Interactive Cat IQ Treat Food Ball


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  • This toy is suitable for cats.
  • A fun pet ball to keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated!
  • Fill the ball with your cat`s favorite treats or food
  • Bright colors attract your dog’s attention and interest.
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Interactive Cat  IQ Treat Ball Toy Smarter Pet Toys Food Ball Food Dispenser For Cats Playing Training interactive cat  iq treat food ball Interactive Cat  IQ Treat Food Ball HTB1vwuhlaagSKJjy0Fgq6ARqFXaG interactive cat  iq treat food ball Interactive Cat  IQ Treat Food Ball HTB1vwuhlaagSKJjy0Fgq6ARqFXaG
Interactive Cat IQ Treat Food Ball
  • This toy is appropriate for cats.
  • An enjoyable pet ball to maintain your cat mentally and bodily stimulated!
  • Fill the ball together with your cat`s favorite treats or meals
  • Vivid colors appeal to your canine’s consideration and curiosity.


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Interactive Cat IQ Treat Food Ball

Cat IQ Treat Food Ball interactive cat  iq treat food ball Interactive Cat  IQ Treat Food Ball HTB1zcFMSFXXXXaRXXXXq6xXFXXXc

Cat IQ Treat Food Ball

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interactive cat  iq treat food ball Interactive Cat  IQ Treat Food Ball HTB1xkNgSFXXXXb

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interactive cat  iq treat food ball Interactive Cat  IQ Treat Food Ball HTB1xaNkSFXXXXXLXVXXq6xXFXXXp

interactive cat  iq treat food ball Interactive Cat  IQ Treat Food Ball HTB1Yn8cSFXXXXX3aXXXq6xXFXXXp




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Interactive Cat IQ Treat Food Ball
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600 reviews for Interactive Cat IQ Treat Food Ball

  1. L***m

    Very nice. Product as described. Hope my cats like it.


    well done! product as in description

  3. A***t

    My cat really likes it 🙂
    Product the same as in the picture.
    Really good quality.
    Fast shipping.

  4. D***c

    Smaller than I expected but still nice. Cat likes it!

  5. S***s

  6. A***i

  7. W***l

  8. M***a

    Fantastic ball of food, my cat loves it and to keep busy, taking out the food. All OK. thanks. Good seller and successful purchase.

  9. M***n


    A little smaller the I thought. it’s good for treats , not for the meals.

  11. B***p

  12. k***a

  13. c***o


  14. A***y


  16. P***e

    Very good quality

  17. A***l

  18. M***a


    too love.

  20. a***o

  21. A***r


  23. A***t

  24. S***s

    2 weeks. be smaller than. like.

  25. i***a

    has been very neatly packed toy. until проявил cat interest. buy snacks and think it will be ok! to seller thank you! and good luck!

  26. Y***n

    the cats love’s it

  27. A***y

  28. M***s

  29. F***a

    smaller than thought but it’s ok for a cat. my cat studied it for some minute but then she appreciated and played with it.

  30. P***N

  31. L***e

    It was OK. It’s kind of too small. I thought it would be little bit bigger. Too tiny even for kittens. So, for that reason it’s overpriced.

  32. V***y

    not bad food toy only need a bigger size and then immediately вываливается

  33. M***a

    Great, useful and very practical interactive ball for my cat to have fun with this and at the same time prevent him from eating too much, thanks. Good seller and successful purchase.

  34. O***v

  35. t***r

  36. a***n

  37. V***s

    Item has a good weight to it so it would always stand up right. It has a mini bell inside so it the cat would love it. and my cat loves it. loves to play, not to eat the food. so the food is left across whole room 🙂 the bottom part could be made of silicone or rubber. as the hard plastic let’s it slide straight up rather than falling to the side. this would help it to stay in smaller area. as now it slides far away on kitchen tiles.

