bright and beautiful. Was well packed. It’s nice that inside there was a bonus-small stickers. Thank you very much to the seller [smile]

  279. e***a


  280. S***l

  281. F***g

  282. I***v

  283. E***a


  285. E***h

    Size 50×70 cm. All as in the description. I didn’t. Excellent package was packed.


    Great thanks, excellent service and excellent product!

  287. A***i

  288. D***v

  289. G***a

    Arrived in time, packed well

  290. E***s

  291. D***a


  292. r***r

  293. D***k

    Everything is fine) thanks! Beautiful sticker.


  295. n***z


  296. T***a

    The package was not damaged, but the product was damaged-torn. Probably something heavy was thrown on the way to the bag, he bent hard and the paper broke on the bend.

  297. A***s

    Very well packed to arrived in very good condition
    Great seller and good product

  298. c***e

  299. F***r

  300. A***v

  301. t***t

  302. D***a

    Thank you!

  303. S***a

    Delivered quickly, everything is cool

  304. U***u

    No trouble arrived within 20 days.

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