Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill


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Hot Sale Cat Hammock Bed Mount Window Pod Lounger Suction Cups Warm Bed For Pet Cat Rest House Soft And Comfortable Ferret Cage Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1KZRZn4HI8KJjy1zbq6yxdpXaO Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1KZRZn4HI8KJjy1zbq6yxdpXaO

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

Material: Environmental Protection Fiber

Color: Green and Khaki

Size:One Size -68cmX28cm

Highest Hold Weight: 15kg

Suit For: Cat and Small Pets

Installation Location: Door back / House Window / Car Window

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1MYoKRpXXXXaDXVXXq6xXFXXXx

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Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1vDAORpXXXXaJXVXXq6xXFXXXi

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1H734RpXXXXcbXpXXq6xXFXXXv

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1insARpXXXXbTaXXXq6xXFXXXq

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1cPQzRpXXXXcAaXXXq6xXFXXXF

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1lL3ZRpXXXXXyXFXXq6xXFXXXy

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Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1kAwRRpXXXXXRXFXXq6xXFXXXr

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1mIwyRpXXXXXxapXXq6xXFXXXZ

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1YnQTRpXXXXbqXFXXq6xXFXXXe

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1DTI5RpXXXXaAXpXXq6xXFXXXs

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB10

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1HGgBRpXXXXa8aXXXq6xXFXXX6

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1j6Z6RpXXXXauXpXXq6xXFXXX2

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1UCwZRpXXXXXNXFXXq6xXFXXX8

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB152MMRpXXXXaOXVXXq6xXFXXXF

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1P wRRpXXXXXXXVXXq6xXFXXX3

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1vJ3NRpXXXXaFXVXXq6xXFXXXT

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Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1nK6ngGagSKJjy0Faq6z0dpXaq

Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1DMount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1 PdaX1GSBuNjSspbq6AiipXalMount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB15sZ XKSSBuNjy0Flq6zBpVXaBMount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1uryPX9tYBeNjSspkq6zU8VXamMount Window Bed Kitty Sill Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill HTB1OaZRXbZnBKNjSZFGq6zt3FXaZ




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523 reviews for Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

  1. M***e

    It looks perfect. My cat is very curious, what is on the window now.

  2. b***b

  3. D***s

    only not came along one fop… but product good! liked!


  5. A***v

    вещ very have quality

  6. T***c

  7. M***s

  8. S***c


  9. R***o

    cool!! Is bigest you thought and pretty rugged. las CUPS are well BIG and hang no problem my CAT weight, qeu 5 kg. my love CAT, feel INSURANCE, look though free Smell le desagrada a.

  10. A***n

  11. T***n

  12. A***a

    arrived very fast! цфо 11 days. smell for star less has set to (the balcony проветривается) with 4 suction cups and the model no pad. написала seller, appeared with this model (answered 5 minutes). wooden have more fasteners suction cup, as the photo (it can better). impression under cats whether liked напишу later 5 * delivery speed.


  14. L***a

    bassinet excellent quality. котику my sleeping in very like it.

  15. M***o


  17. O***v


  19. p***n

    coming pretty wadded But perfect fast pick

  20. M***k

    The product is of good quality but my giant cat doesn’t fit too well… Hoping for a giant version in the future.

    Normal size cat (4kg) is happy with the purchase.

  21. R***s

    come quickly, is qualitative, suction cup keep good. yet its cat only my defying…


    All perfect and correct

  23. D***n

    hammock excellent. keeps good shape. sucker strong, withstand high weight. the exterior is very good looking. cat endorse our.

  24. M***s

    It is good quality but it came without the inside cushion

  25. B***r

  26. P***o

  27. S***k

  28. U***r

  29. p***p

  30. V***a

  31. G***a

  32. z***f

  33. W***a

  34. Y***s

    has arrived perfect


    Excellent quality, very happy!