  38. D***a

    дороговато ерундовины for such, matryoshka very small

  39. B***y

  40. E***a

    not playing cat. quality is good. fast shipping

  41. b***h

  42. V***a

  43. T***e

  44. P***l



  46. M***i

  47. A***z

  48. I***u

  49. C***u

  50. O***o

  51. S***a

    Cat loves it 🙂


    My cats love it!


    it’s small,,but very nice

  54. J***e

    nu vat noy try

  55. C***N

  56. m***z

  57. R***l

  58. v***p

    cute cat humdinger approved


  60. N***i

    Quick delivery has come to the house and the cats love and thank you very much

  61. s***a

  62. P***d

  63. A***I

  64. A***a

    very like my cat

  65. B***N

  66. T***Y

  67. C***y

  68. e***e

  69. H***n

  70. H***a

    Item is smaller than I anticipated, but it’s perfectly fine. Materials seem sturdy, and the overall build quality is good.


  72. V***n

  73. D***s

    The product came surprisingly quick, it looks cool and my cat is interested because of it.


  75. t***t

  76. M***s


  78. A***o

    great toy, cat understood. across the гоняет flat. seller sent fast, all perfect!


  80. K***i

  81. S***r

    smaller than picture

  82. T***j


    It’s smaller than it looks on the picture.

  84. G***e

  85. S***v

  86. v***i

    great toy! стопроцентная guarantee, that will be cat гонять this toy, or other food насыпать can inside because вкусняшек. inside have more bell, fashion nice which, качаешь when toy.

  87. G***e

  88. M***a

    good toy, unfortunately not my cat заинтересовало quality!

  89. M***a


  91. d***d



  93. M***k

  94. d***l

  95. h***d

  96. E***s



  98. I***M

    Everything as expected. cat was wating fast and used to throw up. teaches eating slowly. good product and strong.

  99. T***Z

  100. H***s

  101. A***n

  102. R***n

  103. G***a


  105. M***r


  107. P***r

    and as described, it is small size but good. my very pleasure to cat. good quality

  108. K***e

  109. N***o

  110. Y***o

  111. M***z

    free shipping ORDER arrive super fast single Fifteen, well packed and perfect state, the unique Is a poco More Little than I hoped But This well.

  112. M***s

  113. a***s

    small i was much.

  114. A***v


  116. F***a

  117. S***y


  118. C***h

  119. P***s

  120. A***s

  121. c***c

    cat 놉 have well.

  122. k***k

  123. k***g

  124. B***s

  125. F***r

  126. w***g

    grasshopper dishㅎㅎsnacks oh well sok sok pull ake

  127. V***t

  128. I***o


    good for my cat, but too tiny

  130. p***r

  131. h***k

  132. C***e

    super produits de qualité, identique aux photos, mon chat est content !

  133. D***e

    It was much smaller than I thought it would be. The box was damaged when it arrived. That was disappointing because it was suppose to be a gift.

  134. M***a

    cat not really liked not become play. even inside прельстили snacks. very small.

  135. c***k

    my CATS entrete dress have a lot free shipping

  136. N***e

    Al ok my cat is happy. Thanks

  137. M***r

  138. E***z

  139. T***.

    it has everything folded. i am with too!

  140. r***r

    arrived in under 2 weeks from order date.

  141. t***o

  142. M***n

  143. Y***a

  144. I***n


  146. R***A


  148. I***s

  149. G***.

  150. O***a

    great toy!!!!

  151. j***z

  152. L***l

  153. J***n

    received it within a week.

  154. p***a

  155. M***r

  156. V***H

    very good product as described very happy I cat loves it

  157. A***e

    kitty likes


  159. S***E

  160. R***y

    My Bengal cat likes this. I think it would be more challenging, if there was only one hole for treats to come out. It would prolong the enrichment activity.

  161. S***k

    Very good toy my cat love it.

  162. i***r

    good quality, kitty cats love it

  163. F***k

  164. L***d

  165. a***n

  166. A***l

    Good, But More pictured looks big. like Is functional

  167. F***v

    as the saying goes waiting/reality. toy крохотная feeder is. бесполезная thing, even заинтересовался cat. thought top кнопочка that the cat. push cat, plastic simple but it. over the toy etc to buy. to seller claims no.

  168. A***k

    cool toy. cat satisfied. thank you.

  169. C***o

    figment Is as covers, recommend

  170. P***d

  171. A***z

    Great, thank you.

