Funny Cat Tunnel

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Cats are having fun with the tunnel for enjoyable and rest themselves in there, and they can even play hide and look for inside.
-Shaped with a steel wire along the tunnel to keep it strong so it would not collapse
-Folds easily and takes a small place when you want to store it when not in use.

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Funny Pet Cat Tunnel Cat Play Tunnel Tubes Collapsible Crinkle Kitten Cat Toys Puppy Ferrets Rabbit Play Cat Play Tunnel Tubes Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1O2JNb9FRMKJjy0Fhq6x Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1O2JNb9FRMKJjy0Fhq6x
Cats are having fun with the tunnel for enjoyable and rest themselves in there, and they can even play hide and look for inside.
-Shaped with a steel wire along the tunnel to keep it strong so it would not collapse
-Folds easily and takes a small place when you want to store it when not in use.Specifications:
Material: Polyester fiber
Color: Yellow, Purple
Size: approx. 50x25x25cm/19.68×9.84×9.84in
Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1 c3KdS3PL1JjSZFtq6AlRVXal

Funny Cat Tunnel

Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1TOo6b3oQMeJjy0Foq6AShVXao Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1Afk0dPoIL1JjSZFyq6zFBpXaK Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1B2QUbYsTMeJjy1zbq6AhlVXaq Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1noE3dUUIL1JjSZFrq6z3xFXay Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1p4s1b5ERMeJjy0Fcq6A7opXaY Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1VbP3doF7MKJjSZFLq6AMBVXaB Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1HzkRb3sSMeJjSspdq6xZ4pXaF Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1urIVb8USMeJjSspfq6x0VFXa4 Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1gQo0b Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1xaA1b ZRMeJjSspoq6ACOFXak Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1cYEUdTwKL1JjSZFgq6z6aVXa7 Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1N4oGdUsIL1JjSZPiq6xKmpXa8 Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1 Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB1NZk2dU3IL1JjSZFMq6yjrFXaZ Funny Cat Tunnel Funny Cat Tunnel HTB12VM7b3MPMeJjy1Xcq6xpppXa5

Cats are having fun with the tunnel for enjoyable and rest themselves in there, and they can even play hide and look for inside.
-Shaped with a steel wire along the tunnel to keep it strong so it would not collapse
-Folds easily and takes a small place when you want to store it when not in use.

Material: Polyester fiber
Color: Yellow, Purple
Size: approx. 50x25x25cm/19.68×9.84×9.84in


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563 reviews for Funny Cat Tunnel

  1. M***e

  2. t***e

    super funny

  3. C***e

    love the bright yellow colour, brightens up the place…


  5. A***k

  6. L***e

    Looks great, everything is in place and came super fast.

  7. I***U

  8. V***a

  9. A***a

  10. U***a

  11. a***k

    new home cat in my

  12. S***h


    very satisfied thank you


  15. S***i

    good for my bunnies

  16. B***o

  17. C***s

    excellent material, my love kitten.
    no industrial no sense, i am satisfied.
    my this tunnel kitten adores, he plays a lot in it without fear. nice quality!

  18. S***k

  19. M***k


  20. B***a

  21. L***o

  22. R***s


  24. S***v

  25. A***a

    enthusiastic it ….

  26. E***a

    cool tube, is very compact

  27. M***a


    Good quality, received in a month and 7 days. Cat loves it

  29. A***c

  30. M***v



    My cats love this! Very happy!

  32. H***i


  34. M***g

  35. P***p

  36. S***l

    Arrived in 18 days. My dog loved it. Thank you so much

  37. a***i

  38. I***v

    excellent tube.
    really liked котикам.
    shipping fast.

  39. R***a

    Very good quality and fast delivery. My cat loves the tunnel.

  40. b***b

    quality is excellent, rubber smell foreign without etc забавляються cat. дошла петербурга st to within 14 days. seller recommend.

  41. J***e

  42. R***r



    Easily transportable, pretty, with balls and theirs bells, my cat loves it !


    Thank you!
    Lovely and great quality pet tunnel just as described, with fast shipping 🙂

  46. V***h

    tunnel excellent!

  47. s***s

  48. N***i

  49. R***k

    cat my very appreciated. with balls поиграл couple of days, and then вовсе stopped. lay туннеле in no.


