Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning


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Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1oS9rRXXXXXctXpXXq6xXFXXXA Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1oS9rRXXXXXctXpXXq6xXFXXXA

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Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cats Kitten dot catys intelligence trainning

【Name】: electric butterfly and electric bird

【Material】: plastic, steel wire 【Color】: white flowers, green leaves + butterfly white flowers, green leaves + birds 【Size】: flower diameter 8cm, height 5.5cm, wire 21cm, butterfly width 6cm, bird width 10cm 【Power】: One AAA battery (Not included) 【Weight】: 40g

Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1O4yuQXXXXXbQXVXXq6xXFXXXnElectric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1rjObQXXXXXX8apXXq6xXFXXXUElectric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1jLWaQXXXXXcRapXXq6xXFXXXFElectric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1PAGLQXXXXXaAXpXXq6xXFXXXxElectric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1qf1jQXXXXXaeaXXXq6xXFXXX5Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1r2KjQXXXXXcsaXXXq6xXFXXXOElectric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1fjpElectric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning HTB1sbuOQXXXXXaDXpXXq6xXFXXXa



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599 reviews for Electric Rotating Colorful Butterfly Funny dog Cat Toys bird Pet Seat Scratch Toy For Cat Kitten dog cats intelligence trainning

  1. L***a

    moscow went to long will no longer думала even. notice it but today забрала and mail. грошь product price, spout of the bird крашенная toothpick inside. дешевенько сердито and, dislikes cat

  2. a***a

    very fun toy. залипли studs)))

  3. E***a

    delivery of the month. cats and so so quality be assured oh one is straight tooth. but can прикола for

  4. E***v

    works fine, and easy but such small toy, that it with cat опрокидывает оторвала has 5 minutes and bow tie)))))

  5. e***o

    nicely stands, the unique Is the Flying very fast. Thus to my cat even you like.

  6. givecatsabetterlife.com

    All good. Fast delivery. I recommend this seller. Thank you

  7. e***y

    fun toy for cat.

  8. b***b

  9. s***k

    10/22 11/9 arrival

  10. M***s

    15 days arrived, free shipping WIRE no Is long, free shipping BIRD dumbbell, free and no shakes SOIL slams well. Is Necessary To FLOWER on site algun climb clothing go best. me the different imaginaba.

  11. A***a

    bird super, пальчиковых small is powered by batteries, котёнку very like!

  12. A***r

    crazy cat lady’s butterfly. but they not specially n’aiment bird

  13. T***a

    all working, заинтересованно cat playing)) thank you seller! общалась not the seller.

  14. A***u

    My cat loves it but he “killed” the poor bird in less than 5min haha

  15. A***r

    thanks all works. battery not included to predict

  16. m***m

    good packagingของถึงเร็วแต่ของไม่เสียหายdents

  17. e***m

  18. P***B

    it is
    shipped quickly. cat like it very much. works as to all

  19. givecatsabetterlife.com


  20. G***s

    is from
    running and comes to ground
    the cats interesting it not as you would expect

  21. L***n

    free shipping Bird It a STICK Peak women’s slimming ago, and spin lot. cuidado stylish PETS las

  22. J***n

    Love these toys …. But they are also little show pieces. Everyone will enjoy … All my friends do.

  23. J***n

    Everyone loves them … Lovely and fun. Buy a couple. You will not regret.

  24. P***r

  25. A***a

    crazy about these toys cat!!!

  26. M***l

    excellent, very nice cattoy.. my cats love it

  27. givecatsabetterlife.com

    All good. I recommend this seller. Thank you

  28. R***s

    good product, excellent seller

  29. givecatsabetterlife.com

    arrive Rapido state and perfect

  30. M***l

    fast delivery are not really my cat

  31. K***f


  32. L***m

  33. givecatsabetterlife.com

    My cat loves it. She’s already destroyed it, because she is a monster, so I’ll have to get another one.

  34. S***.

    Conforme à la description. Certains chats adorent, d’autres pas.

  35. givecatsabetterlife.com

    very FUNNY

  36. D***a

    a couple of times toy good) my love cat таскать all in the teeth, plastic отвалился have so y petal flower if dropped. хлипкая it and very well, but tolerates while. to russia not trackable.

  37. M***a

    delivered fast, fully compliant with all description. ежигственное, can improve speed-reduce toys. satisfied cat

  38. givecatsabetterlife.com

    stand small. not tried more.

  39. givecatsabetterlife.com

    very fast shipping moving around bird. sorry, no batteries.

  40. M***a

    cool toy) studs very satisfied, it is fast shipping новосибирск week 2

  41. K***a

    cat toy like me,-cat and my))))) the new look have))))

  42. m***g

  43. I***n

    cool toy.

  44. a***t

    super fast delivery to the UK .. 13 days great toy for the cat

  45. n***n

    great toy? from оаботает batteries, упакованно all good work, thank you

  46. M***a

    My cat loves it. It keeps his interest for a long time.

  47. G***e

    My cats like to play with the toy

  48. A***r

    delivery before берлина within 40 days. all. like cat

  49. M***a

  50. M***a

    Great products, more than fair price, super fast shipping. One word… Amazing!

  51. A***j

    cat, 2 week waiting for. all is excellent.

  52. T***e

    thanks to seller really liked toy cats

  53. J***u

    very nice!