  36. L***k

    As Described. The suction pads are very strong. Recommended

  37. A***o

    all is excellent, stay up back приучить cat left) seller recommend

  38. I***a

  39. I***v

    understood until котейка) but like can разберётся залазить and soon)

  40. J***j

  41. O***k

    лежаночка cool, котейке where there are now my sleeping, it i закрепила against the back your bed, i like thanks to seller, recommend to everyone lovers cats comfortable, high quality thing, who have machine, for the pet travel with your favorite, all super, roomy very, any уместится cat, влезла малышня my, munchkin rock

  42. B***r

  43. A***s


  45. r***x

    customize 11/10 18/12 arrival throughway stayed in two months but the seller is not clear. free gift.

  46. B***r

  47. m***r

    Fast shipping, and item is nice and sturdy. Will post pics when cat gives it a try

  48. M***K

    good thing like simple structure, size. box not tight fit to my, but it was ожидаемо. balcony приспособлю summer стафа for bathroom or

  49. V***d

  50. B***y

  51. M***o

  52. g***u

    nice but cat is not interested yet. we hope she will be:)

  53. I***a

  54. J***k

  55. E***a

    spb week to 2. cool, a true to what is understood not more cat



  57. V***a

    it’s all fast, ripstop, have a little smell but .. seller not общалась

  58. J***a

  59. M***l


  61. T***a

    quality is very good. tight keeps on glass. until studs appreciated, but slightly посидели. заинтересуются лежанкой think to fly. delivered. thank you!

  62. V***v

  63. K***i

  64. M***r

  65. o***o

  66. o***a


  68. P***r

  69. M***a

    отваливаются velcro. кипятке подержать try them. mattress no.

  70. B***f


    Perfect 🙂

  72. s***r

  73. H***n

    delivery was very fast . item is huge and suction cups are high quality and massive however. even my fattest kitty fits cimfortably . the pillow Insert did not come with the bed and it smells Incredibly strongly of something chemical / mechanical / smoke of some sorts . it is not a smell I recognise, but it is very very pungent. I hope this smell goes away soon as it is a quality product

  74. E***m

    cat happy! thank you

  75. A***h

    its very handy, easy to hang anywhere, portable and right sized. my cat and i love it though we just got it not even 24 hours back!

  76. N***e


    Great items! Got two of these. Sturdy basket and strong suction cups. My cats are plump and heavy but the basket can hold them! Thank you!

  78. s***r

  79. V***s

  80. A***e

  81. N***r

    stick to the window. cat go there only not sign.

  82. S***a

  83. M***F

    pretty big very Good, maybe deberian think single mandarlo OTHER To no arrive tan folded shape fashion packaging.

  84. A***r

    even my Maine Coon lays in it!

  85. K***l

    please just like this incredibly


    hammock big, looks perfect. strong suction cup. until cat appreciated, консерватор have it. 🙂 think the spring,, распробует,,

  87. R***f

  88. A***v

    all is excellent

  89. M***s


  90. g***g

  91. d***d

  92. E***.

    elegant bench!! :))) excellent quality, very cute, although compact and externally neat, highly… and convenient вместительна)))
    pretty неконтактный seller,-it good goods but over респект!)))

  93. i***s

    my cat like it
    that was no mat inside- but it is not necessary, in winter the window glas is cold so you need a larger mat or some art of plaid for it.
    My cat is only 4 kg but it barely fits, so it is only suitable for smaller pets

  94. C***r

    25 controlled, 2 arrived…

  95. a***s

  96. E***s


  98. D***k

  99. A***k

  100. C***s

  101. a***o

  102. J***a

  103. E***a

    cute piece. true until cat understood. and used can think window, возим when. пришёл marvellously quick order.

  104. C***s

  105. D***r

  106. e***o


  108. E***s

  109. S***n

  110. E***i

    I super recommend it…my cat love it. Fast shipping

  111. N***a

  112. H***m

    think lonely does well nonstick

  113. b***b

    parcel received. not распаковывала. пузырку was packaged in.

  114. a***a

  115. A***o

    cat satisfied, minus window what not looking. on window keeps good.

  116. N***l

  117. h***i

  118. S***z

  119. s***s

  120. K***a

    Perfect, my cat is so happy. As promised, the cushion is included. Now, he has a wonderful view. And I can install it in the car to take him with me for a ride.


    Good item

  122. R***g

  123. J***C

    EVERYTHING such as show.

