Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping

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Corner Pet Brush Comb Play Cat Toy Plastic Scratch Bristles Arch Massager Self Grooming Cat Scratcher Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1F7FASVXXXXbwXVXXq6xXFXXXu Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1F7FASVXXXXbwXVXXq6xXFXXXu

Color: Blue

Size: 9cm*13cm

Material: Plastic

Packaging: Can Choose OPP Or Box. (The product is the same, but the packing is different.)

Corner Cet Brush Comb Play Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1JWhZSVXXXXaVXpXXq6xXFXXX7

Corner Cet Brush Comb Play

Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1360XXgjrL1Jjy1Xaq6xXuVXaWCorner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1ZIOCXIrHK1JjSspcq6yzgpXa9Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1BS0bagYDK1JjSZPfq6AYCorner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1ycSCXIrHK1JjSspcq6yzgpXa8Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1L90gaXHFK1JjSZFzq6z23XXaoCorner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1ymSBXMvGK1Jjy0Ffq6zykpXapCorner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping HTB1M xiae2CK1JjSZFIq6y3OpXaH




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Corner Cet Brush Comb Play
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51star Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping 1star1star Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping 1star1star Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping 1star1star Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping 1star1star Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping 1star





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piang gouer

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600 reviews for Corner Cet Brush Comb Play-Free Shipping

  1. A***t

    Very gooood!!

  2. C***g

    sticks to wall and hasn’t fallen off yet. did not need screws. works well. recommend seller

  3. N***e

    Item arrived in 3 weeks!! Good quality item and good value for money !!

  4. c***s

    arrived very fast. Is same as picture.

  5. E***A

  6. F***a


  7. J***g

  8. P***n

  9. M***i

  10. B***n

  11. T***D

    Somebody love hes new toy!

  12. K***f

  13. E***y

  14. i***i

  15. M***e


  17. P***C

  18. m***h

  19. M***t

    My cat loves it. It came with 3M strips so I didn’t have to screw into the wall

  20. i***k

    2 дошло. matches the description.

  21. V***h

  22. E***a

    is not too large, the bristles are durinhas, and there is a small compartment for put catnip. my pussy adorou: d

  23. L***E

    Extra !

  24. S***a

  25. A***v

  26. D***k


  28. E***o

  29. m***o

  30. N***h

  31. A***a

  32. S***a


  33. L***v

  34. D***N

    Perfect item thank you

  35. H***n

  36. P***o

  37. A***n

    very love off scraper female cat. big tnx

  38. a***r

    cat love it


  40. M***n

    Smaller than I thought. Fit perfect on corner. Cat like it.


    as all detailed

  42. n***g

  43. I***n

  44. o***o

    very good product. packaged really well in Bubble wrap and in a box. came with stickers and screws. thank you top seller.

  45. J***u

  46. j***n


  48. N***a

  49. F***t

  50. S***b

  51. J***y

  52. F***o

    great. my cats loved.

  53. J***o

  54. K***g

    perfect!! my cat loves it. amazing for the price. thank you seller!

  55. A***s

    cool, few days arrive in separate, the coming figment Is cool and stylish BOLTS or STICKERS To install, and the catnip attracting both A sachet cat. i like A idea cool and guess EVERYTHING be successful.

  56. s***a

  57. K***a

  58. D***n

  59. V***y

  60. C***a

  61. S***G

  62. M***e

  63. P***s


  64. I***a

  65. N***o



  68. D***z

  69. g***b

    really super massager, fast shipping mega. cat satisfied.

  70. D***V

    cool piece. like cat

  71. d***k

  72. E***a

  73. t***i

  74. K***a

  75. I***a


  77. I***a

    the my cat kitty kitty, ja was kidding.
    the herb cat the left doidinha.

  78. S***o

  79. M***a

  80. A***d

  81. i***t

  82. V***v

  83. M***r

  84. J***y



  86. C***g

  87. g***g

  88. V***i

  89. I***a

    Same as the picture!Good i like it!Thanks!

  90. D***n

  91. S***n

    It came very quickly!! My cat loved it!!

  92. m***r

  93. E***n

  94. m***m

  95. A***n

  96. V***o

  97. G***z



  99. D***h

    My cats love it.

  100. T***l

  101. J***n

    need fixed screw on wall or.