  54. O***s

    plastic packaging damaged dented upon arrival. Product is not damaged

  55. f***f

    good toy, all working, it is all the whole, well packed

  56. A***a

  57. g***e

    AMAZING! very quick delivery and beautiful items !!! many thanks!!! five stars seller!!

  58. M***r

    Works great! Cats love it! The beak of the bird is too sharp, had to remove it for safety.

  59. c***n

    verry nice cat toy, she loves it!

  60. g***s

  61. C***g

    Quite a bit smaller than expected from the photos.

  62. I***l

    very fast shipping top seller. love my cat toy!

  63. P***A

    Thank you very much

  64. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Product info is correct.
    I ordered 11-11-2017 arrived 28-11-2017.
    It is smaller then i expected and the cats even kitten keep pulling it up (since its very light) and running away with it but they have alot of fun and that is what counts.

  65. J***s

    Thank you for the cat toy they enjoy it.

  66. N***V

    cat satisfied, but ненадолго sufficed.

  67. L***D

    At first my cat liked it. But now she only watches it for a couple of minutes before walking away. Maybe if your cat is younger it will like it more than mine. Still a fun product though.

  68. E***a

    игрульки good. cat likes.

  69. P***v

    well packed, and not помято no broken. recommend

  70. R***i

    My cat doesn’t like it yet, it moves very fast and makes a little noise, maybe he will used to it and hopefully play with it,i think it is a cute invention.

  71. F***k

    it only makes circles, very fast. my cats didn’t like it 🙁

  72. T***a

    cool toy, whirligig as гоняет cat.

  73. m***o

    quality figment Price ok… spread too fast… my cat butterfly You will be back CRAZY! hahaha

  74. l***n

    the most useless purchase I’ve ever made. the cat toy works but makes a lot of noise. very bad packing – only smashed plastic box

  75. K***a

    I am satisfied

  76. E***l

    love my cat game play

  77. S***i

    my cat love it.

  78. N***i

    My cat Moon likes her toy.

  79. A***a

    order less ждала month. cool toy, not broken, all ok. by toy without batteries, small potatoes but it. like it very котам)))). thank you very much seller! recommend!

  80. Y***n

    great little toy my kitten loves it

  81. givecatsabetterlife.com

  82. J***e

    cute thing for money. cat got it right away to make

  83. L***f

    fast delivery, good packaging. looks like the picture and it works fine!

  84. M***a

    nice thing, everything working. thx!

  85. v***g

    fast delivery and good goods

  86. S***a

    is coming tardado nearly 3-week. perfect, good beaded work A BATTERY small.

  87. m***o

  88. givecatsabetterlife.com

    receipt 22 days to france.
    package a little but they are souffert arrived intact (3 ordered).

  89. C***s

    My cats really like it. It’s a bit too easy to tip over though.

  90. N***a

    my kittenhood is happy to predict good battery

  91. A***o

    котя satisfied with my! cute toy. the only thing bird bright is not like the photo.

  92. T***l

    wonderful toy тащится cat! thanks to seller. delivery fast, отслеживался track! goods seller recommend!

  93. M***g

    took quite long to arrived. but my cat like very much

  94. B***k

    order as for my cat is completely love

  95. E***a

    игруха good. kisa satisfied. battery aaa complete none.

  96. S***y

    very fast. need small batteries, are not included. my cat love, hasta battery. though no if you durara lot jejeje

  97. C***o

    dont know how long hard but they liked

  98. y***y

    cool toy, my медитируют pussy

  99. R***o

    the producs is exellent

  100. R***n


  101. J***n

    bad quality, all within hours up

  102. A***a

    all super! thank you very much

  103. givecatsabetterlife.com

    super love cat! as pictured! 🙂

  104. E***r

    This toy needs AAA battery. Its pretty cook. My kitten loved it! Fits description.

  105. j***a

    cool, nicely run my sided cat’s play-When the I saw, low cheap though is nicely recommend!!

  106. P***E

    good product. fast seller serieux

  107. M***o

    cool little bird!)) even village играетсябатарейка 3 hours has! thank you!

  108. D***Z

    thank you all good. like cat))

  109. R***v

    purchased of toy only once, достану always like cat play with, more’ll a little bird умерла quickly this order of

  110. givecatsabetterlife.com

    These are awesome! My kitten loves it and goes bannanas over it until he can’t move anymore 🙂 I recommend 100%

  111. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Very good. Does not move as fast as the butterfly and that works better with my cat.

  112. H***N

    My cat loves it. Product is really good

  113. S***s

    Item received yesterday package abit beatup. The item is working well, my cat love it.

  114. givecatsabetterlife.com

    our monsters have shatter every 2 hours-eater enjoyed themselves so much but 🙂 🙂

  115. D***s

    Ok, but cat likes it better when turned off.

  116. E***o

    shaggy are attractive color just arrived perfect-state and stop play

  117. S***Z

    my cat the flipa, no BATTERIES hasta loves jajaj

  118. M***a

    cool toy. sorry, поломаная that has come. returned seller but. thank you!

  119. E***r

    come flat of a month, without batteries. заказала bird. rattles but simply spinning it up and down. toy not very beautiful, but to all the кошакам. satisfied overall i)

  120. M***n

    These are really cute and my cats love them. Arrived in about a month!

  121. A***o

    упакованно was good. all. enthusiastic cat.

  122. M***t

    Broken when arrived but fixed it.Cat is happy

  123. T***a

    money пришёл returned goods not

  124. T***a

    of goods come! thanks to seller.

