5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural

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5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural Catnip Pet Cat Molar Toothpaste Stick Silvervine Actinidia Fruit Matatabi Cat Snacks Sticks cat cleaning teeth 5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural HTB1PVMyoh6I8KJjy0Fgq6xXzVXam cat cleaning teeth 5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural HTB1PVMyoh6I8KJjy0Fgq6xXzVXam

Kind: Chew Stick

Materials: Natural Matatabi


Utilization:2-Three occasions per week, 1 stick per time. After utilizing a while, you’ll be able to peel off the outer layer to get better they operate.

Bundle Contains: 1 Bag of Cat Chew Stick(5pcs)

Cat Cleaning Teeth cat cleaning teeth 5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural HTB1yy modrJ8KJjSspaq6xuKpXaR

Cat Cleaning Teeth

cat cleaning teeth 5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural HTB1NhTFohHI8KJjy1zbq6yxdpXaL

cat cleaning teeth 5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural HTB1AIgYm63z9KJjy0Fmq6xiwXXaIcat cleaning teeth 5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural HTB1ZwEeof6H8KJjSspmq6z2WXXa0

cat cleaning teeth 5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural HTB1MJrQocnI8KJjSsziq6z8QpXaVcat cleaning teeth 5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural HTB1aJWPodbJ8KJjy1zjq6yqapXaG






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Chew Toys



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600 reviews for 5PCS Cat Cleaning Teeth Pure Natural

  1. M***l

    упакованна package good. gnaws cat not my true, rubbing веточку about only)))

  2. E***s

    попускал slobber already on the bed, will see on. thank you seller!

  3. h***r

    very good product…thanks

  4. A***a

    came parcel within 24 days, packed well, all whole all, котам like, thank you)

  5. U***a

    cats are too much excited with this product and they are enjoying

  6. givecatsabetterlife.com

    if package donot came, returned money.

  7. Y***a

    walked smoothly, cool, with гоняется cat)

  8. I***l

    In each sachet there are five pieces. Delivery took almost one mounth and half. My cats love them as you can see, recommended for your loved and cute pets!!!

  9. M***a

    my catnip cat enjoyed like this! chew it though he didn’t (he’s not chewing stuff into). but the tottaly reccomend!

  10. l***l

    dirt from many of them. but like cat

  11. R***e

    My 2 cats love these sticks. They chew them and cuddle them. I will buy more!!!

  12. J***a

    cool sticks) like cat, грыз love to. штучек was 5 per pack, left three, sister отдала one, almost догрыз cat second)

  13. m***v


  14. P***g

    Thank you

  15. K***w

    took the over the month to arrive. my cat doesn’t seem interested.

  16. P***v

    sent back and развернули their via the reason. have not received. обиделся cat to me.

  17. S***i

    cat loves it , delivery was too long

  18. R***e

    she very likes 🙂 only slow shipping

  19. givecatsabetterlife.com

    my cat is crazy :-))

  20. J***o


  21. T***a

    came sticks safe and sound. each pack 5 sticks. are interested in first cat: обнюхивали, трогали, кусали, with stick played. lost then interest, with stick cat play again become one of the. probably not much cat my палочках in these substances respond to:) they also not too валерьянкой on интересовались 🙂 but sticks interesting, опробовать кошках and other need.
    customs isnt держала goods a month.

  22. M***a

    cat oszalał on point these sticks;)

  23. L***a

    long shipping, to prolong. but it’s our fault post. cat like, playing but sticks day, no more.

  24. A***a

    matches the description, 5 the branchlets set cat very satisfied, playing and грызёт))

  25. B***a

    my kitten loves them, I recommend them

  26. B***o

  27. E***a

    проявила cat packing доставала when interest. little послюнявила stick потерлась about it all. overall claims to product no. or more will respond напишу later

  28. I***v

    lord! 10 chinese 10 sticks

  29. O***a

    шёл package 5 weeks. 5 sticks. cat likes. playing грызёт.

  30. o***g

    like cat sticks. gnaws играется and second day but not all the time, of course, periodically. little behaves strange, дуреет that whether there. came quickly.

  31. L***n

    very fast fat, compraré More

  32. A***j

    My cat loves it thank you

  33. givecatsabetterlife.com

    with these uninteresting even general cats play my sticks. about the gnaw a voice even no. бесполезны.’ll know.