  124. L***o

    kissan kestää ainakin 3 kg

  125. J***o


    Hammock is in excellent quality. Sturdy basket and strong suctions. the exterior is very good looking. Our cat really enjoys it a lot. I thank&recommend seller…

  127. A***a

    + 5 a +++ super grade recommend enthusiastic cat, not even the вылезает. москву in it within 8 days.

  128. I***n

  129. j***a

  130. I***y

  131. M***h

    we love it .she loves it .Thank u.

  132. a***z


  134. S***n

    expected to be more size.
    -in general all good


  136. L***h

    Fast delivery, good product. Even my fat cat can use this bed 😛

  137. J***z

  138. V***h

  139. A***a

  140. s***d

  141. K***i

  142. F***i

  143. L***s

    exactly as picture

  144. D***v

  145. C***o

  146. X***m

  147. A***a

    клевая piece for our large but slightly box, just be flat new hope

  148. R***i


  149. A***r

  150. J***o

  151. C***g

  152. R***v

    лежачок received, but more on window-used until cold

  153. B***y

    Exactly as pictured. Very happy!!

  154. C***a


  156. M***a

    excellent To a CAT 5kilos women’s size. arrives Mattress, I le he thin set a cogín goes estupendamente.

  157. h***i

    all good exept it dosnt have pad.

  158. y***v

  159. M***h

  160. E***h

    without pillow with suction cups 4я model! поговорил seller promised pillow send as a gift. came without package gift. wrote the seller parcel pad new выслал and excused. see it is the photo. cool hammock itself. like cat! отваливаются suction cup, if we usually make as glue (and дунул плюнул приклеил). smeared oil machine suction cup edge (aids full инете) присосались намертво!!!! so, we are satisfied. seller recommend.

  161. C***a

    demoro But arrive EVERYTHING, my GATITA adult net good

  162. L***a

    thank you. cat hope my like.


  164. Y***r

  165. E***a

    have заказываю second time, for familiar. spb 2 weeks to less shipping. отслеживался track.


  167. J***o

  168. S***R

    product is very beautiful. but to enter into cat yet cannot be hidden.

  169. A***o

    afraid to fit while cat. very large, not fit that my kitty боялась (very large) but not! cat поместятся there 2

  170. A***A

  171. A***v

  172. T***h

  173. I***i

  174. C***i

  175. g***m

    quality is good, bassinet very cute. size: cat completely 4 kg placed, 5,5 kg тесновато cat, it just sits. сообразили fast animals, to what is.
    through standard windows can be stick on frame. suction cup keep good, but we смочили direct warm water.
    shipping: custom made 10 days on january 24, spb in february 3 received. but shipping chargeable! not noticed we.

  176. E***a

  177. K***a

    attach пробовала, e держиттся .. no more доя cat 3

  178. A***i

  179. Y***o

    cool piece. until cat appreciated, but still in front, тусить love as windows.


  181. J***a

  182. M***e

  183. a***z

  184. A***a

  185. J***a

    coming Yellow A and bed blanket, free packed But cuidado By you me i came Some white bed belt very Ugly Pleats getting Been remove To hard shaping snagging fine cup las…

  186. I***v



    my little happy cat super

  189. S***n

    yaay it works!

  190. D***o

    подмосковья to within 20 days. packed, normal and half сложено postal packet, none not good shape. until the window облюбовали cold-cat. think гамачке in полежать turn to become the солнышком with.


  192. E***l

  193. S***e


  195. J***Y

    My cats didnt want to use it but it can fit a medium sized cat well.

  196. K***n

  197. N***a


    Top!! 🙂

  199. T***a

    area тюменскую come in two weeks. so so packaging. whole a goods. smell no. as отреагирует cat will check напишу later.

  200. E***a

  201. D***a

  202. T***z

  203. O***l

  204. M***v

  205. M***O

  206. E***n

    only quality afraid cat


  208. s***c

  209. A***g

    us like, but more while привыкает cat, выветрится but think immediately отпугнул cat odor that only.