  102. J***s

    All seems good and cat is satisfied 😉 Came to Latvia in 26 days.


    goods the same as the description. pack has come after a month. without any problems.

  104. k***a


  106. O***s

  107. B***a

  108. J***v

  109. L***s


  110. E***b

  111. A***l

  112. s***f


  114. M***s

    All is ok

  115. O***a

  116. d***e

  117. D***s


  118. R***S

  119. m***e

  120. S***r

    Difficult to use.


  122. j***s

  123. D***n

    super love my cat cat grass made direct sound effect

  124. J***a

  125. K***s

  126. J***o

    good… cat i’m sorryㅠㅠuse

  127. A***n

  128. T***s

    Shipping could be faster but the cat liked it. So, all is good.

  129. J***s


  131. C***y


  133. j***n

  134. v***n

  135. R***e

  136. A***r

  137. V***h

    cat, чешется itself.

  138. P***v

    matches the description

  139. E***s

  140. d***n

  141. M***a

  142. B***n

  143. L***s

    My cat loves it

  144. E***m

    cat love. thank you

  145. v***q


  147. F***i

  148. H***n

  149. T***M


    cats love it! i recommend, will order more! thank you


  152. j***g

    like a

  153. a***c

  154. C***a

  155. M***n

  156. B***a

  157. J***y

  158. y***a

    ооооо, if умел cat speak, many thanks to the промяукал!!!!

  159. d***d

  160. C***e

    My kittie loved it since first touch. Came with equipments and few catnip.

  161. Y***m

    nice good quality✌✌


  163. J***a

    good figment, new arrive wholesale Day colombia 42.

  164. L***r

  165. i***o

  166. T***e

  167. C***o

  168. N***o

  169. H***n

  170. C***s

    Very happy. My cat loves it !

  171. A***N

  172. f***n


  174. C***i

  175. i***R

    Very good

  176. K***a

  177. p***k


  178. I***h

    обалденная piece.
    absolutely love her кокша

  179. A***n

  180. C***k


  182. m***s

  183. A***a

  184. D***g

    look out cool. though not tested котаках. seller not consorted. all sent me it itself. pretty israel come in. thank you

  185. S***a

  186. a***z


  188. J***c

  189. D***S

    hung on the tape мисок from недолеко angle on, defying длинношерстный general, even “травкой cat” a second, tear teeth tried унюхав weed device ignore become but also minutes 20… приучены чесалкам to such childhood if not, become the unlikely интересоваться…

  190. M***N

    product is very beautiful. i would recommend.

  191. I***s

  192. D***r

    Very hard plastic. Will have to see if the cats use it. Screws and double sided tape included in the package

  193. A***t


  194. M***g

  195. g***g

  196. R***o


  197. M***a


  199. W***R

  200. A***R

    next to the otun understood what had happened

  201. S***l

  202. R***g

  203. C***a

  204. C***r

    Good stratcher for cats. Sometimes even i use for myself!

  205. m***v

    thank you received the goods


  207. T***s

  208. K***a

  209. e***t

  210. k***k

  211. A***s

  212. f***r

  213. R***o


  215. D***a

  216. L***a

  217. M***a

  218. M***d

    cool. well done

  219. J***a

  220. S***l

  221. G***n

  222. D***y

  223. L***a

  224. A***v

  225. M***r

  226. K***a


  228. G***a

  229. I***n

  230. P***r

  231. T***h

  232. L***e

  233. H***e

    I am very happy with my order, thank you for the fast delivery, cats happy you are really recommended you are worth 10 stars.

  234. G***s

    fast delivery cats happy note

  235. i***n

    very great. my cat ❤❤ it.

  236. C***u

  237. B***n

  238. T***n


    mon chat adore


  241. G***n

    Now i wait to develop a bond betwen my tom cat and brush……


    cat травки that goes from, enthusiastic was, pancake addict) чесаться and does not want biting her, ничё oh, teach) quality 5! hard plastic.

  243. K***n

  244. i***e

  245. M***n

  246. N***e

  247. M***a

    everything ok. thanx

  248. P***s

    40 day delivery.


  250. K***v


    cat satisfied!

  252. S***v

    hard plastic i thought it type rubber soft material, not like our cat.

  253. m***L

  254. y***l

  255. E***s

  256. S***h

    thank you! fast shipping normal packing. hardware to choose (зм tape or саморезики) and catnip bag.