  34. b***b

    Item as described. Thank you 🙂

  35. e***t


  36. A***s

    cat dont like at all

  37. Z***e

    he was extremly happy!!!

  38. O***a

    not cat appreciated, and i also oh, just no smell sticks

  39. E***k

    all good have sticks safely, the cat заинтересовалась way, but in сонная уснула with stick and has been very обнимку.

  40. G***r

  41. E***c

    sticks walked long but still come) five pieces per pack. дуреет playing and котя periodically))) thank you!

  42. givecatsabetterlife.com

  43. e***s

    Cat played with these stick quite a while…But got bored off it.

  44. E***a

  45. S***u

    My cat loves it

  46. o***h

    балдеет cat thank you:-p

  47. L***a

    думала i, штукам кисуля всяким безразличной to stay in my, something hard entrap it. but припала stick to, nice little as, излилась слюнями whole, about this вытерлась stick however проявляла interest… this is second when but still thank you! order 47 usd стоил coppers with, plus, me обошлись rr 90-100 in total they.

  48. A***v

    satisfied with cat

  49. givecatsabetterlife.com

  50. E***E

    normal, cat mint помазанные. like cat. валяется and rubbing on them.

  51. N***z

    cat and also,! 🙂

  52. R***n

    грыз угарелый as their first day cat, and then it apparently bothered, like all but thanks.
    went 3 weeks.

  53. d***r

  54. M***k

    wooden twigs like the picture

  55. givecatsabetterlife.com

    very thin stick.

  56. D***n

    to have no interest in my cat. this may change.

  57. V***r

    thank you, satisfied cat) goods 26 days before дошёл хмао

  58. S***e

    Rubix loves it. he’s so happy. I am glad I bought so many bags. great packing. excellent customer server.

  59. H***A

    пришёл goods promptly. like cat

  60. I***c

    5 piece

  61. A***v

  62. R***r

  63. A***r

    real sticks work one cat сгрыз floor for half an hour, tipo they кустарника from the, white inside pulp, order recommend like cat.

  64. A***n

    enthusiastic cat, small true грызёт)))

  65. A***a

    Out cat LOVEs it!! Every time he is playing with it like crazy, he likes the smell of it (smell like fresh cut grass or something lile that) and it keeps him busy for same time 🙂 I will definetly buy it again. Thank you

  66. A***o

    come quickly, and играешься грызёт cat)

  67. K***a

    se is a líbí Klukům.

  68. T***a

  69. D***v

    , палочках in these what, but our enthusiastic wild in from them cat

  70. C***n


  71. K***a

    small stick. very like cat, gnaw immediately started. come in soft zip and envelope bag. recommend!

  72. E***o

    came sticks. 5 штучек as described. котику like it very much. their gnaws it, rubbing about them, ласкается, мурчит. wood for this we do not know. but very satisfied

  73. S***K

    trustworthy seller.

  74. A***v

    month to flat ukraine
    not know the chip, but грызут балдеют studs and love to

  75. Z***a

    it. 4 cats 3 appreciated.

  76. O***c

    come in about two months olive and валерьянку sticks on these cat reaction is, although not what i by the почувствовала no smell. satisfied with a cat

  77. givecatsabetterlife.com

    thor seems to like it so far, interested though the other cat wasn’t. i’ll see how it goes.

  78. S***v

    cat (three months) has been very satisfied, but quickly палочкам interest lost

  79. E***a

    with super походу crazy about these cat cat mint

  80. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Arrived super quickly and exactly as described 🙂 My cat loves these! I recommend this seller & product 100%

  81. Y***a

    these gnaws cat happy to sticks)))

  82. S***v

    cat like, грызёт, кайфует.

  83. N***a

    order пришёл fast, 3 weeks. seller recommend. пробовала not more on effect.

  84. a***v

    cat like!!!

  85. A***e


  86. E***v

    enthusiastic наркоманском puss in, furniture грызёт under загоняет and fast

  87. L***y

    My cats liked the sticks at first but then didnt. Cats are picky lol. I still recommend.. Sender sent items fast.

  88. givecatsabetterlife.com

    My cat love it! thats good enough!