  125. A***s

  126. O***a

    Super fast rotation. My cat was confused with it, but it is still nice

  127. A***r

    it’s exactually what is described. it’s a little light weighted though . so when my cat goes to play it just tips over.

  128. M***a

    very fast 12 though my CATS don’t NEITHER EVENT

  129. k***u


  130. G***t

  131. K***d

    Looks good, cats love it but won’t last long as bird is made from styrofoam. Already have had to glue it back together

  132. A***n

  133. A***r

    Works perfectly, my cat loves it !!

  134. B***i

    good product. Shipping fast. good packaging

  135. A***a

    with the suspicion следили котейки running machine, включила when and, start cat play bird)))

  136. O***y

    уничтожили ээто creation cat at night.

  137. O***i

    in 2 month nearly шла shipping стамбул. we have 3 cat and dog, all like toy))) сломают quickly but think ‘s head “)))

  138. N***a

  139. givecatsabetterlife.com

  140. N***k

    cool toy, cat like!
    battery need мизинчиковая

  141. M***a

  142. E***o

    great product description as but very slow. i is faster but the plotted spediozione parcel arrived after three months.

  143. e***n

    product high quality and nice to my cat likes this but has come to be more than a month

  144. m***m

  145. J***i

    Shipping fast. the unique malo Is no It Speed regulation and goes very fast my two CATS les scare.

  146. n***s

  147. E***a

    Good quality, fast shipping. No battery, but with that price it’s OK!

  148. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Worked fine, but my cat broke it instantly 😀

  149. h***n

    female female very happy

  150. S***i

    nice. i’m satisfied. everything ok

  151. N***e

    Works great.

  152. R***a

    Is a poco Potato But good… free shipping To Price it. free shipping Bird falls down Is very puny as FLOWER goes the harness, single blow out. free shipping Shipping was very fast.

  153. v***v

    am delighted with it. is very beautiful. bought one in 2 both of them running smoothly. Kedilerim passed out

  154. N***a

    cat hat with my products fun this is important. delivery time is ok, and has good. flower however may be slightly hard, for my kitten it, back to you. i still.
    requires 1 x aaa battery

  155. Y***a

    the first смотрела cat cautiously little bird, become but then play! very welcome!

  156. I***y

    the actual effect vibrating when rotating bomb real bird toy махания wings. over the money very dignified. респект seller. chinese new year happy.

  157. givecatsabetterlife.com

  158. I***e

    Perfect! Cat loved it 🙂 A+++++

  159. N***t

  160. E***a

    pretty toy fragile, after half an hour to have on the tape склеивать разобрал cat-повыдирал bird feathers of spare parts. animal but pretty, склеивать turn on and requests)

  161. I***i

    bird that polystyrene foam. cat rozwalił it in one day.

  162. H***r

    i ‘ve ordered it. but it can make a hangover had. the next time’ll again and custom sizes new verts birds.

  163. M***z

    love my cat, paste up but u e flight toy!! only be heavier damage as stand

  164. A***a

    product look like the picture. cat was very satisfied 🙂 unfortunately toy broke after a week.

  165. givecatsabetterlife.com

    working as intended, very nice!

  166. A***a

    good toy, cat кушает and шумновата-включаешь battery with only

  167. C***i

    my cats will adore

  168. C***n

    I have several. All cats inn several homes love them. One of the cats just loves for me to run it even though he might not be playing with it. It’s like his friend and calms him down.

  169. B***k

    4 because narazie oceniam no interest though cats toy obserwują

  170. b***a

    super cool, my little tom cat love! it s’attaque mdr-ex816lp front basic flower bird

  171. n***l

    thank you seller fast shipping mons 3 week. i recommend my very happy cat’s gift

  172. L***o

    The shipping took 2 months which is slower than normally. Good point is my kitten loves it. She went crazy while playing with it. Thank you for such a good toy!

  173. M***r

  174. Z***a

    Blbinka pro kočku výborná. Ptáček vypadá krásně. yen mohlo být lépe zabaleno, přišlo mírně rozbité (without vlivu for funkčnost).

  175. L***d

    okay, would be better if it could be attached to ground, because its really light.

  176. M***n

    Very small, about 3″tall and 4″wide, the two cats love it! Works well, a good buy and excellent value for the price. I highly recommend this item!

  177. m***m

    oh day 2 pieces so cool and сломала cat

  178. N***M

    2 came toy. has been 30.12 mail. all. only no cat play. kittens dog think

  179. E***a

    enthusiastic cat, prey пала quickly little bird. what’s more, запомнив, where убрали toy her доставала влезала упрямо cat and newly. feathers, unfortunately, a very easy недолговечные base, continuously fishing in the process of falling.

  180. v***a

    cat toy cool. can fast seller sent fast to buy.

  181. C***e

    thank you

  182. givecatsabetterlife.com


  183. givecatsabetterlife.com

    I placed this order on 3 December and the seller shipped it on 8 December but I received it on 8 January. After the first try, I removed a bird wire from the flower but as the plug is quite tight, then everything jumped out of the flower and circuit was torn.

  184. givecatsabetterlife.com

    My cat Love this.
    Thank you so much ur Company is EXCELLENT.

  185. D***a

  186. s***s

    received. matches the description. to seller thank you

  187. A***k

    Fast shipping and my cat loves it! thank you!