  51. G***a

    My kitty love it

  52. D***N


  54. M***o

    It took about 2weeks to get it.
    My cats love it very much. Thank you~~

  55. L***w

  56. M***o

  57. I***v


  58. P***i

  59. G***a

  60. E***a

    it. track отслеживался. cat play.

  61. A***v

  62. B***s

  63. A***R

  64. M***a

    Perfect for kittens

  65. T***a



    very fast and ADJUSTED all posted

  68. L***z



    Thank you, it has arrived, it is in line with the offer, best regards

  71. i***e

  72. S***a

    quite fast shipping smell no! and i also satisfied cat)

  73. l***l

    excellent humdinger изодранных from our отстала is finally bead my little hands. now we only play tube. thanks to seller. came edge seaside parcel in within 14 days.

  74. M***o

  75. J***a

  76. A***f

  77. Y***a

    the best price

  78. E***a




  81. S***v

    it is fast, all matches the description. cat play. recommend!

  82. n***n

    enthusiastic studs!

  83. E***x

  84. b***o



    product прекрассный


    perfect! it does not want to come out of the kitty… 🙂

  88. B***a

  89. A***o

    all like in description. quality is good

  90. S***n

    I’m very satisfied

  91. G***i


  92. M***m

    ha 10 days arrive, nicely EVERYTHING i content

  93. E***a



  95. E***a

  96. j***n

  97. J***s

  98. g***n

    super chula love and plays a


  100. t***a

    cat satisfied, toy размурчалсяхорошая

  101. U***a

    Product same as pictured.Satisfied with it.

  102. C***n

    My kitten loves the tunnel!


    good quality. hiding and cat playing

  104. J***a

    super supplier recommend

  105. D***a

  106. S***a

  107. P***B

  108. M***a

  109. N***n

  110. A***a

  111. A***s


  113. m***n

    fast delivery! nice product.

  114. N***y

  115. V***a

  116. U***c



    Not very stable, unless the cat goes inside. generally, a reasonable product.

  119. N***n


  121. g***a

  122. D***d

    The toy is beautiful, it fits a single cat inside the toy. the quality is good. I loved it. My cat loved it and started playing. great! It took a while to arrive but it arrived. thanks!

  123. M***s

    wow!! within 5 days arrival, super good and tough thing. keep upright, great product for this i not expected better than expensive thing from the pet

  124. M***o

    all super! customers are satisfied and cat hostess

  125. P***k

    my cats are happy, so its perfect for them

  126. L***a

  127. l***t

  128. B***r

    very fast, even chinese new year! ty very much! perfect product, my cat loved that!

  129. D***h

    котам. отслеживалась package, came quickly

  130. v***l

    really liked. thanks to seller. quality is good

  131. E***a

  132. D***e

  133. R***r

  134. f***r

  135. i***a

  136. u***u

    glad to my cat! thank you!

  137. L***e

  138. i***a






    the product is exactly as described, the materials are not the best but they are great for the price, and most importantly my cats love it .. thank you seller

  142. S***t

    Super fast. It came in a week.
    thanks ….

  143. i***N

    price-Quality nice product.

  144. I***a

    super, полюбили studs!

  145. t***o

  146. V***n

  147. f***r

  148. g***n

  149. N***a

  150. I***a

    excellent item the quality is good, recommend animal interesting

  151. I***t

  152. O***n

  153. N***i

  154. A***a

  155. H***s

  156. O***a

    just grade


    Great for the price

  158. A***o

    my cat loves it. not so big/long but enough for playing

  159. S***n

    коротенькая. like котятам

  160. U***r

    very beautiful

  161. a***k

  162. R***o

  163. K***n

  164. P***O

  165. M***s

  166. Z***n


  167. m***s

  168. A***g

    My baby cat so love this ! Thank you so much

  169. V***r

  170. k***h

  171. V***k

  172. M***e

    Super fast came and perfect quality !

  173. J***a

  174. g***h

    seems exactly

  175. P***e

  176. O***A

  177. B***a

  178. y***a

  179. J***a

    your friend and cat tunnel заказала seller sent fast. cat love to play with balls, while spike пробегает. seller 5. to contact’ll future.

  180. R***s

    it is fast, matches the description, though i thought that will be a little bigger, отслеживался good, to seller 5 балов recommend huh, invoice to destination, облюбовала immediately cat

  181. h***u

    my cat loves it. beautiful color.

  182. B***k

  183. S***a

  184. Z***a

  185. e***e

  186. D***a

  187. A***a

    tunnel as the picture, шуршит, cat. such in the retail stores sell expensive severalfold.