  257. y***o

  258. T***n

  259. g***r

  260. S***n

  261. J***i


  263. B***i

  264. O***n

  265. k***k

    come and whole невредимое) all-match description, satisfied cat

  266. M***o

  267. s***y

  268. V***v

  269. S***l

  270. S***a

  271. D***l


  273. m***m

  274. Y***n

    it is fast, all well packed whole. matches the description bundle. track trackable. seller recommend!

  275. b***z

  276. C***n

  277. E***y

  278. P***Z

  279. R***r

  280. a***a

  281. F***e

  282. c***x

  283. M***v

  284. A***n

  285. B***h


  287. d***k

  288. Y***L

  289. C***l

  290. P***k

  291. E***i

  292. B***n

  293. J***t

  294. M***z

    Kitty will love this. Small enough to fit on a corner, but big enough to give the cat a nice neck rub! Comes with catnip and installation pieces

  295. J***m

    cat like

  296. W***k


  297. M***i

  298. A***d

  299. D***n


  301. O***K

  302. R***s

    All very good. My cat says Thanks you.

  303. D***o

    all ok.


  305. R***r

  306. U***v

  307. B***j

  308. M***a

    nice fix, cat loves it. 🙂 thx

  309. M***a

  310. m***t

  311. H***l

  312. M***l

    cats love it

  313. P***h

  314. O***a

  315. S***o

  316. J***k

  317. J***e

  318. C***e

  319. N***a


    super funny my purchase. quickly and simply snaps.

  321. M***n

  322. M***t


  324. V***s


  325. J***o

  326. M***n

  327. F***u

  328. C***a

    bue product. single demoro, six months-chili,

  329. M***r

  330. N***g

  331. D***r

    cool item! can’t wait for my cats to try it

  332. A***E

  333. m***s

  334. A***r

  335. J***r

  336. G***d


  338. A***N

    thank you! all ok!

  339. g***l


  341. G***s

    everything is grate. fast enough, quality as I expected. recommend.

  342. E***y



  344. h***h

    very good product

  345. S***I

  346. S***g


    Good product. Good quality. Shipping time 1 month. The box was a little squeezed but product is in good condition. I recommend seller. The cat is very happy.


  349. f***r

  350. M***T

  351. p***y


  353. I***a

  354. S***c


    I dropshipped this Item but it seems to that it has reached my customer. So I think the supplier is very good.

  356. j***d

  357. E***Z


  359. K***v

  360. M***a


  361. S***n

  362. b***y


  364. J***n

  365. d***o

  366. S***a

  367. V***v


  369. P***k

  370. J***e

  371. W***K

  372. A***a

  373. F***e

    Good product, reliable seller!

  374. N***t

  375. L***a



  377. I***g

  378. R***n

  379. E***e

    Aš described but very hard plastic

  380. M***l

    Good product but my cat is not even touching it….

  381. M***i

  382. F***s


  384. b***b


    Fast delivery!

    Cat is grooming himself atm. Thanks!


  387. E***a

  388. D***a

  389. T***v

    top quality

  390. P***E

  391. I***n

  392. M***h

  393. A***V


  395. P***y

    about чешется not cat. herbs from true вложенной sticking out.)))

  396. n***e

    good product, recommend!


  398. J***k


  400. N***h

  401. M***R

  402. c***n

  403. I***U

    Thank you. It is a very practical scratch item for the cats.


    Quick shipment. Product as described in the store.

  405. Z***o

  406. L***t

  407. D***s

    came fast in 14 days ,cat happy ,good for montering

  408. N***g

  409. K***u

  410. I***n

  411. A***a

    cats hackle very like! not even catnip понадобилась, побежали it directly without scratching your cheek

  412. O***n

  413. A***n

    all good)))

  414. M***o


    our female the female is mad toppie

  416. M***u

  417. A***e

  418. C***o

  419. T***d


  421. C***r

  422. N***a

    Love it!!

  423. S***.

    otimo product, se n want stick the walls have stickers pra necklace

  424. F***O

  425. k***z

  426. s***r

  427. N***v

  428. M***A

  429. e***e

  430. G***n

  431. V***I

  432. J***a

    good product.

  433. J***a

    good product.