  172. S***s

    exactly as pictured


  174. A***a

    Really fast delivery. Very good quality of toy. Nice package. Smaller than I expected but its better for cat. I recommend 🙂 Big fun for not lazy cat

  175. L***z

  176. s***s

  177. E***s

  178. C***o

    Initially I got the wrong item but the seller apologized and asked me to stay with the item they had sent and told me he would sent me a new tracker number for the the pet toy food ball dispenser I had order……… a week later I received it….. thanks

  179. y***o



  182. J***a


    fast shipping приехало помятой in box but without damage. proved toy very less the picture than i imagined. aaa battery toy and photo.

  184. T***A

  185. A***a

  186. T***s

    as described

  187. C***s

  188. a***v

  189. N***O

  190. M***n

  191. K***n

    It’s a lot smaller than I expected but it’s actually pretty perfect for a little snack for my cat during the day, so I’m really pleased. The little bell let’s me know when he’s using it if I in the other room. I’d recommend this toy. I might also buy the larger size.

  192. c***x

  193. P***s

  194. G***h

  195. A***e

  196. I***a

  197. S***o

    hard to open but very cute… I hope my kitty likes it

  198. K***S

    Great wee treat toys, arrived safely, well packaged. Now I just need my kittens to play with them.

  199. L***n

    as you great product picture

  200. S***c

  201. L***a


  202. P***y

  203. O***a

    toy and very like me cat and! no big diameter about 6 cm, high 9 cm. beautiful!! high quality made. cat заняться than will, everything is at work.

  204. G***e

  205. A***s

  206. V***M

  207. Y***i

  208. s***e

  209. g***e

  210. I***n

    this toy катать want very cat. подбрасываю it but it when, food высыпавшийся сжирает it.

  211. B***o

    I did not expect it to be that small but its just right for my medium sized cat he was enjoying it. I highly recommend buying from this seller.

  212. E***n

    a piece of toy only our kitten snapt not genuine. if i hard around turn out hair kibble look and find them called nice.

  213. c***c

  214. I***r

  215. S***a

    really nice!

  216. K***s

    wow!!! the best!!!

  217. J***i



  219. E***a

    cool piece. very is qualitative, as the photo. came for couple weeks. вкусняшек pretty little it is true. more, found as my тупая cat.

  220. S***n

  221. M***k

  222. M***l

  223. E***v

  224. J***n

    Delivery was exceptional fast, product came in retail box. Very satisfied with the item

  225. J***i

    all ok. goods consistent with the description and photographs RECOMMEND

  226. S***a

  227. J***o

    think cat jiaxing than the product does not tt is the


  229. b***r


  231. D***o

  232. B***s


  234. Y***a

  235. m***k

  236. e***z

  237. A***a

    operational very the seller. toy is very like. with an interest treats добывает cat)

  238. J***i


  240. D***y

  241. c***c

  242. O***o

    fast delivery and parcel прилетела incredibly міст експрес. design and color are excellent. this toy not interested but my котвообще… but discarded go.

  243. R***a

  244. A***i

  245. M***t

  246. m***u

  247. l***o

    Is very firm, SOMETHING Little, a top entendía CAT me not the TOY, a poco was accustoming. only thoughts si Is that opens I have to clean


    package protection should be improved

  249. K***g

  250. N***a

  251. O***a

  252. C***o


  254. E***v


    Like the picture very fast shipping thanks to the seller


    great toy: plastic durable, no scratches, no excellent неваляшки function. spb-up fast 19 days. to seller thank you! but cat, unfortunately, do not want to play with it…

  257. P***a


    Good, but my cat have no interest about it 🙂

  259. B***e

  260. E***v

    but not bad маловат size!

  261. a***y

    It’s a lot smaller than I expected, so check if it suits you before buying.

    I mean it works as described but my cat kinda got bored about the treats and went back to sleep.

  262. I***a

    toy like me, like my котятам

  263. M***a

    very Little

  264. A***v

  265. J***r

    love my cat

  266. S***Z

    Smaller than expected, but really good quality and the cat loves it

  267. D***k


  268. j***j

    piece of fun-plus
    -минусов of
    1) it turns not open, so that the quest is also a little
    2) has a cat безразличием full (заинтересовала toy

  269. J***o

  270. g***a

  271. A***a

  272. d***e


  274. j***a

  275. J***t


  277. J***H

  278. J***n

  279. J***s

    arrived Rapido well packed

  280. a***a

    My cat love this product

  281. s***s

  282. L***n

    super plus with bell 🙂
    extra small hard slightly open fully satisfied but i find my cat

  283. J***a

  284. G***j

  285. O***a


  287. o***k


  289. F***a

  290. D***O

  291. I***n

    played cat not more, holiday to уехала cat. toy small size, фигачит pendulum as out cool) fast to a couple of weeks пришёл татарстана

  292. F***n

    good product, toy hand and small enough can set twenty grams up to dry. with two hole leave enough dry fast.

