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* Large space, ideal for a size of cats, a long tunnel for cats that can be hiding, resting and playing in it.

* NO Loose paper, you cannot be feel noise when a cat playing

* Collapsible, simple to tidy, save area.

* simple to clean.



Note: please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

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Drop shipping Cat Toys Hot sale Tunnel Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel Kitten Puppy Pet Supplies windows cat tunnel Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel-Free Shipping HTB1gA5kg8DH8KJjSszcq6zDTFXal windows cat tunnel Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel-Free Shipping HTB1gA5kg8DH8KJjSszcq6zDTFXal

Product description

1. Large space, ideal for a size of cats, a long tunnel for cats that can be hiding, resting and playing in it.

2. NO Loose paper, you cannot be feel noise when a cat playing

3. Collapsible, simple to tidy, save area.

4. simple to clean.



Size information:

2 Holes Cat Tunnel windows cat tunnel Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel-Free Shipping HTB1HWeyecCNZ1JjSZFHq6z

2 Holes Cat Tunnel

Diaφ: 25 cm/9.8 in Length: 120 cm/47.2 in windows cat tunnel Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel-Free Shipping HTB1zG8EqEl7MKJjSZFDq6yOEpXaG windows cat tunnel Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel-Free Shipping HTB1IymMi2MTUeJjSZFKq6ygopXa9 windows cat tunnel Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel-Free Shipping HTB1DDVjfDSPY1JjSZPcq6xIwpXaj windows cat tunnel Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel-Free Shipping HTB1Qja5hqagSKJjy0Fgq6ARqFXa8 windows cat tunnel Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel-Free Shipping HTB1dMMAmamWQ1JjSZPhq6xCJFXas



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429 reviews for Long 1.2M Lovely Fun Design 2 Windows and 2 Holes Cat Tunnel-Free Shipping

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  367. A***v

    Cat liked

  368. D***k

    Cat happy

  369. A***n

  370. K***v

  371. A***o

  372. O***v

  373. L***a

  374. d***v

  375. E***o

    Excellent, the cat immediately located there)))

  376. T***a

  377. D***v

  378. givecatsabetterlife.com

    The product corresponds to the description. The kitten likes it.

  379. M***a

  380. f***r

  381. A***n

    The cat likes it!

  382. A***v

    The parcel came, everything is fine. The cat is mastering)

  383. s***d

  384. m***m

    The cat is happy!

  385. A***n

  386. T***a

    The tunnel came very quickly, nine days after payment! Seals are happy!

  387. givecatsabetterlife.com

  388. V***n

  389. K***o

    Tunnel of good quality, in the case, normally packed, though went to ukraine 44 days, i thought i could not wait, i liked the cat, i immediately played.

  390. D***r

  391. T***r


  392. A***v

    Very prompt delivery. The cat is happy. There is a cover in the kit. Just like in the picture.

  393. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Pretty good quality and fast delivery, your money is definitely worth it.!

  394. D***a

    Excellent tunnel) kittens immediately climbed into it and played for hours 2) observe one pleasure! The order was lost in the new year holidays, the seller sent again, the quality is excellent, in the store such 3 times more expensive

  395. O***v

  396. S***a

    Quality packing! Delivered quickly 11 days

  397. A***k

    The cat definitely liked it.
    Meow that the seller is well done.

  398. M***a

    It came somewhere in 2 weeks, koteyke really likes, but she shifts it (the silhouette of bogatyrskaya), it would be more convenient if you could fix the tunnel somewhere. Overall satisfied, i recommend the seller)!

  399. givecatsabetterlife.com

  400. N***l

    My cat liked the tunnel. It seems that it is not wide, but my cat (5 kg) in it runs perfectly. The truth is quickly tired. While removed.

  401. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Got in 10 days, the cat is happy

  402. P***y

  403. S***n

    Excellent toy, quality is also excellent, cats liked

  404. R***a

    Great thing. Cats are happy. Delivery to moscow almost 3 weeks.

  405. V***v

  406. E***o

  407. A***v

    Cat liked it.

  408. h***h

    The parcel came quickly, less than a month drove, the tunnel is cool, there is a separate cover for easy storage. The cat immediately appreciated, as in the house.

  409. S***v

  410. J***a

    Ordered 3.2.19, came in surgut on march 4. All as in the photo, cats play/lage there)) if the cat is large straight, it is better to look for a diameter of more than 25 cm, it will be difficult to unfold inside the seals. The window is narrow, my ass does not freeze, but they are resistant: d thanks to the seller!

  411. A***t

  412. D***o

    Long went, but the product corresponds to the description, the cat is happy 🙂

  413. V***l

  414. A***o

    Delivery is super fast. the cat is still watching :))

  415. A***v

  416. L***O

  417. N***a

  418. I***o

    Everything corresponds to the description. The only thing i ordered is a blue color, but it’s not fundamentally. The track code was tracked all the way. Cats really liked the tunnel. Seller recommend.

  419. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Ordered 19.04, arrived 30.04 in Belgium. As pictured/described and fits larger cats (7kg birman) without squishing him. Perfect length. A lot of the other tunnels on give cats a better life are only 0.5m long.

  420. O***v

    The parcel came quickly, the animal is enough, does not climb out of the pipe.

  421. T***a

    The tunnel fully corresponds to the description. Good quality.
    Our cat has not been particularly inspired yet, but he has 2 short tunnels.

  422. S***a

    Great tunnel!

  423. A***r

  424. O***a

    Fast shipping! My cat was afraid of the tunnel, but then it seems used))

  425. O***a

    everything is good

  426. V***n

    The order was sent on april 23, received on may 13 in komsomolsk-on-amur. Packed in a bag with a pup. The toy itself goes in the case. Kote is very pleased.

  427. M***n

  428. M***M

  429. givecatsabetterlife.com

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