  434. S***y

    very Good, good material CAT very happy, highly recommended

  435. O***n

  436. K***a


  438. V***v

  439. R***t

  440. L***i

  441. c***L


  442. D***c

  443. A***v

    excellent! enthusiastic cat, чесаться walking and started first on the corner fuser seconds

  444. Y***n

    item matches the description. spb arrived in 2-3 weeks

  445. D***i

  446. m***n

  447. n***x

  448. D***a

  449. B***o

    all ok, the cats vibe

  450. D***o


  452. S***c

  453. V***V

  454. J***v

  455. A***l


  457. l***i

  458. N***s

  459. r***s

  460. M***s

  461. I***a

  462. u***u

  463. F***e

  464. G***a

  465. B***z

  466. A***v

  467. S***i

    My baby loves it! ❤

  468. O***h

  469. S***i

  470. A***a

    one By CATS the worship time pure color fashion Corner restriega dress and solito To brush.

  471. P***N

    very useful like q-for cat and gift


    excellent product.

  473. H***a

    arrived early without damage ps4 control size

  474. C***a


  476. s***s

  477. V***a

  478. I***o

  479. A***o

    commodity before пришёл period. all matches the description and photo. распаковывал as plumped мяту почуяв cat.


    Thank you! Thank you!

  481. S***M

  482. P***K

    Got weed with it. nice

  483. S***v

  484. G***v

  485. s***r

  486. d***o

  487. N***k


  489. E***n

    goods description and match пришёл very fast, advise. thank you!


  491. M***a

  492. Y***i

  493. J***N


  494. S***a

    chegou em ótimo state, agora é só os com meus testar 5 CATS rsrsr

  495. M***u

    at 3 weeks. as in the picture.

  496. E***s

  497. K***a

  498. P***a

  499. D***s

  500. F***o



  502. I***k

  503. j***y

    My cats really love it. Thanks for the cat nip!


    полюбила cat directly.

  505. r***k

  506. V***v

    cat goes crazy. челябинска month to shipping. packaging 4. the satisfied. not trackable

  507. A***z


  509. V***v

    match commodity description, but failed as draw cat прикреплённый оторвался fast chair leg to tape. have шурупчики mount. fit utility gauge unable to a few days.

  510. j***e

  511. M***v

  512. B***l

  513. M***k

    goods compatible with your order recommend salesman.

  514. P***r

  515. A***v

  516. y***e

  517. e***a


  519. i***s

    every om.came in 20 days

  520. g***s

    fine EVERYTHING demoro But arrive

  521. V***s

  522. M***a

    Came like in a month or even longer but my cat does not scratch idk why maybe she did not like it

  523. A***i


  525. l***a

  526. O***a

  527. P***s

    Thank you

  528. M***a

    Shipping ràpido and good quality.

  529. I***n

  530. B***e

  531. H***z

  532. N***a

    strong piece it is very fast. думала will be more but still satisfied i

  533. M***x



  535. A***e

    my cat really loves playing with it!


    great product, very happy to have this

  537. A***o

  538. D***s

    product is as described. cat still does not use it though.

  539. O***a

  540. E***s

    This arrived super quick to NZ, about 1.5 weeks. It’s exactly as described, you get the 2 piece scratcher wall piece which is about 12cm by 8cm, and a small bag of screws and sticky tape to attach it to the wall, along with a little bag of catnip. No problems at all with recommending this item and the seller. Many thx.

  541. N***i

    as shown in the picture it’s same cat pin is not enough though very fast shipping reached India in 15days

  542. M***e

    Delivery took 26 days to Slovenia. Everything came as in the picture. I am waiting to see what my cats think about the product.

  543. J***s

    Спасибо. Получили быстро, котик недоволен. В комплекте гвоздики и наклейка, чтобы не портить стены.

  544. H***g

    From order of 6, 2 broken :'( Maybe the stuff broke on the delivery way there.

  545. I***o

    My cat is sooo in love with this!

  546. A***f

    пришло быстро
    только не понял для чего там сухая трава, если коту до неё нет никакого дела?

  547. s***a

    Au top. Fourni avec double face

  548. A***a

    Коты довольны. Там в комплекте кошачья трава и коты от расчески не отходят. Прешло за 19 дней до Латвии

  549. M***e

    I loved it

  550. C***I

    до новосиба 3 недели. хорошая штучка. пакетик с “наркотой” открыть и класть внутрь 🙂

  551. P***v

    круто. кошки с ума сошли. ставлю 5 баллов.
    продавец быстро доставил.