  188. i***s

    the butterfly not working motor, free shipping By But Price free CAT entertaining not one time, the FISH not ago NEITHER EVENT, But happy and happy

  189. K***y

    took on today, about a month ехала toy, motor and battery inside (with no) the cat my reason but afraid and включаешь flying bird like, all working, it will be more may play.

  190. M***l

    Toy is nice and works properly. Cat likes to play with it. Require battery. Shipping took more than a month.

  191. V***l

    Excellent cat toy. Fast shipping.

  192. o***s

    cat killed it quickly but loved it

  193. J***k

    My cats love it! And it works fine

  194. givecatsabetterlife.com

    second day studs обгрызли little bird. play even without batteries. таскают. the whole flat. оправдала self toy! is no battery included, view please!!!

  195. S***n

    too light, went just round too fast

  196. C***n

    All of my three kitties absolutely love it, especially when you move it around like a real butterfly. Much more durable than I expected, will definitely buy more if this one breaks.

  197. givecatsabetterlife.com

    My cat loved this toy so much she instantly destroyed the bird ^^ I didn’t mind because she loved it but I do want to know if I can purchase just the birds?

  198. k***k

    great toy! cat!

  199. V***y

    device. and дёргается rotating. beautiful little bird carried out. toy subjective look a little small. more not tested in battle. speed порадовала shipping

  200. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Shipping rapidísimo, free shipping CAT is enchanted!

  201. O***v

    description, packed well, love to play studs

  202. I***e

    Delivery took a very long. Don’t think it was due to the seller. So recommend seller. Product was oke

  203. e***o

    but great idea недоделанная
    very small toy, more тарахтит
    not in studs впечатлились
    batteries not included

  204. C***r

    good quality and my cat is crazy

  205. A***v

    try it safe and sound. no broken as feedback wrote the packaging is really not much durable, but i, apparently lucky toy in working condition excellent all 5 stars. delivery fast. recommend to purchase. thank you so much seller!

  206. S***a

    good toy!!! cat satisfied!!! true on поломали post. and клеила but all ok. thank you!!!

  207. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Product is as descirbed, late delivery, awful communication

  208. S***a

    порадовала toy is very. cool.

  209. S***c

    I’m must say that it is a fast very fast delivery and my cats are very love that toy
    I’m recommend

  210. C***l

    product description free! arrived in a small plastic box 🙂

  211. V***h

    super product

  212. givecatsabetterlife.com

    cat very adoreㅎㅎbutterfly lovely two bought the butterfly woden slowly move. cat bow better than birds. abarth hummingbird as shoddy let off creesㅎㅎ

  213. M***z

    as covers, fast arrival you.

  214. C***s

    order 11-12 delivery 16-1 cat love it

  215. I***r

    fun, but оторвали immediately and studs in down разодрали and my little bird прах, other прикрепила toy but not like it

  216. M***s

    Fast shipment, excellent quality and highly recommended seller!

  217. S***s

    Its way too fast. My cat would have liked it if it moved slower.

  218. K***a

    my cat is very interested in butterfly and we have a lot of laughter, thank you

  219. D***e

    The toy came broken,but i will try to fix it.

  220. D***k

    all ok though cat the’t playing. will strings, papierki and jednorazówki.

  221. i***a

    cool toy, satisfied cat. thanks to seller, нареканий quality without.

  222. M***a

    новосибирск пришёл the goods in about 3 week. toy good. поломанная not came, transparent box packed in, is powered by batteries (not included). “flying bird’s trembles and around when working. but speed, apparently великовата. its long pet my изучал, нюхал, until it is but playing. uniquely like me do goods!

  223. t***m

  224. A***z

    free shipping By Price ok But you’re my cat is stall a play They hoodies and now is folded and low Flying. han Been quick and come batteries. come on the By But Well you are not bad

  225. N***K

    Lol my cat like it but destroy it in 5 seconds XD

  226. a***a

    meie kiisu on väga vaimustatud suur tänu

  227. givecatsabetterlife.com

    01.01.2018 заказывал, 17.01.2018 пришёл, quite fast 19.01.2018 took (16 days). and the whole came toy невредимая, work, but only has been цветочке glue, not отдирать стану it, and not oh critical. battery is not included. when took the toy cat straight it “asked”, put back to him. but k will not leave fragile toy her, разодрёт all, определённое time to give’ll only and play. recommend seller. thank you!

  228. V***n

  229. K***e

    ot Rabotajet AAA batareiki (net v komplekte). Kotu ponravilasj! Otlicno! +++++ Dostavka 3 nedeli!

  230. C***n

    good but turns a bit too fast, had to use old batteries so it turns slower

  231. W***k

    very delicate , it is ONLY for kittens, big cats kils this in 5 minutes. The pike is very sharp I would recommend to cut it.

  232. givecatsabetterlife.com

    ok, but butterfly is too fast for an animal

  233. A***G

    toy ok but is very light thus non-stop the przewraca, plus drucik cieniutki and cat already it pogiął

  234. k***i

    it is two birds, little bird butterfly and ordered, of this снимаю ball, works all though трещинах whole in packaging has been

  235. D***d

  236. a***a

    wholesale my Mother CAT le boutique recommend

  237. givecatsabetterlife.com

    20 days delivery. came complete, not damaged. dog cat привольная;) need battery

  238. s***m

    products det batteries correctly and home necklaces operate as you think bodystocking fast back to mina 욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋis slowly towel barㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋchinese medicine foot falls picture 땐 slowly stone weaves hair ….ㅋㅋㅋㅋtargetㅋ

  239. T***a

    i liked it is very similar toy soft toy

  240. D***n

  241. A***s

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  246. M***P

    even the butterfly will a little too fast super for cat

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    Everything works perfect! And it spin around! Cat has real fun!