  89. K***m

    cat not much but it sounded like denildiği ilgilenmedi

  90. I***n

    терлась sedulously only about these cat my. уделала весть слюне floor. took and not them as mouth but never none. after убрали sticks as in the package, терлось hour with it is still in place, lay where they. and then requested ходила tail and us for return them.
    is review video, you can see on youtube channel “made in china”. with this rollers channel, quality goods will help you decide on give cats a better life, to learn how to 15% purchases on give cats a better life with each purchase. goods you see clearly, живьем so say, promotional not, наживы for seller which made. channel on our waiting for you! 2001098@mail.ru offers commercial for

  91. C***a

    sticks well packed. relatively fast shipping (3 weeks) parcel with tracking no problem i arisen. my кошечке are very like!

  92. A***a

    My cat loves it!

  93. I***r

    branchlets likely mint кошачей. кайфует cat from them, but not particularly gnaws. have very fast

  94. E***a

  95. D***a

    my cat love it so much! thank u

  96. O***a

    it is normal in time multiple items manned true. порадовались cat, грызанули a couple of times, поскидывали lost and half. oh, periodically still some entertainment will.

  97. V***a

    good, now my busy studs))))

  98. J***c

    nya тое хутка зусiм cable housing, але нiчога. i do not зусiм ведаю, менавiта geta што, але гэтага захапленнi from hell cat

  99. A***h

    satisfied very cat. thank you and good luck to seller in the business.

  100. V***a

    cat very happy thank you! recommend!

  101. V***s

    My cat absolutely loved it!

  102. C***e

    Came after “Shipment cancelled” tracking info. Cats loved it, though.

  103. D***l

    almost шла, satisfied cat

  104. A***h

    Azerbaijan Ordered 29/10 came to 08/12!

  105. f***a

    Kedimiz went mad it will almost certainly have catnip on didn’t leave a message from the mouth of the bored then played with baya get subject to have fun bought some 28 days arrived seller solid 1 times did not come that i bought again after the return of the has arrived sağolsun

  106. O***y

    Cat is happy to play with it. Satisfied with the purchase.

  107. P***a

    recommend, super sticks, cats sie them bawia 🙂

  108. S***h

    наркота cat.

  109. A***a

    stick on накинулась cat directly. as long as бегает live))) for mo shipping to 2 weeks

  110. N***a

    sticks пропитаны something or something the smell, crazy about cat, gnaws rubbing more than)
    humdinger fun 🙂

  111. P***n

    excellent stick. crazy кошак!))

  112. O***A

    very good

  113. K***v

    these gnaws кошак, but he is so my gnaws stick any. love it exactly my phone from stylus more)

  114. d***d

    really liked cat

  115. E***a

    not заказываю is all the first time and seller recommend

  116. A***k


  117. D***o

    котэ for drug. happy and sleeps понаркоманил now.

  118. givecatsabetterlife.com

    cat very interested with sticks. they dont smell like catnip.

  119. G***n

    my cat gets crazy over this!

  120. m***m

    minutes идиотничали studs dick then 10 .. .. .. терлись катались slobber пускали забили. погоняли on the .. this stop! not and teeth грыз .. no none чистил) conduct валерьянкой under similar stronger штырит валерьяны only from .. .. .. .. обмазаны валерьянкой stick it just slightly impression is buy not бессмысленная but absolutely .. dear))

  121. M***z

    content wearing MY ORDER figment exact descripcion good seller recommend envelope fashion me happy EVERYTHING my CAT taste

  122. givecatsabetterlife.com

    i do not know these processed than, cat but they are like. true it cleans to teeth, играется гоняет crazy-like a, подбрасывает, кувыркается with it)

  123. e***a

    star 4 I free Shipping has Been correct, well packed time. my cat Done not have a EVENT, 5 no More sticks, Attention flame not your smell.

  124. S***o

    неё жрет вселился would like the cat bes!!

  125. I***a


  126. R***r

    enthusiastic cat, don ‘t sticks than these processed, but they are very like it

  127. Y***k

    good work

  128. givecatsabetterlife.com

    not отслеживался. понрав cat)

  129. A***A

    super kotki zachwycone

  130. G***y

    enthusiastic cat. it.

  131. L***a

    now the obawiałam, that sticks not i receive. tomorrow by passed 60 days of purchase, a surprise here-future today. yesterday wystąpiłam for extension time protection, thankfully the no longer przyda.
    sticks in accordance with the products, all cats very zainteresowały them. recommend, although the lead time ultra long.