  552. T***a

    Очень быстрая доставка

  553. M***o

    el cepillo está bien, las cerdas son duras más de lo que parece. buena fijación adhesiva

  554. R***b

    Всё в отличном состоянии . Упаковано хорошо. Доставка не быстрая ,но и не долгая .

  555. e***e

    it arrived fast. the product looks like in the picture. hope my cat will like it

  556. T***a

    Demora para chegar mas corresponde com a descrição. No geral eu recomendo.

  557. N***a

    Доставка быстрая, но кот не обратил внимания особо, только пару раз покусал) мята и винтики в комплекте

  558. I***a

  559. S***s

    Das Produkt hat oben ein Ries. Siehe Bilder.



  561. J***a

    Доставка быстрая неделю до мо , кот как то равнодушен к ней, хотя любит чесаться об все косяки .

  562. K***y


  563. A***v

    Офигенная штука. Мне так кажется. Коту на нее плевать.

  564. S***a

    товар мне понравился, есть небольшой брак, партия оказалась бракованной, о нем меня продавец предупредил и готов был заменить, но брак не значительный и не влияет на использование чесалки. Мои коты в восторге от покупки и я тоже!

  565. S***S

    Тема прикольная , но думаю пластик очень острый и поэтому кот перестал тереться


    very fast order come!!! отслеживался track, notice of mail but it is faster))) seller wrote, that, придёт if defective product, or send it вернёт new!
    all in good condition, satisfied cat)

  567. D***a

    пришёл goods damaged, seller but sent to full gift. gregarious and conscientious seller. i can sent me the track number which gift track your parcel. cat brush, waiting for a defects

  568. K***n

    the children liked very became doidos with the herb kkkkkkkk very cool’ll buy plus one only pra two cats gerou a little discord

  569. M***v

    пришёл order very fast. кошках tested until the. пришёл a goods defective. the function is not affected, but the appearance flawed.
    gray do not order!

  570. D***v

    delivered order in 13 days,-double sided tape & screws included can choose, крепить than.


    This corner brush is excellent! Cat loves it so much. She rubs her face on it when walking by. I recommend this product! Your cat will love it. Seller is very good and honest. Item arrived very fast. I have ordered more.

  572. T***i

  573. P***r


    Very quick shipping! 2 days after order, the parcel was already on the run!
    The product is very good, my cats love it


  576. R***i

    a lil hard but good quality. has a bonus of small package of catnip. hasn’t tried to my cat but I’m pretty excited. shipment 16-17 days to Indonesia

  577. a***v

    order пришёл fast, with crack proved brush but very

  578. A***o

  579. O***a

    My cat is CRAZY about it

  580. E***n

    package came quickly. brush without marriage. cat mint with bag and screws included. bristle plastic, flexible not at all. магнитится cat wool. трёт морду cat частенько about it.

  581. A***k

    really seller. alert and married заводском warned oh send requested after, if damaged придёт. turned and, with crack пришёл goods. i direct seller написала more выслал and one free

  582. f***r

    Shipping is slow down your cat likes to shed as’m

  583. R***k

    Goods are so-so. Cat my did not want to be scratched. But the seller is something… Best Seller and I believe often order on Ali. Parcel has not arrived yet and he wrote. The party was Rejection and if I the crack to inform and it came out the new. Come with treschenoy. I wrote it. AND yet a new and plozhil more toys for Cat. Really is the best seller. But maybe it’s due to the price of goods. For me it is a hackle is no more than 50 rubles. But The service. But service…. Very happy that there are sellers. Track to track. It quickly a couple of weeks. THANK YOU RECOMMEND.

  584. S***r

    Great seller! Item arrived very quickly and my cat absolutely adores it. Thumbs up!

  585. M***n


  586. y***m

  587. G***y

  588. S***i

  589. S***a

  590. M***v

  591. D***i

  592. o***t

  593. P***i

  594. M***n

    Very good. Arrived in a month.

  595. k***k

    Like it quickly

  596. J***g

  597. N***a

  598. I***a

    Quickly deliver, cat scratching his muzzle regularly. Everything is fine

  599. V***a

  600. C***a

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