  210. S***n

  211. K***n

    Great quality, fast shipping! It couldnt be better! Thank you

  212. s***n

    my cat loved it

  213. A***a


  214. I***v

    piece cool

  215. v***n

  216. E***a

  217. O***s

    good. as picture. advice

  218. A***o

  219. K***e

  220. V***a

    hammock big, touch. cat like me, hold suction cups pair but not very good. see how much продержится

  221. E***s

    Muy muy resistente, se pega bastante bien , soporta gato de 7 kilos


  223. A***a

    Very good quality 🙂 my cat is very happy

  224. A***y

    Produit fidèle à la description et moins cher qu’en commande en France !

  225. R***v

  226. T***o

  227. W***a


  229. C***s

    very good figment, hot recommend!
    my CAT happy!

  230. d***s

  231. A***v

  232. P***e

  233. T***a

    fast shipping pretty-16 days. packed well. like hammock, perfectly keeps on glass (cat 6 kg). small присутствовал smell, but выветрился. as long as cat привыкает) order satisfied, thank you seller!

  234. L***m

  235. P***g


  237. V***n



  239. f***r

  240. R***s

  241. J***o


    well made and nice looking. my cat doesn’t like it yet. one day maybe.

  243. S***z

    two Four CATS my love!

  244. M***k

  245. P***s

  246. O***A


  248. J***o

  249. D***s

  250. Y***O

    thank you

  251. M***a


  252. m***o

    pretty Tough and CUPS BIG material clothing pretty well apparently clutch. very fashion content Purchase truth that

  253. T***y

    Surprisingly this is very well made. Suction cups are heavy duty. I put my 20lb dog in there to test it. It held fine. We did put a small blanket on the bottom to fill the space between the hammock and window. It also looks more comfortable.

  254. G***d

  255. A***o

  256. C***a

  257. B***c


    Item received as described. Excellent

  259. A***a

    excellent quality, don’t like it tho cats

  260. C***a

    good, помялась smell and but strong, исправимо hope.

  261. S***s

    cat love it

  262. P***s

    one from fasteners doesn’t work.

  263. R***a

  264. V***a

  265. P***i

  266. J***y

  267. E***a

  268. Y***v

  269. I***a

    hammock good, keeps tight. there is a smell, hope выветрится soon. until you are interested in bed, may because of cold. see will in summer. to seller thank you!!!

  270. D***s

  271. K***e

    I ordered 2 they came a week apart but I got them both. They’re awesome and very sturdy cats love them.

  272. m***a

    котикам likes. shipping fast. item matches the description

  273. T***a

    Excellent product

  274. I***a

    about 1 month delivery. like cat hammock but there is a strong smell. balcony вывыетривается while.

  275. E***o

    love. super size.

  276. m***a

  277. E***a

  278. T***K

  279. L***a

  280. L***r

    pretty quickly received well packed. wait a original reprenne before you stick it can form. air very strong hot thick maos l’imaginer folds big i do.

  281. E***o

    not my studs are interested.

  282. L***.

    Great product. I bought 2, one cat liked it the other one didn’t. Quality is great, although adhesión to glass is not the best, it adheres to some glass but not to others. But the bed’s material is great and comfy for the cat

  283. P***k

    very cool item, well made, great the holding. Zamówiłam after namowie classmate because u it in continuous use. cat convince please kocimiętką only early 🙂
    extra large suction cup
    highly recommended. 🙂

  284. V***a



    it is of a month, all matches the description.

  287. K***P


  289. y***y

    сууууууупер straight!!!!!!! i satisfied!!!! cat also!!!!! quality super!!!!!!! shipping three weeks!!!!!!!

  290. L***a

  291. T***x

  292. S***h

  293. E***a

    excellent quality, hold well sucker) my baby satisfied! delivered fast)

  294. E***a

    bench wonderful! is very high. satisfied cat) seller thank you very much!

  295. S***n

  296. A***s

  297. M***o

    The bed is big enough for an adult cat (L), the material is very good, the suction cups are the strongest I’ve seen, enough for an adult cat weight also. I’m very happy and my cat love it!

  298. K***Z

    Packing is not good. Product surface was damaged.

  299. A***s

  300. A***v

    goods arrived. accurate description. окошке hanging on, sit or until there is very interesting cat true lay flat more after the window of cold. so all and perfect!