  293. j***s

    product nice however my cat not brincou

  294. F***r

  295. j***z

    arrive good such as ofrecia

  296. K***v

  297. A***n

    Super fast delivery!

  298. s***s

  299. S***a

  300. C***n

  301. O***a

    have bought for second second cat. like cats. quality made toy!


    The product survived shipping even the packaging was in rough shape; the material is thick and well made; the top and bottom screw together well and my cat loves it.

  303. D***t

  304. C***i

    excellent figment! quality nice and super fast arrive.


  306. A***v

  307. e***n

  308. V***r

  309. A***s

  310. E***a

    Recommended. Fast delivery in 19 days to Turkey.

  311. a***y

    super cat lady s’éclatent with

  312. T***r

    Smaller then expected

  313. J***y


  315. a***c


  317. P***i

  318. O***t

  319. J***n

  320. P***s

  321. E***L

    Great quality. Came as expected.
    Package came a little damaged, but all the products were in good shape.

  322. A***o

    fast arrive. like a picture. the unique malo was the A BOX arrive rattan But the state figment This perfect powder

  323. g***c

  324. E***n

  325. D***v

    dull i probably the cat. it обсосал it to fit all no longer

  326. A***v

    very small


  328. J***n

  329. M***a

  330. C***z

  331. A***o

  332. M***a

  333. N***b

    My cats love it.

  334. R***o

  335. J***z

  336. M***s

  337. I***g

  338. Q***a


  340. C***z

  341. T***.

    Is Little too, i expected More large. But like my CAT Is a now you is ok. Is a good TOY

  342. S***A

    cool toy. playing бумер

  343. J***e

  344. I***s

    Everything perfect

  345. F***o

  346. A***d

  347. T***c




  350. P***o

  351. b***n


  352. C***k

  353. E***a

    quality nice, Shipping and quickly, though my By figment poco cats playing the now

  354. J***o

  355. A***o

  356. T***l

  357. M***s

    Super. Thank you

  358. C***s

  359. V***e

  360. R***i

  361. Y***g

  362. L***A

  363. J***e

  364. P***O




  366. N***o

  367. M***n

    игушка the quality, tightly closed, forth выпадает from food. but not cat играется)
    a couple of times понюхал no longer fit.


    item was a little bigger. but my day cat fine with

  369. e***z

  370. H***L

  371. N***A

    fast shipping) show cat interest)

  372. D***v

  373. J***a


  375. S***y

  376. P***r

  377. M***o

  378. V***o

  379. M***a

  380. P***R

  381. S***a

  382. J***y


  384. A***o

  385. A***i

  386. a***a

    ordered 21.02, received 31.03, couple of days on провалялась package mail. all отслеживался track. помялась box, used to take for not me this critical. feeder itself without damage. open top tight, мучался long. котэ дурашка, добыть food of it will understand how does not


  388. G***d

  389. D***i

    Excellent game

  390. A***a

    Everythings alright!

  391. N***a

  392. m***m

    thank you!! perfect item!!

  393. K***a

    cool piece not like my кошечкам!

  394. P***o

  395. O***e


    small cuddly. cat.


  398. J***g

    Great product. Just as explained.

  399. P***j

  400. D***a


  401. R***A

  402. M***g

  403. J***e

  404. T***a

    not cat заинтересовало)))

  405. K***r

    Very cute, a piece was broken but I have superglued it.

  406. J***i

  407. R***u

  408. C***n


  410. L***a

  411. Y***o

  412. I***k

    Smaller than i thought, but works fine

  413. S***a

    Nice and sturdy! The cat loves it, and it’s not to easy so he really needs to put some effort in getting treats

  414. G***v

    Thank’s a lot! The order was delivered fast and without damage.