  132. K***e

    The cat is very happy with it

  133. O***s

    cat wand gnaw refused, but терся обезумевший as it about five minutes.

  134. E***a

    these котофеев for its already buy a second, they like. thank you!

  135. Z***a

    10 first сходила crazy, nagged and their метила just слюнями)

  136. F***y

    Sticks looks thick in the picture. But they are not. It not big deal. She likes it. She is happy to bites it.

  137. N***a

    cool, прогрыз cat and, поиграл and her about потерся неё and. very interesting reaction. came package fast, 1,5-2 literally.

  138. V***a

    enthusiastic cat my)))

  139. A***i

    but not affect my cat very good.

  140. M***a

    it is 5 sticks, all is excellent. enthusiastic cat. something пропитаны sticks, probably кайфуют because pets!

  141. l***v

    item is not as described, ordinary stick

  142. L***a

    goods come. пробовала have not on effect.

  143. M***a

    unfortunately my cat only brincou therewith no 1 day and after no flicked more, but he does this with qq little toy

  144. G***r

    cat not very impressed. barely touched it.

  145. A***v

    пробовать will

  146. K***a

  147. V***h

  148. A***n

  149. O***A

  150. A***a

    my love peach cat.

    the other not cat любопытства no experiences to them.

  151. n***p

  152. givecatsabetterlife.com

    the e small) интересовалась until the cat. feedback if дополню заинтересуется

  153. E***a

    these appreciated then what cat my stick. their dog and сожрала)))

  154. A***n

    24.11.2017 ordered, 28.12.2017 received. first cat like,-cast 15 minutes later but bothered. after start again while the gnaw can.

  155. k***a

    satisfied yasha)

  156. F***o

    my cats not gostara, looks simple sticks field.

  157. G***a

    all super! second заказываю! cat loves! 5 pcs/lot

  158. givecatsabetterlife.com

    smoked meat smell! @

  159. O***o

    gnaws cat with pleasure!

  160. givecatsabetterlife.com

    My cats loves those. But they I got was a little small and dry/hard. But I and my cats are pleased.

  161. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Cats love them. They are slightly stronger than my usual cat nip. My cat doesn’t chew it but plays with it. Other cats that tried chew and love them.

  162. E***o

    good seller sent fast! cat satisfied!

  163. A***a

    my cats doesn’t like it. maybe sticks are old.

  164. L***n

  165. D***k

    cat. thank you.

  166. D***r

    Tried with two cats so far. One cat was indifferent, the other happily chewed on the item for a few minutes.

  167. B***g

  168. M***t

    according to the description. my cats zachwycone gryzły sticks and turlały after ground. funny view. one minus long standby time for shipment.

  169. givecatsabetterlife.com

    My cats went nuts when they were introduced to these. So funny! Great product.

  170. M***a

    the day after payment sent. шла ярославской 18 days package area. 5 sticks in package. like cat. periodically трётся about them, грызёт, playing.

  171. J***d

    my CAT love! hard aunq poco jaaja arrive Rapido

  172. J***e

    this is like to do old and billowy dish

  173. a***a

    my two CATS do not make NEITHER EVENT, So the regalé, the friends the regalé, les operated, single one Day But

  174. p***r

    great product, my cats love it. will be ordering more from this seller

  175. A***k

  176. I***h

    not know пропитаны than, but my факту “британка” love to their грызёт playing and. advise.

  177. T***z


  178. O***h

    came quickly, забросил then once игрался cat

  179. givecatsabetterlife.com

  180. N***a

    as stick stick. обратила attention not even on these cat).

  181. M***a

    it’s all fast, cat.

  182. A***i

    arrived late due to xmas festive ~

  183. S***o

    as in description.

  184. l***o

  185. givecatsabetterlife.com

    gnaws cat. like.

  186. M***a

    gave котам until the бревнами log-so and :)))) fast shipped запаковано good.

  187. E***a

    my will see that this cat)) a satisfied all so!

  188. A***s

  189. r***a

  190. D***v

    walked sticks long. about muzzle трётся cat, occasionally gnaws. smell them lose cat выветривается quickly and interest. fun for so can take, inexpensive.

  191. N***r

  192. S***e

    Not sure yet if the cats will like it but it is as described.