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    all working, трепещет and flying, studs, seller recommend fast shipping

  249. A***u

    nice product

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    Came in 75 days, packaging was not good. But great product.

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    Working as described. My cat really loves it.

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    suction cup on was to to put. drops all the time

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  256. M***i


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  258. D***n

    enthusiastic was cat!))) but very very playful cat likes игрушечки all!)

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    My cat LOVES this – however, it is to light that he tips it over constantly and drags it around the house. May be better for kittens… Regardless, he loves it!

  260. Y***a

    great toy, the cat is very happy

  261. givecatsabetterlife.com

    really good, my fluffy children love it

  262. T***g

    adequate quality, quite cute and looks like the one advertised. the battery cover does not shut properly but does not cause any major problems. bit smaller than expected. the bird does not rotate properly but it does vibrate.

  263. M***a

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  264. E***v

    went, sufficed разодрала вдрызг ming and cat 20

  265. C***s

  266. M***a


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    order received two weeks. jet plane as around wear butterfly. are interested in bed young,-no age.

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    aaa battery not included.

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    Package a little kinked but nothing is destroyed
    I recommend.

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    Good for 2 minutes.. my cat loved Those 2 minutes… hahaha

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    Brilliant! My cat loves it. Thankyou

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  280. r***h

    cat very happy, plays a lot, thanks.

  281. K***c

    very good cat toy. small and light weight so you have to stick it on the floor

  282. A***a

    cat satisfied! not caused in more little bird, a line!)

  283. a***e

    good toy the bird is not strong made styrofoam and feather my little cat broken the fast and the base is a little light

  284. V***a

    all working, need мизинчиковые batteries

  285. L***m

    Jouet super, reçu en peu de temps, il faut juste revoir une petite pile.

  286. R***e

    nice toy for cat, good price, fast delivery to Canada , will order again

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  291. C***v

    arrived, fashion rattan BOX a poco But free flawless figment! thanks!

  292. J***r

    Hello, I got the toy bird, the cat is realy pleased with it, thank you.

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    It broke after half an hour of playtime. Still my kitten was very satisfied in breaking it.

  294. givecatsabetterlife.com

    very good, though it falls down easily.

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    works very well. cat likes it very much!! 🙂

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    cool piece. understood not immediately studs

  297. s***a

    thank you very much seller, toy like my very котам 2

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    Toy is good but THe seller is very bad.he never give reply to my message

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    cool of instrument. but refused to age cat играться истическим… пох смотрела blankly look and sat .. .. .. заинтересуются cat think

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    18 days delivery

  302. j***n

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    a love my cat, movement bird (hummingbird) is very realistic and stimulate cat instinct hunting;)

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    This cool!!! my GATITA plays a lot.

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    Arrived within 2 weeks to the Netherlands!! It only took 9 days!!!! My (indoor) cats loveeeeee the product. I do prefer the butterfly because they can’t grab their paws in it. Well at least not that fast as the bird…. They sure love the bird too.

  311. k***k

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  327. e***t


  328. z***z

  329. j***A

    all have good, flaw but one is. ear откололся toys, whenever and wherever do not know, need packaging but пупырку. later will make every photo

  330. S***m

    My cats love it! Ordering more right now. Super fun to watch them play.

  331. S***a

    goods come. over the satisfied quality. spinning fly like and bird batteries-works on) see the nice))) toy not but resistant. about объестся and bird валяет drops and its kisa sex. pretty animal but) when играется выключаешь) and выключаешь when looking for it)

  332. I***a

    wonderful toy! cat satisfied! i also! came quickly,

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    great product! all as described. before expected arrived.

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    Then I turned it on the cat was afraid of it. Later he tried to play for about 20 seconds. Not for a long. He don’t like it. But product came fast.

  335. I***a

    toy came, fully compliant with the description, but it proved alas broken (((rotation mechanism is, and here the rotation no, interesting and so will cat can see play, star снимаю that

  336. J***e

  337. J***a

  338. N***a

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    Cats love it, but the string should be stronger, I must hold it in my hand, otherwise it would reach the ground, it cannot bear the weight of the butterfly properly.

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  341. E***a

    fast free shipping Shipping has Been. my love this TOY CAT!

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    Good product, very slow delivery..

  345. s***s

    cool toy cat! all working! anything not on the road сломалось (it pleases)

  346. N***i

    Cats enjoyed it for 4.5 min. Then they killed it. The wire holding the bird is too thin and bent immediately. Now the bird crawls across the floor. But al least it was cheap fun.

  347. S***h

    all in general, string enough but thin. often need to straighten it, the bird ездила not to

  348. N***s

    got the butterfly a different color than was order: (even so i liked because my cats loved the toy! could be more fixed, pq whole the hour stands falling, the butterfly and the product full in-ground also. however, recommend very the purchase, so they sossegam per one time haha

  349. A***o

    oh, simple, wonderful toy powered by 1 aaa batteries, and whirls подпрыгивает bird, works very quiet. pick!!! for the price, the more!.

