5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy

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5Pcs Cat Toys Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy for Cat Kitten Funny Playing Interactive Toy Pet Cat Supplies 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB1eyWDPFXXXXblXXXXq6xXFXXXZ 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB1eyWDPFXXXXblXXXXq6xXFXXXZ

5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy

Traditional cat toys, cats are keen on this toy, as a result of cats love the style of pure feathers.
This toy can practice cat’s pure instincts, preserve your cat act nimbly.
The colorful feather will entice the eye of cats, kittens favorite.
Enhance affection between you and your pet.

Coloration: Colorful (Feather colour random)
Complete size: approx. 41cm/16.14”
Rod size: approx. 28cm/11.02”
Materials: Plastic
Amount: 5pcs

5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy  5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB1fIaBPFXXXXbSXXXXq6xXFXXX7

5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy

Soft Colorful Cat Feather  5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB1rBWIPFXXXXXlXXXXq6xXFXXXE

Soft Colorful Cat Feather

5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB1gOB2PFXXXXb aXXXq6xXFXXXA 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB1YnyzPFXXXXXBXpXXq6xXFXXXw 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB14rGzPFXXXXXmXpXXq6xXFXXX6 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB1akivPFXXXXafXpXXq6xXFXXXP 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB1rBWIPFXXXXXlXXXXq6xXFXXXE

product image 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy HTB1eyWDPFXXXXblXXXXq6xXFXXXZ
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1star 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy 1star1star 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy 1star1star 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy 1star1star 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy 1star1star 5pcs cat toys soft colorful cat feather bell rod toy for cat kitten funny playing interactive toy pet cat supplies 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy 1star
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5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy
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600 reviews for 5Pcs Soft Colorful Cat Feather Bell Rod Toy

  1. givecatsabetterlife.com

    super! feathers are good, no shedding. about shipping month.

  2. givecatsabetterlife.com

    satisfied studs.

  3. K***G

  4. E***a

    дошёл order 3 smoothly. as all in description.

  5. C***k

    They love it!!

  6. a***h

    kitty enthralled. highly recommend. rewelacja

  7. givecatsabetterlife.com

    as october 30 order received two 28 ordered one order, seller sorry that combined into one. excellent quality as always. this is the first time заказываю seller. ставлю five stars. bought кэшбэк through (return 7 to 18%) here is the link: // epngo (dot) bz/cashback_index/c4db1 ordered through 5 payment minutes money have map. put need of parentheses point.

  8. S***v

    башкирии month to almost. trackable.-shot score quality сорятся feathers, far from as if the freshness too loose in place fixed mount.-great such price for 4 + + say.

  9. W***g

  10. D***a

    like cats) shipped quickly, quality is quite неплохое. and seller recommend

  11. givecatsabetterlife.com

  12. D***a

    super satisfied cat

  13. A***n

    Amazing value – cats just love them!

  14. S***a

    went, short

  15. C***e

    mon chat = adore them)

  16. E***a

    enthusiastic cat. toy good thank you for cheap

  17. j***z

    hello. thank you excellent

  18. D***v

    Great feathers! My cats love it, just that after a while the feathers start to come out, but of course due to the cats playing with them. But for this price, 5 sticks with feathers and bell worth the price. Nice colours and enough long to be able to play with your cat. Recommended!

  19. givecatsabetterlife.com

  20. A***a

    not quite satisfied ставлю since 4, there are some flawed. stick short, not durable and feathers and small, обсыпались slightly. but over вообщем such price is quite good. cat сего function understand until the subject.

  21. w***w

    cool all

  22. r***g


  23. A***l

    Nice fluffy toy for your cat, happy with the product.

  24. v***a

    order it very fast, my very satisfied cat gift.

  25. M***a

  26. o***n

    i will constantly shocked it now many thanks very fast you order

  27. V***a

  28. D***a

    игралочка excellent! as one we stands. вклеены feathers bad but the base, adhesive проклеить to so gun. enthusiastic cat!

  29. A***a

    fast shipping but faster вылетают feathers. so and all ok. саасибо

  30. A***a

    cat fine feathers but otherwise i recommend fast snatch s’amusent cats

  31. Y***a

    such excellent quality for money! 120-200 are sticks such stores and each ₽!!! fast shipping

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  33. I***a

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  35. O***A

    really super. cat satisfied. and whole all have different colors. recommend!

  36. P***s

    Good quality for the price. Good packaging. Shipping time is OK.

  37. A***v

  38. givecatsabetterlife.com

    5 pcs, feather all in place, bells too, really liked малышке

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  40. T***o

    was 10 заказано seller in different positions. all come. moscow received in 15 days. and very satisfied swiftness seller and delivery. of no. thank you!!

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    pair feather let all at the open packing, happy sitting 5!

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  45. M***i

    Very good quality and the same a picture.

  46. c***r

    super. cats are crazy lol

  47. G***s

  48. A***a

  49. v***f

    сверхбыстрая shipping feathers bright. the only thing long period not удручает that use such price is quite fine but over

  50. A***a

    toy excellent, only one bad, afraid of the kitty) sent very fast, not, пакоматом and, all избежала so lucky queue

  51. P***m

    I’m satisfied with your goods and fast delivery

  52. A***a

    super!!! we are very happy cat!!

  53. P***a

  54. L***a

    great ! I cut the bell because my cats was afraid of that sound but they love the toy !!!

  55. D***r

    fast! cat loves it. free short, but find i have problem.

  56. J***h

    got this today and my cat loves it! quality toy. very pleased! thanks seller.

  57. K***o

  58. A***N

    high quality fast and!

