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*Cat Grooming Bath Bag

*Can be used for cats

*Perfect tool for bathing and grooming cats.

*Made of high quality polyester, mesh design to let water in and out when bathing

*Color: Blue/Green/Pink

*One front zippers of Cat Grooming Bag allow cleaning of front paws, as well as nail clipping

*Suitable for cats grooming, bathing, cutting nails, picking ears, cleaning teeth, feeding, using eye   drops, giving medicines and shots, etc

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New Mesh Cat Grooming Bathing Bag No Scratching Biting Restraint for Bathing Nail Trimming Injecting Examing New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1 New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1


  • Cat Grooming Bathtub Bag
  • Can be utilized for cats
  • Excellent software for bathing and grooming cats.
  • Made of top quality polyester, mesh design to let water out and in when bathing
  • Colour: Blue/Inexperienced/Pink
  • One entrance zippers of Cat Grooming Bag enable cleansing of entrance paws, in addition to nail clipping
  • Appropriate for cats grooming, bathing, slicing nails, selecting ears, cleansing tooth, feeding, utilizing eye drops, giving medicines and pictures, and many others Dimension
  • New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1ztiFKFXXXXcIXXXXq6xXFXXX6

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New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB104uxKFXXXXXaXFXXq6xXFXXXz

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB12YWGKFXXXXbTXXXXq6xXFXXXE

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1pf5bKFXXXXcAaXXXq6xXFXXX4

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1T6SHKFXXXXXQXXXXq6xXFXXX7

Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1F0iXKFXXXXXUapXXq6xXFXXXW

Cat Grooming Bathing Bag

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1ekOuKFXXXXXbXFXXq6xXFXXXp

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1Dr5fKFXXXXX1aXXXq6xXFXXXf

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1gBGpKFXXXXcjXFXXq6xXFXXX5

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1XNCuKFXXXXacXFXXq6xXFXXX1

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1zymtKFXXXXarXFXXq6xXFXXX3

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1 E9kKFXXXXbVXVXXq6xXFXXXp

New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag HTB1L7SwKFXXXXcBXpXXq6xXFXXXN




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Cat Grooming Bathing Bag
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600 reviews for New Cat Grooming Bathing Bag

  1. S***y

    it. in one place надорвана but fabric 2 cm.


    spb up to 23 days. then you need, thank you.

  3. A***a

    it quickly. high quality goods! advice!

  4. a***a

    good, is that come up. so has been unrealistic wash cat. стойко case перенес bathing, not вырывался.

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  27. i***i

    handy do not know or not: not more their купала kittens, пришёл order but, quality packed well sewn and pouch.

  28. k***k

  29. K***o


  31. A***g


    haven’t tried yet
    the product looks good

  33. C***c

  34. e***a

  35. م***a

    you شكراً

  36. m***m

  37. a***s

  38. R***s

  39. E***n

    неплохая appearance, cat shove tried in bag, drawstring (tightening) only for applied, their slightly stretch the cat, also need to knot.

  40. D***v

    only, of my удаётся cat неё slip out. need to tighten tight.

  41. E***a

    bag super. мылась cat first time for three years. enthusiastic i!

  42. A***i

  43. S***o

  44. I***l


  45. A***a

    first поняла it but then думала cat toy… this thank you seller! quality is good, recommend)

  46. I***o

  47. S***V

  48. T***a

    month it all. cat мыли we, very comfortable, and taken off the end досмывали slightly. item recommend seller as

  49. A***v


  50. J***a

    great seller, equal the photo, recommend

  51. E***D

    nice one 🙂

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  54. v***k


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  60. k***A

  61. E***a

    bag in my opinion, маловат. маловаты shoes belt clip. straight eloped kisa with bag

  62. M***a

    have not tried in. as the picture.

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  64. M***g

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  66. w***a

    delivery fast, quality is good, hope long enough, cats in working with very comfortable.

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  69. E***l


    quality is good. came package very fast. thanks to seller. recommend.