  188. M***s

    cat is very like

  189. M***e

    thanks very beautiful the tunnel


  191. R***i

  192. r***z

  193. D***s

  194. C***p

  195. R***v

  196. a***n

    Very fast arrival and very lovely product. No smell .I m sure our cat will love it so much . I recommend .

  197. N***c

  198. M***a

  199. D***a


  200. J***s

  201. P***s

    cat likes it 🙂


    thank you. my cat is happy

  203. N***a

    enthusiastic cat

  204. r***v

    cool tunnel. cat very fond of it.

  205. P***I

  206. O***a

  207. J***e

  208. M***k

  209. A***r

  210. M***a

  211. j***A

  212. i***P


  214. N***n

  215. e***u

    cat loved it

  216. i***i

  217. A***a

    all super. the len. region. it is of a month, tr
    отслеживался ek. cat satisfied. began to play directly. advise.

  218. C***n


  219. O***z


  221. M***a

  222. M***a

    tube very cool! quality is good. cat ordered, it and it in a few days поиграла забыла. зато,-plays chihuahua dog like it almost every day it

  223. d***r



    but it in perfect condition all in this wish that is off cat play (

  225. U***a

    fully compliant with the description. slightly larger mo to walking month. thank you seller!

  226. V***a

  227. G***l

  228. C***z

  229. S***v

  230. M***r

    arrival 20jours control.
    love my cat. white, description matches.

  231. M***I

    is just fine. certainly not at this price would suggest. 2 weeks arrived


  233. R***f


    very fond of kitty tunnel, sports by yourself.

  235. N***k

  236. F***a

  237. g***b

    great toy, thank you. оценила cat is not true.

  238. D***y

    absolutely love cat

  239. t***t

    bright tunnel. like kise

  240. E***a

    like cat))

  241. P***a

  242. y***y

  243. S***e

  244. C***n


  246. H***s

  247. L***á

  248. R***a

  249. C***o

    fast free

  250. A***c

  251. D***a

  252. l***l

  253. O***a

  254. H***l

  255. L***o



  258. G***o

  259. N***a

    very like cat toy

  260. F***g

  261. P***a

    all is well. unleashes drawstring and cat.

  262. F***a

  263. i***a

  264. C***t

    it is quite poor in quality. The rabbit plays with this tube but the metal wire came away from the material and it got it’s poor head stuck in between.


  266. P***j


    14 days arrived in a month. all ok

  268. E***a

    enthusiastic cat, us only коротковат

  269. A***a


  271. V***a

    котя балдеет


  273. A***o

  274. A***v

    for our good toy cat through пробегает overclocking with tunnel, especially when 6 morning… звеня rattles want to sleep. recommend.

  275. D***P

    all excellent!) toys in place, are good.

  276. I***v


    it is the month, match the description, foreign no smell no.

  278. M***a


  279. a***g

  280. M***z

  281. d***h

  282. v***n

  283. P***i

    Very Nice and great product, I really enjoyed it… many thanks.

  284. Y***z

    same as the image, excellent FOR CATS

  285. v***i

  286. b***r

  287. A***i

  288. p***a

    my CATS stand happy

  289. N***l

  290. A***a

    it is small, I have a 6 month old kitten and she can only just fit but other than that, the quality is really nice and the shipping was extremely fast

  291. o***t

  292. T***m


  294. J***l

  295. M***u

  296. E***u

  297. I***E

  298. A***i

  299. S***a

    all ok thank you!!!

  300. S***r

    So cute!! Kitty loves it!


    Fantastic!!! My cat loves it:))))

  302. s***v

  303. E***i

  304. M***a

    shorter than myślałam, but overall ca


  306. l***n

    just awesome

  307. A***a

  308. m***i

  309. K***a

  310. V***o

  311. t***i

    This ok! Shipping very Rapido

  312. N***a


  313. V***s

  314. N***a

    good goods

  315. L***a

    very little terrier gismo ёрширского mini course. cats too small.

  316. O***e

    three дошло томской area to. baby cat and satisfied.)

  317. O***k

  318. M***a

    very funny for my cat

  319. Y***g

    It is smaller than i thought, but my cat loves it.

  320. J***z

  321. p***n


    came parcel within 22 days. quality is excellent, all as stated. enthusiastic cat. track trackable. thanks to seller.