  415. J***n

  416. w***l


    nicely packaging, free shipping TOY very beautiful. free shipping FOLLOW UP com Post perfect!

  418. K***r

  419. A***i

    delivery within a month , looks good, very nice, cats enjoy it, but it’s smaller than I thought :p

  420. j***m

  421. m***s

  422. l***l

  423. K***k

  424. O***o


  426. A***o

  427. k***n

    Very good

  428. J***n

  429. R***i

    It is very good toy for cat 🙂
    chinese Made in China living
    this wonderful koleszka
    learning to urgently, persistently
    it’s capable of niebywale.
    A, it is yellow as cytrynka
    we call it yellow landrynka
    greet million chinese 🙂

  430. K***i

  431. A***S

  432. e***z

    my cat loves it. thanks

  433. K***h

    Smaller then I tot but good stuff

  434. P***e

  435. N***h

    заинтересовался cat, while not say that. see on. came rattle is complete, packaging has been простенькая though. stray smell no, wash easily. i liked it. thanks to seller, recommend!

  436. f***f

  437. M***a

    Smaller then expected.

  438. A***s

    love my cat!! play with it for 30 minutes!

  439. D***n

  440. J***o


  442. S***h

    good But my GIRLS To discover that still not fit

  443. R***s

  444. s***a


    Cat really likes it; very cute.

  446. R***o


  448. P***n

  449. L***v

    Very nice toy, good quality. But too small, in the picture looks no so small.


    Very tiny, but works well.

  451. K***t

  452. A***z

  453. K***A

  454. J***a

  455. I***n

  456. M***z

  457. S***O

  458. R***s

  459. V***a

  460. D***f

    Awesome and fast delivery but cats not playing with it

  461. M***F

  462. R***z


  464. S***s

    my cat loves it. it is a little small

  465. E***a

    small is

  466. T***a

  467. R***y

    proved roly-poly is small, with large about egg. not all put inside goodies while only some. small hole. if and really two holes efforts to the can be pulled вкусности inside. novelty met heartedly cat.

  468. T***h

  469. M***l

    By LUCK arrive healthy no wired came Protection single A BAG

  470. O***n

    a poco Little

  471. D***a


  473. s***a


    Took 1-2 days for my cat to understand how to get the food, but now he loves it! It is small, so good for snack/ as a toy

  475. a***t


  476. E***a

  477. M***b

  478. n***a

  479. A***A

  480. m***u


  481. p***e

    beautiful product me cats snappen the not

  482. V***n

  483. D***u

  484. V***a

  485. G***z


  487. R***a

    petit more chat adore

  488. V***i

    very small

  489. i***i


  490. S***a

  491. R***g


  493. V***a

  494. J***o

  495. S***a

    very small

  496. M***k

  497. F***a

  498. c***a

  499. P***a

  500. S***Z

  501. N***r

  502. D***s


    product same as described

  504. S***n


  506. J***k

  507. a***m

  508. R***o

  509. I***v

    the cat couldn’t care less. But the quality is great.

  510. T***t

  511. D***t

  512. k***v

  513. A***r


    size is smaller than think data function. bubble inside the know whether there is better seems. paw stock stock very. forward snacks here only plot yum


    atsiuntė greitai, bet katė nemoka žaisti. kokybė prekės gera, bet dėžutė smarkiai pažeista. siuntimo metu perklijuota pakuotė.

  516. M***o

    It looks bigger in the post but I hope my cat would love this toy.

  517. I***i

  518. B***z

    Feels heavy and good quality.

  519. T***a

    excellent product, early my hotties not were enjoying the toy, after i placed catnip inside with the snack and elas brincaram pretty. that same toy is well dear no brazil, then valeu very the feather.


  521. y***y

    everything you wonder who kedilerim hardly did not budge

  522. n***d


    lovely product. nice quality

  524. P***a


  525. I***k

  526. T***a

    игрушечка cool. came safe and sound! увлеклась cat her. thank you seller!

  527. C***e

    very cool. works. my cat kitty adorou.


    do not immediately cat, it. and later slightly understood periodically check, a food whether there

  529. E***o

  530. A***o

  531. C***y

  532. D***n

  533. E***h

    my GATITA is happy!!! excellent figment, compraré More

  534. e***s

    reached too fast! loved. got that buy uns snacks small for my cats play.