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    recommend toy. kitty very satisfied! fast happened (not whole 2 weeks).

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    Easily toppled and broken by cats as expected.

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    Cat can easily know it over. Bird lasted almost 30seconds before my cat broke it’s wings.

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  354. D***k

    very cute for cat them there is love i bothered about me called the sound turned good all on a flat surface condition

  355. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Hilarious. It won’t last long with our cats, but its funny!

  356. D***z

    Thanks for the product. Unfortunately postal service in Mexico doesn’t take care in delivery. But I recommend the seller.

  357. M***d

    My cats love it, I have three older cats ,I first bought just one. I was so surprised how much they all loved it, I ordered 2 more. I bought the humming birds.

  358. J***e

    Delightful! Kitties are mezmorized.

  359. n***o

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  368. O***h

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    product arrived inside leadtime, the packaging wrinkled, but nothing that bear afetado the toy. my babe is brand new, then start stayed ressabiada, however brincou while the butterfly was stop. when starts the rotate is a swiftness only, maybe thereupon the cat kitty have stayed with fear.

  373. I***a

    cat very like, the устала наигралась довольная

  374. N***a

    задумка cool, so so performance. провисая butterfly from any гнётся delicate touch and wire can not fly. котёнку days from a pair of power, think it tomorrow отгрызет вовсе already and bow tie. but fun. very long.

  375. J***g

    This toy is great at keeping my cat entertained. I only took off one star because the wire is very flimsy so the toy always droops and rubs against the floor. Maybe if the base of the toy were taller then this issue would not occur.

  376. R***e

    Very loong delivery time. Item quality is good. Cat enjoyed the toy.

  377. m***l

    14 days istanbula. seller very fast

  378. v***R

    slightly larger заняла shipping month. broken shipped toy. returned money.

  379. S***a

    very funny, week and has arrived

  380. g***k

    Poor quality, but cheap and attractive cat.

  381. S***n

    Very nice product, my cat likes it very much. The only thing is that it falls over VERY easily. Not even 10 seconds, my cat well knock it over.

  382. P***a

    failed me to do good quality photo, what is confirmed ekscytacje fredka with received toys: D Strongly recommended, kitty would have even more frajdę 🙂

  383. g***k

    received the order via almost half month, but it is not wine seller our and post. fully compliant with the description, проявила cat but not interest, the need to play

  384. S***C

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  385. M***M

    very хлипкая piece. to the solder wire, заработало all but then. like cat

  386. Y***a

    my last пришёл oh. went about 1.5 month. отслеживался natural not. писала seller but no reply. try as action, дополню tip

  387. b***a

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  388. A***a

    enthusiastic cat. came to the post office without batteries. хлипка design very, but i basically satisfied, thank you.

  389. E***o

    bellissimo, stylish A batteria funziona piccola stilo (non inclusa)

  390. A***a

    we are satisfied
    photo = fact

  391. m***z

    fine EVERYTHING thanks. now i acer other ORDER

  392. A***s

    very good, recommend the seller!

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    item matches the description and good quality. and recommend seller. fast shipping

  394. A***y

    My cats love these! The butterfly is actually red but is a hard wearing laminated material so is sturdy

  395. D***N

    thank you cat liked it, I recommend the seller

  396. A***o

    crazy cat, like toy, can make it was but the better and let it would be more expensive.

  397. N***v

    ярославля to 3 weeks.-rf by отслеживался, it’s all whole. котейки 4х-месячной for my item have small. 5 minutes in total)

  398. I***a

    this not immediately cat better, испугаться can. with поиграет let off. as it around wear and привыкла fast my бешеная) кошь satisfied i)

  399. D***r

    Fun toy for cats very good quality

  400. A***e

    киева delivery before 26 days. like toy cats. high quality plastic no and natural thick foam is very little bird pen. i think long enough on the birds, but can be a opportunity. thanks to my seller cats.

  401. L***r

    nicely EVERYTHING, fast arrived the single packing Shipping Open, as seen photo

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    very interesting toy, but to безразличен cat. it is larger babies.

  403. V***a

  404. givecatsabetterlife.com

    my CATS les enchanted ha. cazarlo play. the butterfly goes very fast.

  405. M***o

    03.02, received 14.03. and пупырки of shipping bag packed in plastic packaging, смялась which, but without damage. sound sounds rotation, first watched cat 10 minutes. showed after how to play, itself began to run the bird. long приковывает attention.

  406. A***t

    all, thank you! if not like my cat toy long survived;)

  407. A***a

    твери shipping to 12.02 to 17.03. cat spinning when not suitable, immediately behind as выключили потащила tail. crazy cat сводит))

  408. d***s

    my love your new breed BUTTERFLY GIRL

  409. A***a

    bird excellent, it all day cat sufficed true. but it very pleased. like the birds ело покрепче was.

  410. m***o

    was equal, the mi gata le charms.

  411. c***k

    satisfied cat)

  412. D***n

    shipping is half took dish or too ohm. wire too weak to adelaide play have several times cotton brightness version hang

  413. t***s

    very cool appear a kiss flower same.

  414. Y***v

    fast rotating. котам like!

  415. P***h

  416. L***T

  417. s***s

  418. D***a

  419. O***a

    cool toy, шла though very long. enthusiastic cat. thank you.

  420. A***a

    my cat loves! but toy flawed-rapidly popsuje

  421. givecatsabetterlife.com

    long enough on. little bird разгрызает cat.