  71. D***n

    furious studs!!! now have appeared in life purpose, сетчатую wipe will want this handbag!!!
    super so and ce))) seller very))


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  77. O***n

    fast shipping дополню feedback after use)

  78. A***z

    It is OK. No problem.

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    it is fast, now’ll wash cat))

  80. T***a

    look like, enjoyed until. thank you for fast shipping, seller recommend!

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    котэ shocked!))) very fast has come 2 week! poisonously заказала came green yellow.

  86. V***v

    really this item. medium come, not believed. hallway and put in buy. remembered, my провинился cat. this bag, half one which have wide not in what загоняешь that in подозревающего cat. the other side only пролазит head. cuff have three bag. back, front middle. sitting cat half an hour, first lying, then tried to leave but, slightly. twitch began after 20 minutes, not помогло. do not be afraid of only tightening, испугался i, pulled paw. or else version, затягиванием paws before omit down front.

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  91. s***k

  92. M***V

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  95. M***a


    the cat oh proved 6.5 kg very small влезает half body, measurement problems though had to be


    As described. Maine coon fits ok.

  98. M***a


  99. A***n

  100. N***a

  101. T***a

  102. A***A

  103. V***v


  105. e***a



    Everything went nicely. The item arrived fast and it seems to be just what was ordered.

  108. N***a

    out cool, but not like cat

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    all perfect!

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    very good net, but маловат size (m for kg котика), l was to order.

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    mesh, ужасен smell but

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    .. package fast delivery thank you for, .. отслеживались tracks

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    маловат size, cats and middle is small, надставлять will мейнкуна for.

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    all normal, i also satisfied cat…

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    excellent humdinger! all quality. cut искупать колтуны and we have just one))) many thanks for the seller to the product fast shipping and beautiful! luck good!

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    bag good. under not only have ear hole, but also paw under 1, cut to claws (feet changing).

  144. K***o

    goods ok not yet tested.

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    not пробовала, but similar to the caterpillar cat example))

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    thanks to seller, all like in the description, to delivery, отслеживался track

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  164. M***m

  165. S***k


    such a good pouch. have not испытывала, but налезет cat eye 5 kg. going to wash it as a (winter outdoor) can in the washing machine laundry bag and use of all good-hole can tighten.

  167. S***s

    very good

  168. A***a

    thank you very much

  169. A***v

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  171. S***n

    thank you.

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    mesh excellent, has the cat выбрался neck затянула slightly but put on it, strong enough so and mesh

  175. M***a

    bellow we. great for смирительная cat. but it was not and delighted cat stress)))


  177. L***V

    екатеринбурга shipping to 1 month. have not опробовали! cat saw waiting for his…

  178. d***m

    it’s all is well packed, color as picture, fully functional thing.
    thank you.

  179. D***n

    very comfortable!

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  182. C***z


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  184. O***a

    commodity description is fully compliant with the seller отслеживался track. and thanks to seller наступающим happy new year!

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    fast shipping no more enjoyed.

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    усмирен cat) afraid of cat my hand. pat not possible. it in засунула bag. нагладила and enough enough) true afraid it)

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  188. I***N

  189. L***a


    Very quick delivery


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    good quality. have odor, need to wash before drinking. коте checked until the

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    first set bag not to russia, латвию and, переправили me after the seller but it quickly. with great interest to first котейка отнеслась одежке bright, but then выражала неудовольствие loud, the features лишили her move.

  199. I***h

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    quality is excellent. photo appear, that thin mesh. not, mesh thick, have quality. no more bathing tried, cat clearly but dislikes) delivery of the month. not отслеживались. claws прорез correction feet for have

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    cues fast delivery. good quality. not satisfied with was very cat)))

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    material net through the claws. a middle rope tightening, мешались paw not back to. cutting hole convenient paw front and processing claws. cat was mind but who спрашивал it. perfectly fit pet 4кг on. thank you

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    притык налезло котика long on the, shocked just a second) simple shirt смирительная super!