  535. d***d

  536. a***z

  537. e***k


  539. K***r

  540. M***a

    Very nice

  541. V***a

  542. J***a

  543. p***a

  544. V***o

  545. R***l

    I thought it was bigger but the quality is much higher than I thought. Top!

  546. L***a

  547. A***y

  548. O***y


  550. A***n

  551. E***a

    toy super! cat my very like!

  552. a***z

  553. m***y

  554. J***a

    quality is excellent. packaging is good. подмосковья went up to 12 days! like toy!

  555. M***c

    It is great. I like it, so I hope my Iska will, too. She is very curious, wiill be one year of age in August..

  556. l***i

    love it so cute

  557. A***t

    very beautiful. lambed and smooth arrived. high quality nice stands

  558. k***o

    hot otherwise i is too small.

  559. G***i

  560. I***.

    exactly same as the picture. my cat le gustó lot. and falls playing after eaten EVERYTHING food.

  561. N***a

    Коробка пришла мятая, но игрушка не повредилась. Прикольная! Колокольчик звенит, кошки заинтересовались:) рекомендую!

  562. V***v

    игрушка типа юлы, у нас кот обленился не стал играть, надеюсь временно


    Интересная игрушка кошки пока не понимают смысл но думаю привыкнут.

  564. M***z

    Es igual a la descripción, algo pequeño, pero se ajusta a la descripción . Envio rápido

  565. S***n

    My cat thinks it’s great so do I 🙂

  566. A***e

  567. E***a

    Товар пришёл в указанные сроки. В хорошем состоянии. Размеры указаны верно. Но наш кот пока не понимает как быть с такой игрушкой! )))))


    Como una peonza rueda y sale la comida.mi gata pasa de ella dependiendo del momento jajja


    Produto de excelente qualidade e conforme a imagem. O vendedor muito cuidadoso com a embalagem super segura. Chegou em perfeito estado em 34 dias no Brasil. Agradecimentos ao vendedor.

  570. B***e

    lovely toy my little cat l’adore, this is extra!… description and i recommend seller free. thanks!

  571. J***o

    three томска to come. packed in a bag. all but inside помята box whole. smell no. cat satisfied. seller recommend.

  572. M***i


  573. S***s

  574. M***a

    Fast shipping. Neat, small, intelligent toys for cats. Pussy appreciated))

  575. A***n

    Smaller than a fist and my cat is not interested to try to get the food out

  576. f***f

    For 7 days came, all right, cats do not know what to do about it.

  577. I***a

    Interesting toy. The reviews I have realized that it is very small, is not as it appears on the photo. Well let kitten playing. Thank You Very Much!


  579. S***f


    Product is what it says it is but my dumb cat doesn’t know how to play with it

  581. A***o

    Shipping breeze and foremost nicely!!

  582. A***p


  584. A***o

  585. V***U

  586. E***S

    All good, But we tupenkie

  587. P***o


  589. H***v

    It quickly. Package dented but toy in order. Food inside., but the cat is still not understood how to play. Think сообразит.

  590. E***a

    Cat very happy


    Toy came for 2 weeks in Moscow. Mail it is clearly someone open the packaging wrinkled. But the whole toy. Too loud bell inside in my opinion. But, hopefully, cat like

  592. P***r

    Super, but Cat not like it, just smell and do nothing 😀 even toy is full of food 😀

  593. A***a

    Very good furniture product I buy them for shihtzu aunq were cat and they remain perfect… My small happy

  594. J***r

    do some reason it was sent from China to Russia via Latvia thes it took about a month. I was little bit surprised with the size of the toy but my cat likes it and only this is important.

  595. l***a

    Everything is fine. First the cat was not interested. Had to show.
    Now playing with pleasure. And if you want to have, begins to drive toy

  596. M***a

    good product
    arrived in bad condition (package broked) but okay inside
    the cat loves it

  597. E***A

    My cat is ignored. He better have of plates.

  598. I***e

    According to the description. My cats did case the first time and now. Any more. It is Tough e INTERESTING.

  599. K***a

    Well packed. Yet only need to check how cat with this uses 🙂

  600. N***k

    Excellent quality, fast delivered))) cat happy)))

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