  323. O***á


    order come a month.
    cat like!!

  325. a***a

  326. V***v

  327. M***s

  328. p***p


  330. M***o

    The tunnel has a perfect size to kittens and adult cats

  331. A***v

    3 order come. match commodity description, true tunnel thought that will be a little bigger. like cat. goods seller recommend.

  332. V***o

    very nice!


  334. K***S

    trop chou! petit assez mais c’est plutôt prends ne pas well car yl place.

  335. N***a


  336. O***r

  337. H***n

    have отгрызла cat. all like

  338. C***z

  339. R***e

  340. A***i

    excellent tube, cat play!

  341. V***a

    вещичка fun. to my кошечке fancy. thank you. it is fast

  342. M***a

    item matches the description. smell no. delivery fast, chargeable true. goods from other sellers but is more expensive than this seller since the delivery.
    приехало on don rostov in 2. отслеживался track. are satisfied, satisfied. advise.

  343. O***a

    play not my that want. hope will.


  345. K***t

  346. F***I

  347. R***v

  348. N***a


  349. s***i


  350. A***a

  351. O***a

  352. A***n

  353. R***v

  354. l***a

  355. y***s

  356. S***r


  358. l***l

  359. A***v

  360. I***h

    соотвествует description, until it praised studs true, it шатается strong, daunted cat when it and it moves. hope освоятся little later. quality things is normal.


  362. A***r

  363. A***p

  364. A***v

    the котёнку-2 month.

  365. J***a

  366. M***a

  367. b***e

    très, mon chat adore!

  368. e***i

  369. A***d

  370. l***A

  371. S***d


  373. m***s

  374. M***o

  375. p***s

  376. K***n

    good quality as görseldeki

  377. N***m

    looks like the picture. good quality and beautiful.

  378. S***n

  379. U***s

    Cat loves it!

  380. F***a

  381. G***i

  382. E***a

  383. M***h

  384. S***a

  385. I***n

  386. a***i

  387. a***o

  388. f***i

  389. S***v

    toy received, almost доставляли month. all and turns sit blankly тунеле this studs. buy satisfied, tk. проявили studs interest, but expect more. seller recommend.


    great item, exactly as pictured

  391. T***a

  392. C***r

  393. C***o

  394. O***a

  395. G***o

  396. P***s


  398. E***t


  400. K***r

  401. L***a

  402. J***A

  403. M***s

    Item come to Latvia after 27 days. My cat play any time look photo

  404. D***s

    My cat is to long! when he goes in i can see him hanging out from each ending of the tube haha, but he likes it. Thank you.

  405. N***a

    Thank you! Very nice product. Like a photo 🙂

  406. V***k

    Like in picture


    cat huge like

  408. f***r

  409. M***a

    really liked cat. favorite toy early days was, yes and now, passed though a long time active shows periodically interest. thank you seller!

  410. G***o

  411. M***A

    went long high quality made. заинтересовался cat. small in size.

  412. A***l

    I like it my cats like it just smaller then I expected, it came before expected thank u


  414. a***a

  415. V***R

    excellent all)

  416. O***a

    enthusiastic cat! звенят beads, quality is good.

  417. A***a

    pensé that would More large But my love CATS. By OTHER, can be hold las BALLS party overhead mounted, it can rotate and put the floor.

  418. Y***a

    very cool piece like кеце


    Very good quality for the price. Fast shipment. Cat is already playing.


    for my little small cat)

  421. E***a

  422. R***o

    item description compliant.
    very cute and well made, mia tantissimo micina liked to, it is mad!


    fast delivery and good price

  424. O***n

    beautiful product

  425. J***z

    wonderful This GATITA you love me

  426. T***s

    My baby loves it!!!


    just what i it had suggested.


    j’attendais exactly what it.

  429. A***a

    enthusiastic cat


    commodity екатеринбурга-in just 11 days to come very fast. tunnel excellent. satisfied cat) thank you! seller recommend.


    It great! my cat is thrilled 🙂

  432. M***s

    cute toy for cats

  433. G***z

  434. E***a

    Кошка его обожает! У меня бенгальский котёнок

  435. M***r

  436. f***h

    Спасибо все отлично

  437. E***a


  438. S***e

    Un peu petit et mon chat refuse d’y entrer . Il ne joue qu’avec les balles bon

  439. T***h

    Ооооочень быстрая доставка. Классный туннель, заказывайте сразу парочку, есть завязки, их можно соединить друг с другом, коты довольны)))

  440. V***a

    Неплохо. Но этих денег не стоит.