  59. A***a

    My cats really enjoy this toy. Too bad the feathers come loose quite easily

  60. C***W

    cat welcome

  61. A***u

    sao muito bem feitos, os gatinhos gostaram, selling recomendo o

  62. g***l

    seller not общалась! order more шёл month, nonsense but it! 10 + quality! pen short показалась first, but excellent! enthusiastic cat my! wear it! 2 i заказала! and no regrets! advice! high quality goods! seller good! thank you! thank you! thank you!

  63. D***o

    super toy love my cat it.

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    beautiful звонкие, but отлетают fast feathers.

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    котам like! 5 uniquely star! in
    омск come goods 10 days! very fast delivery!

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    matches the description. package fast enough came

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    Thank You, fast shipping

  68. H***t

  69. R***k

    Very nice toys for the cats they are enjoying playing with it including my kids.

  70. a***n

    has arrived under two weeks, EVERYTHING right. unique PEGA Is the Is More Little the i expected, But not pass no.

  71. K***n

    all is excellent, fast shipping like котенку

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    fast delivery good quality

  73. T***A

    it within 20 days. заказываю. 1 have штуке выпавшими with feather but to repair (last time was the same). устроило all i.

  74. givecatsabetterlife.com

  75. givecatsabetterlife.com

    As described and photographed, well made Arrived quickly and safely. No problems, thank you seller.

  76. I***n

    twinkle playing cat eyes, the toy for takes little bird.

  77. E***k

    Good price, acceptable quality. My cat loves it. Thanks!

  78. Y***a

    long feather good only stick коротковата fast shipping

  79. N***a

    immediately when unpacking полетели feathers. подклеить little all necessary. all overall as picture. our delivery time delay mail.

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    fast shipping

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    delivery of the month, отличнве махалки, звенят, order will still.

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    goods received fast, less than a month. cat toy like)
    only shortcomings short stick, pro it was not specified.

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    Super toy, cats satisified 🙂

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  86. M***e

    fast shipping only top, no package

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    латвию delivery 18 days. all is excellent. fluffy звенят, no smell.

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  89. E***A

  90. E***A

    -3 fast. not трекалась. however, claim there are in quality. before the вылетают feathers, it as claws приложились cat. вылетают simple. very small glue …. another caveat, so feathers bright, their заподозрила i, color that will stay…… so is for u mouth slightly намокло pen, hand paint …. price = general quality (((

  91. D***l

    15 days received. free good item description

  92. S***v

    short 1,5-2 times longer need. as a standard. cat.

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    beautiful feather belt, handle is fragile and some. good quality/price. fast delivery!

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    Quite ok!

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    hood all

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    my appraised cat toy. really super cost-for the.

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    дразнилки excellent. here is more add)

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    the product is very beautiful cats passed out

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    Cats love them!

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    almost walked month. simple packed in package.

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    thank you. shipping within 20 days. укаковка хлипкая. сломалось but nothing.

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    good quality. fast shipping. thx.

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    toy good, like cat. description, smell no. packed well. москву delivery 2.5 week. in general, i satisfied, thank you!

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  112. A***o

    москву прибыло 19.11 ordered in 06.12. small sticks. enthusiastic cat!!!

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    the price is quite fine. in principle, ждала that, and it.

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    very quick postage. as pictured. very happy

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    thank you! have delighted cat play)

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    of course funny toys, сыпятся feathers, such price is normal but over

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    wonderful thing. on встаёт cat paw exactly as the picture. =)

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    also works with kids 😉 they play fairy and use this for magic wand

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    5 stars!

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    has arrived under two weeks, love

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    en recu 15j
    mon chat est ravi
    mais plume belt assez solide

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    the seller recommend i! kitty liked it!!! much so thank you!!!
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  290. I***r


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    18.12-18.01 piegāde
    maksāja $1.47

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    to seller 5. delivery fast.

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    my love CATS, les flame His Attention lot and free shipping Noise bell wanna play constantly hunting… very fashion content Purchase general Price, free delivery time and no problem selling 🙂 thank you.

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    are “chungalís”… be despluman Rapido, before the cat play… asi cuidadito clothing set go jamar las feather down taste. That si, free shipping shake bell ring a bell set.

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    As described.
    The stick is 29 cm (feathers excluded in the measuring).
    The bell sounds nice and clear and the feathers are colorful and fluffy.

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    Super. Skamba, katinui patinka.

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    nice. 5 sticks with lots of feathers and a bell each. very colorful. feathers won’t hold forever. but so won’t the feathers from any of the stores in this country that but the exact same thing in China. it’s better to loose a feather than for you cat to lose a nail. plus, you’ve got 5 of them. that is a perfect for this price.

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    цело all, all ok.

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    went, all the whole, studs satisfied. потреплят, order more’ll: s

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    неплохие stick. they are not same true long. to seller five stars.

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    Nice looking, have many feathers and big bell – for this price – exellent. I give 4 stars only because one of the toy come in two parts.

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    like кошакам toys.
    relatively, c grade полетела immediately feather with dust-color.

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    it’s all fast, workmanship good. reason true cat, with such love to play before that chopsticks makes it with “равнодушно”, enthusiasm visible without. some may the smell? побрызгать something or need it. anyway worth your money.

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    summarize: order more will uniquely! like as seller sent directly, in the long but by! went оооочень long!

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    very happy cat thank you!

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    EVERYTHING correct

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    like disclosed, every Duster It A 4-5 and pretty big bell. free shipping PALO haps Is a poco short Some 25 cm) But Compliant your Function perfectly.

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    Perfect!Thank you very much!

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    also like кисулям

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    The order couldn’t be tracked. The seller was nice, answered quickly. Nice cat toys for it’s price.

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    All right. Toys great. I recommend the salesman

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