  301. g***a

  302. A***h

  303. a***e


  305. A***a

  306. D***z

  307. T***k

  308. P***i

  309. G***v

    thank you, great! of small flaws: hammock retainers inserted tight suction cup and the first time “smells.

  310. i***a

    all super, дошло good, roomy, hang пропастью over опасается while cat but

  311. P***o

    super my CATS wuooo happy i will buy other seller recommend

  312. P***o

    free shipping is perfect PEGA no problem and be hang weight pretty well. tardó 2 months arrive… recommended for lovers fashion scrub the cats 🙂

  313. N***n

    good seller thank you, according to the description all (litter soft but without the as one of the photo, course)) flap clip has even one box (опасалась, size of skinny pretty-ups крепить придётся sash 2). pretty hard липучек mount, but вошло all in total, you had to enter)). featuring кошкотест прошёл cat лёгкой successfully, hope справится зверями увесистыми more and design). 2 москву come in, отслеживался track, all ok.


  315. O***a

    crimea arrived in 2. well packed. cat запрыгнуть afraid while))

  316. y***i

    its not my cat satisfied

  317. f***r

  318. L***s

    good figment, But PILLOW wine and blanket. just arrive frame.

  319. N***n

    proved more казалась than the photo. but more less) a try so good, almost no smell, on window keeps good.


    Good product, but mi cat dislike it 🙁 Good quality. OK

  321. S***v

  322. L***a

  323. L***v

    order less walking хмао months. first time is заказываю. котикам like it very much. have a small выветривается odor-. so we photo on one передвигались гамаком)))). each will now!)

  324. A***v

    девайсом with соотнести first and box замерить was to: do not placed in one window ((

  325. E***v


  327. O***a

    thank you very much!!! all is excellent! packaging and self! cat заказывала my son, and son and cat will think! good luck for you!!!


    all like in description. привыкают while cat. to seller thanks =)

  329. A***v

    very good quality. my love cats. no go out there.

  330. R***a

  331. a***n

    really liked my cat) pad it the picture shown, but really no ..

  332. o***a

    received the order. all included. powerful suction cup. can not put limiters. need something to invent…


  334. F***a

  335. t***o

  336. A***s

  337. S***A

  338. G***o

    Cat loves it so I love it. Just look at him in it. Looks great and suctions are strong to support the 10 lbs cat. Took a month to arrive to Connecticut but that was expected.

  339. I***v

    adult size for cat keeps tight,-jump with cat.

  340. A***v

    cool piece quality is good


  342. J***i

    great product and optimal store!

  343. D***v

    великовата box standard on

  344. o***a


  346. A***n

  347. S***o

    very demorada the delivery.



    My cats love these, ordered 2 & just received 2 more I ordered. Best price out there

  350. K***z

  351. v***z

    cool, even the cap CUPS no who is put las

  352. N***v

    the super, came send the holiday. took 3 numbers. as our evening will любимица пристроится on it. brain if enough.

  353. E***a

    just excellent, hammock chic. it even more думала than i. уляжется kun mayne relaxed and so. very good sucker присасываются полированную or any glossy surface (проверила and box and on the table, and tile).-минипледик гамаку мягенькая cloth attached to. marriage small hole is not one was прорезали (scissors прорезала itself). all recommend. delivered very fast. spb 3-х weeks to less.

  354. a***k

    delivery of the month. just packed in the parcel. помялся slightly. it is quite big so on клеется 65 cm. wider. quality is good. as long as cat присматривается 🙂

  355. A***a

    fast shipping piece cool but is my there do not want to sit cat

  356. G***n

  357. A***v

    excellent quality

  358. i***s


  360. K***y

    two weeks delivery! tray huge, i have such windows)))) excellent quality

  361. A***g

  362. P***o


    годнота, cat признала place after a couple of days-sharpening подстилку recommend a start claws inside.

  364. D***o

  365. O***a

  366. I***o

    perfect goods!!! 12 days to arrived peter!!! warrants this one 5 points. hight quality but quality. little cat приучить left to it. запрыгивает inside, побаивается while sleeping but there, may because of glass.

  367. N***i

    Delivery was so fast . Good quality.

  368. h***r

    Roomier than expected. Good suction. Hopefully cats will start to use it so, I can get another.