  422. D***a

    cool toy, while it is true cat afraid заинтересовала toy that seen but it

  423. S***n

    It’s beautiful, just like picture. BUT: it’s noisy (mechanical noise)and turns around very very quick! My cat is a bit afraid but we’ll see if he ger used to it 😉

  424. W***k

    product compliant with the description, fast delivery. recommend.

  425. P***i

  426. M***e

    pretty low end product line. but the price i first saw only content

  427. S***k

    perfect! my cats love it! I put it on a small table! big succes! thank you!

  428. givecatsabetterlife.com

    description, approved cat, recommend

  429. givecatsabetterlife.com

    commodity, божиться cat toy

  430. A***a

    I recomended it!!! Very fast! My kitten is very happy with this toy:)

  431. O***i

    i purchased one with the butterfly and one with the bird, the bird was parially broken and couldn’t work properly but my cat absoluletly love them both. plus it was very fast shipping. thanks

  432. M***s

    cute thing, it is called hard. female it interesting

  433. D***y

    delivery 1 month. сломанным come, but, think it is not wine seller and post. cat satisfied.

  434. d***d

    operating humdinger. your money worth it. take. recommend.

  435. A***y

    bird cool! delighted cat. accurately matches the description. five stars to seller. and проавца recommend.

  436. I***n

    all super. whole came toy. recommend!!!

  437. I***s

    great toy for cats,just spins a little too fast

  438. N***a

    long shipping. if package donot отслеживалась. batteries included no. оправдывает quality price.

  439. A***h

    delivered fast!!! thank you. immediately start my cat play with it.

  440. a***k

    month sochi came toy. all. happy cat)

  441. givecatsabetterlife.com

    my cats are loving their new toys!!!

  442. M***a

    row three hours has cat play my runs pick-up when trying to me, not отдает, like it very toy even when turned off, catches and twists paw it it itself. and when vibrating and lightly and жужжит-on, like real straight!

  443. C***o

    I Love it.. same my cats 😀

  444. E***s

  445. H***i

    this toy is a little bit annoying and entertaining as well for my cat 🙂

  446. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Perfect !! My cats there crazy about the toy

  447. D***a

    Thanks for the excellent quality and quick delivery!
    I wish health, good luck and very successful sales!

  448. C***a

    шёл ростовской area to goods 36 days. that is long. отслеживался sender airport in transfer to track. silent track on 25 days. думала потерялась toy that i. but post and if do not trackable трэки told me that kind прихожят, for почтальону вручения sent at the. catching messenger 3 and as appeared good reason! really, неё was in toy! and when it still unknown came, can even before… bird cat like strong!-very strange that have вызывала мурчания as loud delight wild cat! this toy is no other does! batteries included no. small there should be “мизинчиковая. husband to leave no razor of course on time.)))) побочным effect is leaving toy that each fluffy-unattended kill it starts, отгрызая wings. заметила time is good! seller recommend but to do something трэком…

  449. F***a

    long reach But ha ha tardado deserved a. my CAT hasta More insipid plays stylish that… les have to!

  450. M***N

    It’s simple but cute and it makes the cats hypnotised

  451. I***a

    came quickly, one of the two cat play with pleasure but we have сломали themselves ((

  452. H***k

    Cat loved it, but it broke down after ten days 🙁

  453. P***i

    excellent product! arrived before the envisaged.

  454. K***a

    all working, cat playing. long шла parcel without tracking

  455. givecatsabetterlife.com

    it’s all at its best) котейка satisfied

  456. s***o

  457. R***g

  458. D***k

    cat, the top (five minutes) пугалась. to destroying приступила then, withstood attack bird first but, игралась cat to присматривать steel then, not разрывала. in wardrobe прятать steel toy play out for this, now have new cat and destroy in wardrobe пробраться secretly little bird-playing.

  459. d***d

    january числах first in order, sent seller very fast, january 19 прилетела parcel to russia and everything потерялась. тюмень months later 3 only has come and :)) from working мизинчиковой batteries, like cat

  460. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Nice toy, but the wire is not too strong. My cat banded it after few minutes of playing and now it drags on the floor when spinning 🙁

  461. A***o

    cute my micini are very happy

  462. J***a

    very long воронеж 60 days. track отслеживался partial. toy very good, хлипкой not seem match quality. заинтересовался-cat wings трепещет realistic pretty. batteries included not, powered by one aaa. жужжит негромко.

  463. O***a

    very fast, but дошла toy. batteries not included (this треования отправляний safety air), t. h. приготовьте “мизинчиковую. i do not приготовила, from the fan to pull out of the remote))) oh, anything, have not summer! butterfly поигрался cat in time has been toy as without batteries, butterfly fly-become and when and close улегся созерцал!)) host received зато fun, all this watching! short-recommend!)))
    here-прикрепляю photo is already, not new personal добавлю))

  464. S***a

    cat toy gorgeous!)

  465. givecatsabetterlife.com

  466. givecatsabetterlife.com

    very like котенку toy but it very fast негодность☺ in led

  467. N***a

    this уничтожила kisa oh my little bird 15 minutes. it styrofoam. not slope this dog cat flower decoration and. honest. discarded. not too долговечно

  468. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Excellent, my cat is happy.

  469. J***n

  470. G***n

  471. t***e

  472. givecatsabetterlife.com

    enthusiastic cat, broken but the first day. not претензия product, monster cat this

  473. I***a

    toy is working, cats play.