  441. M***z

    Envío súper rápido y muy bonito. Es un regalo que seguro el gatito se lo pasará genial

  442. D***a

    Пришла труба в течение месяца. Котенок доволен) Залез туда сразу) Пришла труба на почту. Спасибо большое)

  443. N***a

    Кошка довольна до безумия. Очень радуется. Качество хорошее

  444. H***n

    Nice product, cat loved it. Fast processing and shipping from seller.

  445. V***e

    Es más pequeño de lo que pensé pero esta muy lindo y es igual a la foto.

  446. O***o

    Кот счастлив. Перекатывается лёжа в нем) покупкой довольны. Доставка очень быстрая.

  447. p***g

    Super fast shipping! Quality looks good.

  448. S***s

    Super leuk ding! Mooie kwaliteit! Je hoeft niet verder te kijken. Met 10 dagen in huis.

  449. C***i

  450. Y***a

    Товар полностью соответствует описанию. Кошка довольна)


  452. K***k

    Looks good, quality is fine, but my cat don’t want play

  453. A***n

    Peeshogee loves it!

  454. M***a

    fainas zaislas. traski medziaga

  455. M***o

    beautiful, great product. recommended

  456. M***z

    Is FUNNY accessories. my CAT, Is nice arrive in good state

  457. r***i

  458. G***l

    Shipment arrived after 2 months, wich is more than was originally expected. Might have been stock at customs though. Product is great, my cat is enjoying it a lot 🙂


    thank you very much seller, quickly sent. week 2 came send… all likes.

  460. E***e


  461. l***l

    котенька satisfied! playing time. material, коготков not suffer from. frame made of solid inside wire, but nowhere wire sticking out safe for all kitten. sharp has no smell.

  462. E***a

  463. R***m

    It is a great product. I have my cats love it

  464. L***z

    super играются seals

  465. K***k

  466. O***e

    tube, not not порвалась, but not playing cat неё залезает and even in.

  467. A***o


    really super, our this loves cat tunnel, sleeping playing and there))

  469. V***a

    very like. and 18 days delivery. thank you

  470. S***i

  471. E***e

    Thank you 🙂

  472. M***e

    Cat loves it!




    very cool

  475. A***o

    Very quickly came to the toy. My cat in admiration of it. Recommend


    Goods will be delivered in two weeks, the quality is good, no smell. Product description.

  477. T***r

    Cool tunnel) cat happy) Thanks for the fast delivery)

  478. D***k

  479. A***k

  480. N***a

    Cute little thing.


    My cats really love the product.

  482. L***o

  483. K***o


  484. A***p

  485. A***a

    Good toy for adult cat either for a little kitten. Product description. Delivered quickly, 11.06.2018 was placed, received the mail 23.06.2018. Recommend this product to buy from this seller.

  486. m***m

    A great thing

  487. V***o

    Ideal for small cats. Good material and be small fell behind the sofa and turned party pro cat that always goes inside tunnel knocking on balls

  488. r***s

  489. m***t


  491. T***o

  492. V***a

    Very nice!

  493. S***e

  494. L***e

  495. v***m

    Fits the description of goods, but my cat is not carried a tunnel


    Seller Serieux, Fast shipping, product compliant

  497. C***s

  498. F***r


  500. P***a


  502. R***e


  504. L***w

  505. A***a

  506. K***a

  507. K***i

  508. A***s

  509. T***s

  510. R***o

  511. N***z

  512. d***d

  513. D***p

  514. J***n

  515. A***t


  517. J***a


  519. V***v

  520. P***z

  521. G***t

  522. F***a

  523. R***e

  524. E***t


  526. E***z

  527. L***d


  529. B***h

  530. m***m

  531. R***n

  532. M***h

  533. T***e

  534. A***s

  535. D***a

  536. N***a

  537. T***l


  539. O***a


  541. D***s

  542. S***u

  543. Y***z

  544. A***z

  545. M***k

  546. D***u


  548. L***s

  549. D***t

    fast delivery

  550. M***a

  551. A***s

  552. A***o

  553. d***a

  554. E***p

  555. b***b

  556. V***S


  558. G***t


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  562. M***a

  563. I***U

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