  369. M***z


  370. K***a

    пришёл and sent goods. high quality, hammock. like. recommend

  371. d***v

    satisfied котэ)

  372. O***a

    commodity description completely. keeps good.. weight 4,5 kg pet resistance. have a small smell. afraid of the cat why there is long, привыкнут time can.

  373. N***a

    chic hammock. roomy very. simple sucker huge, keep perfectly. packed well. to seller thank you!!! 5 +

  374. s***l

    very fast top they are ravies

  375. M***h

    That’s cool bed for a cat. Ordered as a gift bithday for my friend. Excellent quality, soft brown blanket, good and big details to put to the wall. Delivered in 3 weeks. I recommend a seller. Thank you :3

  376. R***k

    High quality, Big suction cups that can hold big cats!

  377. D***o

    I highly recommend doing business with seller.The quality of item is excellent. My cat loves it. The item arrived to the US quickly and in perfect shape. Very happy with my purchase. Thx!

  378. A***n

    excellent all

  379. Y***a

    My cat likes it)

  380. A***o

  381. P***a

    клёвые pieces, залазят studs while not only. приучать хитростью’ll. really hope it out. quality standards, slightly smell. tight keeps
    i buy satisfied

  382. V***v

  383. O***r

    nearly 4 germany delivery. material durable. suction cups are very good. cat 7 kg.

  384. N***a

    sticks in very hard silicone inserted hole, hammer hammer and намылить to. to приклеили window, запрыгивать fear as studs)))

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    grade! thank you like my dog


    клевый hammock, while but failed to hang up, fuser sticks for more self than hole, hammock turns without them is not paste, and it is перекрывается part with hole oh and basically impossible. and search with something to invent will проволочки any/stick.

  388. a***i

    Доставка 2 недели до мск. Присоски держат отлично. Для животного не более 5 кг. По размеру будет мал.

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    Strangely wraped. It took Some time To be umfolded. But Works great!

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    Доставка в Сочи за 2 недели. Гамак супер! Надеюсь котики оценят)

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    looks good, holding well, cat not sure what to do, will take time for.

  393. J***i

    As described but my cats refused to use it

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    Пришло в указанный срок. Кот очень счастлив)

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    Artigo de ótima qualidade, grande o suficiente para gatos adultos. Ventosas grandes e resistentes, bons acabamentos.


    Вес самых тощих котов выдержала. Больше пока туда никто из котов лезть не хочет.
    Гамак оказался просто огромным, места в нем много.
    Что не порадовало, так это то, что товар оказался как из ИКЕАи, типа сделай сам. Вставлять пластмасски в присоски оказалось делом не простым, они ооооочень туго входят в отверстия. Могли бы и вставить на заводе-изготовителе. А так, в целом идея хорошая.

  397. c***c


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    My cat aproved the product! Fast delivery and the product stucks very well on the window. Thanks.

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    It is a bit hard to put together and was a bit folded. But I like it.

  401. S***t

    Very satisfied. It came folded over, but it folded right back. It came to the postoffice instead of home, but that’s not a big problem.

  402. P***g

    Livraison reçue en 14 jours, un peu tordu à cause de la mise en colis, arrivé dans du papier bulles !

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    diesmal angekommen , für die vorher gekaufte Fensterliege gab es trotz Fall melden , keine Rückerstattung

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    My Cat Doesn’t like it. Now I’m using an overhead bin

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    excellent quality, like the picture and PHOTOGRAPHY


    nice items. but size tahminimden is much bigger. home and car camlarına large arrived. quick and hassle-free shipping. best seller.

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    track trackable.
    normal attached on the box too стеклопакет sash one as different крепил узок was. suction cup keep good. now there sleeping cat))) indoor shot is not for star. the cat case for very reality is very large, length 54 cm, glass to width of 18 cm.

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    The item was a little out if shape and it was hard for me to put it together. I used little wood sticks instead of the rubber parts because the rubber didnt fit in the holes. But all in all looks just like in the picture and it seems to stuck on the window well. Hope it works and my cat will like it

  436. A***l


  438. N***c

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    Is a shame that the hitch below sabrrsalga so much, I think it was not nec is Ario.


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    Super, thank you

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