  474. A***a

  475. s***a

  476. N***e

  477. D***h

    it is a cool штукенция))) work. goods in this store and it to

  478. A***a

    stunning thing, cat satisfied, all. fast delivery thank you for

  479. Y***a

    creative toy. играется cat and so, эдак and. mastering day on the left, but now all ok. battery вываливается частенько true, tk. захлопывается loose cap. thank you seller! all was packed well, it’s not помятым, not поломанным.

  480. O***a

    cool piece but i like husband with cat more than, нею understand that it. also looks like the unexciting decor. for зато фантиком бегает ошалелая as brilliant.

  481. E***a

    came toy broken, very sorry.

  482. N***a

    perfect little bird. very like cats. москву order come in a month

  483. D***e

    good product

  484. givecatsabetterlife.com

    fun toy for cats! it will think not last, but for this should you not expect? my cats it anyway great.

  485. J***s

    Is as the picture, EVERYTHING right. has arrived Rapido, few days spain home. nicely packed packaging. work very well. happy the Purchase, my love CATS. thank you 🙂

  486. R***a

    love, super CHEAP and CAT plays a lot free.

  487. C***w

    sweetheart his no manual mounting alright thank you

  488. givecatsabetterlife.com

    this product equal to what was in the offer. delivery ok it took about a month but it I was informed about every step. no contact with seller required.

  489. Y***a

    appraised cat, порадовались we, thank you seller!

  490. D***a

    They live it.

  491. L***a

    toy like. my included but it when испугалась cat. alas.

  492. f***r

    Toy is great. Maybe a padded envelope isn’t the
    best way to ship these though. They were pretty beat up by the time they arrived. I was able to reassemble them and they work.

  493. C***n

  494. R***e

    Cats love them thanks

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  496. A***a

    great toy! but the fast cat and погрыз помял (

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  498. K***r

    Very nice, good quality. Top Seller! Thank you! 🙂

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  502. A***a

    My cat loves it! I’ve bought a bird, rotation speed is not high. The bird was gone the first day )) But cat plays with the remained feathers. Will put some other stronger toy instead, because cat is craving to play. The base is small so it can fall after cat attacks. Maybe will add some weight to it.
    Yet, I’m really happy my cat loves it. Totally was worth buying.
    Took a month for delivery. Seller sent the order I’d say immediately. Good tracking all the time.

  503. Y***a

    ожидала oh here is not, посылочка that my come!!! допустила отчаялась coverage is already address and error in. all думала свидос-up! and here, with the note post. take bundle! вообщем, all is well. bird only our, after opening the parcel, прожила long. all five minutes. the cat облюбовала instantly, and обслюнявила замочила in time. мертва has little bird photo on so… but cat, перешла подарочек on immediately, which has been in вложен посылочку from the seller., branchlets what, but my колбасило cat. пятерочки-all store!!! to seller thank you!!!

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    perfect, surely it ricompreró other

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    My cat is very happy Love this toy.

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    very cute

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    my cat you have to, the day concerned shred You will

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    studs сломали almost immediately, but it is logically. interesting toy cat.

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  524. T***c

    Cat loves it.

  525. A***k

    Very good quality of a bird.
    It’s on small AA one battery, which is not included.
    My cat first was scaried, that when he closing up, somethings touches him, but now he likes it.

  526. givecatsabetterlife.com

    arrived in 1 month, recommend the seller. is well delicate more the cats loved.

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  528. A***u

    fantastic works fine! thanks

  529. S***v

    home delivered by courier. very like cat bird.

  530. V***a

  531. C***n

    very funny But goes very Rapido

  532. C***s

    sundry …. stayed with much receio, but arrived all
    who bought

  533. A***n

    cats interested, think stainless temporarily, but nonetheless 🙂 it’s no message what quality toy, but for this price i believe stainless worth was

  534. L***e


  535. M***Z

    Lovely!!! Works perfectly

  536. C***T

    well packed in box, no case, free delivery description france three weeks.

  537. I***k

    toy has come without damage, отслеживался track no. enthusiastic cat. well packed

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    good but the noze of bird is dangerous for my cat

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  541. N***a

    all in the description exactly like our пушистику :)) not like the 3 month the whole order that аж travel!!!

  542. V***N

    годнота! котяра заценила 🙂

  543. K***o

  544. y***l


  545. M***o

    found that you’ll slightly larger. the object is too small.

  546. C***u

    Good product. The battery doesn’t last more than 10 minutes (varta alcaline battery).Overall I am satisfied

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    cat love this

  552. A***V

    quality is excellent. enthusiastic cat. if package donot but long and went отслеживалась.

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    thanks to seller. бысро order come enough. cat my satisfied.

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    good toy, came slightly though packed in good condition.

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    котёнку sufficed toys two days

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    Cats love it

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    it is 1 months. cat likes. and has nearly 10 minutes later откусила птице tail) toy money such for super.

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    toys котенку гиперактивному decided to buy
    taking it i промахнулась here oh
    first, думала i will be more sizes
    second, тупых dog
    just my beret, starts оттаскивать teeth and bird catches
    cannot поиграться even
    lifelike зато bird “flying”

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    good seller and excellent …. order!

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  563. N***o

    nicely, hehe-View so hard

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    cat it toy fantastic

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    all ok

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    gorgeous. they loved.

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