  193. E***a

    грызёт gladly but long, грызёт and suitable time again after some)

  194. givecatsabetterlife.com

    cat отреагировала does not on them. toy with any as поиграла забыла and a pair of)

  195. t***t

    Cat loves them! Just have mine one and she’s pleased, so I’m pleased too.

  196. givecatsabetterlife.com

    my cat kitty disliked, but other cats loved!!!

  197. i***R

    Very good fast shipping

  198. givecatsabetterlife.com

    omg… unbelievable long long sending, but at the end its arrived today. Cats have not tried out jet.

  199. D***o

    all like in the description, sticks different thickness, грыз and true cat s))

  200. givecatsabetterlife.com

    as usual, cat favorite,
    cat loves their my thank you

  201. A***v

    заказываю 3 times, кошак satisfied.

  202. E***a

  203. L***z

    mi cat is happy.

  204. O***a

    delivery fast, edge краснодарский дошло in two weeks. cool sticks, enthusiastic from them cat!)) and seller recommend!

  205. J***s

    Everything great! But my cat dont like it.

  206. d***d

    thank you very much seller! 14.01.2018 москву заказывал 26.12.2017 come in. кайфует cat!

  207. S***d

    my cat loves this stick haha 🙂

  208. givecatsabetterlife.com

    My cats love this product

  209. M***k

    cat loves it. great

  210. V***v

    from small stick this унюхав кайфе in неистовствовал cat tree …. something this …. as кружился spinning top, тёрся, лизал!

  211. A***a

  212. V***v

    very long. and cast проиграл little cat

  213. N***n

    The product description was perfect. I loved the smell of those sticks and after the poking + sniffing Lily started testing them out, mission accomplished ! Fantastic invention with those things. xxxxxxx

  214. Y***g

    shipping took 36 days. product is ok. the key, cat power and interesting membrane ask do not break four.’re more look but ..

  215. O***a

    received. cat забросил and погрыз 5 min.

  216. B***J

    Cat went bananas for it. loves it.

  217. M***k

    shipping dear but it’s cost. very like my kise sticks: gnaws, playing satisfied with it we in)))

  218. E***a

  219. E***e

    понюхал cat, but why it is not understood wand

  220. J***l

    everything fine, I recommend this seller

  221. S***m

  222. A***y

    strange thing. tons of free such outside!

  223. R***r

    Exactly as described, fast shipping. Thanks!

  224. A***v


  225. I***k

  226. M***o

    Great product, the cats absolutely loved it, went mad trying to rub their faces on the stick.

  227. A***E

    My cats are not really interested.

  228. A***i

    like very котику our sticks

  229. D***s

    Cant believe its working my cat is going wild :Ddd

  230. v***s

    29 days delivery. well packed. matches the description.

  231. V***a

    m top it cast a loved her pussy

  232. A***v

    штучку nearly 1 favorite съел pet within 2 days. high quality goods so)

  233. L***r

    Our cat was very happy! Thank you!

  234. givecatsabetterlife.com

  235. J***a

    My pussy is not very interested 🙁 But the order came fine. Thank you.

  236. E***l

    so beautifully packaged. thank you. cat is very loved

  237. N***a

    Too long Delivery, exact 2 months.. But it worth it. My cat love it so much 🙂 Thank you seller!

  238. O***a

    walking spb slightly larger order month. 4 заказала, кошатникам yourself and familiar. shipping would be more for 2 times more expensive. like first cat wand, played 15 minutes with it, long and бросила and then равнодушна them all. general female cat проигнорил them. extremely individual interest in it so. such price but over can check.

  239. S***r

  240. M***r

  241. A***o

    , tobacco stinks, interested until cat

  242. E***.

    Cats love it.

  243. givecatsabetterlife.com

    excellent product, fast delivery 🙂

  244. R***k

  245. N***A

    super! the happy cat

  246. A***a

    it’s all intact! gave while not cat, do not know or not like? дополню later review!

  247. N***a

    very нравитчя cats! stick good!

  248. givecatsabetterlife.com

    My cat declines to eat cat food, but loves these sticks.

  249. V***n

    Thank you !!! the best shop !!!!