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    a couple of weeks to the moscow дошла mesh. description all-match. have not купали cat.
    thanks to seller.

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    it порвал cat as heating pad тузик!!!
    more can wash kittens, but here 3-ех годовалого cat апасна has!

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  279. m***n


    quality is excellent. beast пробовать wash’ll soon =)

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    perfect! thank you!

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    all great, commodity excellent, thank you!

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    this wrote the seller promised send it.
    new came in total with mesh lace with new package. lace just could send, bax or return, молодец here and, sent a new

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    this is my second order. bought this for a gift.

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    18.01.2018 оформил order. goods shipped the next day. 15.02.2018. parcel received.
    in the description all like! satisfied with product! recommend seller!!!

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    -normal delivery. until cat-back запихать as clear-испытаю напишу)

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  444. N***a

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    Thanks .. its a good material .. same as picture .. and arrived within 2 weeks from my order


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    matches the description.

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    today the received goods. thank you for your cooperation. goodbye. 30дней-красноярск, приличного. russia china hi-thank you!

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    work, cat controlled, mesh обошлись as scratch-does not allow it. 5 + also and seller recommend

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    маловат, but overall quality.
    not appreciated тимофей cat pink all покусал before bathing. color брутальный coral under and oh

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    Absolutely gorgeous color! This will make grooming my cat so much easier

  527. L***a

    дошла mesh of a month, отслеживался track via china post, видела not on, прилетел until the country. примеряла until the cat, отпишусь try as. the kind of sturdy.

  528. M***r

    As described.

  529. S***a

  530. C***a

  531. M***a

    all good but as with panic from cat вырвался bath bag

  532. A***n

  533. C***a

  534. A***a

  535. A***v

  536. s***o

    all normal добротно дошол looks 22 days received the order today

  537. D***v

    your last помыл бешенную cat. first time for half year) thanks!!

  538. G***a

  539. a***s


  541. S***a


  542. S***a

  543. e***e

  544. d***l

  545. R***v

  546. G***a

  547. M***n


  548. R***o

  549. A***v

  550. P***i

  551. v***v

  552. K***v

  553. V***o

    ukraine shipped in 20 days. packed normal. normal like bag. разошелся that the main.

  554. r***z

  555. A***v

  556. K***a

    excellent! shipping fast. smell no.


    It is as described, I will be posting pictures of my terrified cat when I try it.

  558. P***a


  560. F***s

  561. N***a

  562. q***q

    cat, dislike too ..ㅜㅜㅜㅜcommodity bad not women

  563. U***o

    hair claws wash and comfortable lattice (have special paw openings.

  564. R***n

  565. Y***a

  566. m***m

    ok, thank you

  567. O***o

  568. f***f


  570. N***a

  571. D***z

  572. a***r

  573. S***a

  574. l***l

  575. e***s

  576. A***v

  577. A***k


  578. E***i


  580. P***n

    received дошло fast, odor foreign no.

  581. G***a

  582. T***o

  583. H***n

    Thank you for this product. It arrived very quickly and safely. My cats absolutely hate it, but we love it. Greetings, Helene.


    all is excellent. spb month delivery before

  585. A***n

  586. S***a

  587. C***S

    order 29 received 30 mars

  588. V***a

  589. r***e


  591. M***e

  592. J***n

  593. K***r

  594. C***c


    excellent bag. less shipping to siberia month, опробовали in but just now. praise всяких above: behaves quieter and cat, as himself bag wisp дочиста отмылись cat of white. fabric strong, tight stitched, design comfortable. in general, all advise, to seller and thank you!

  596. K***n

    кургана month came to send. отслеживалась. tried until

  597. F***s

    Ainda não foi testado, mas está de acordo com a descrição e espero funcionar…

  598. K***s

    i wish i found this earlier. This super good Cat Bag makes the bathing time easier. I love it, and i found very comfortable for my cat. No more scratching 😀 thank you

  599. P***v

    Отличный мешок. Коты в нем почти не сопротивляются))

  600. I***l

    fast ship, good quality as described.

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