  250. I***r

    as described is good. fast shipping

  251. J***e

  252. S***v

    oh very, sticks for this such so what from котика перло :))) video will not sorry can load. enthusiastic cat. покатал, поиграл, облизал. пы. сы: любуйтесь котиком 🙂

  253. J***p

    arrived is only include my angefasst and ignores the cat chopsticks 3 times.
    unnecessary purchase.
    and the 5 stars.

  254. J***s

    not know it, but gnaws cat happy to

  255. R***i

  256. K***k

    recommend quickly smoothly and dziala cat satisfied immediately began to bite and to play

  257. givecatsabetterlife.com

    thank you my Cat love

  258. S***c

    Din not expect any reaction from the cat, but the cat was ver satisfied and happy and playful and everything.
    Satisfied, very much.

  259. D***v

    shipped quickly

  260. givecatsabetterlife.com

  261. N***a

    stick small than smell. not my kitty gnaws but playing with

  262. a***o

  263. P***g

    immediately started kemirmeye

  264. S***o

    too work well To my SURPRISE, my CAT drool

  265. G***a

    cat smelled it,but didn’t see it chewing this stick,but maybe it’s the cat faulty 😀

  266. R***v

    dislikes cat my! нюхал active first true, this ластился stick, терся неё about, равнодушен but absolutely minutes become a pair of. if change дополню feedback.

  267. c***a

    product didn’t arrive, selling the money returned

  268. R***a

    My cat goes crazy. He loves it. Thanks. Fast shipping. Item as described. Recommend this seller.

  269. E***a

    деревяшки come. where the their also fast cat corralled))) can be eaten

  270. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Both my cat likes it, one of them gone crazy for catnip)

  271. Y***a

    шла package 20 days. a satisfied customer

  272. M***n

    My cats loved them, thanks!

  273. M***c

    great 🙂

  274. L***s

  275. s***y

    ha tardado 1. my CAT le gustó free Smell But wanted not bite, single played therewith, probare new. thanks

  276. B***S

    She did not bite it but likes the smell and nap around it

  277. O***z

    CAT responds to these sticks in amazing way see, it well with them playing 🙂

  278. L***a

    not my cat appreciated. not become gnaw.
    quality excellent

  279. S***h


  280. R***u

  281. M***a


  282. E***a

    sticks come packed well, but still like my cat on them, only to play погонять on flat, not gnaw.

  283. I***j

    thanks to seller, beautiful and sent who quickly!
    thank you ali палочках learned about these which with!

    cat you and me and my favorite!

    you and your luck fortune and business!

  284. S***i

    these gnaw play and cat loves my stick. have a second заказываю! super!

  285. D***o

    arrived fast. the my cat adorou! i will order again

  286. N***a

    not my cat заинтересовало, enthusiastic зато соседский was cat. cat 3 half year about cat and

  287. E***m

    Seems like ok product but my cat doesn’t really know what to do with it.

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  289. J***g

    My cat really like it 🙂

  290. v***v

  291. K***i

  292. e***a

    заказывала multiple items, уппковано perfectly. приехало екатеринбург in 3.

  293. D***z

    My cats are really enjoying it!

  294. D***I

    23.11.2017 made order, received 07.02.2018, baku city (долговато) five sticks, like котенку, gnaws играется and with them.

  295. givecatsabetterlife.com

    cat on постоим play while only грысть will not started. smoked like smell.

  296. P***i

    cats very satisified. recommend

  297. A***i

    katinas nevalgo, beth trinasi į jas

  298. K***n

    My cat is not interested 🙁

  299. c***c

    wow, the cat is crazy about these. never seen my cat so playful :)))

  300. G***a

    Przesylka powyzej 60 days, but goods ok-kotely oszalaly.: D

  301. E***s

    Did not receive the item, but seller was kind enough to refund me

  302. D***n

  303. givecatsabetterlife.com

    cat smelled at it one time then lefted it

  304. T***a

    Good. But my cat don’t have interest

  305. S***a

    good, very like котам))

  306. R***m

  307. A***k

    PL/ Produkt zgodny z opisem jednak moj kot jest nim totalnie nie zainteresowany. Czas dostawy ok 40 dni. Polecam.

    EN/ The product complies with the description but my cat is totally not interested in it. Delivery time about 40 days. I would recommend.

  308. J***r

    Cats don’t like it, but not seller’s fault!

  309. M***a

    happy to грызёт cat.

  310. V***k

    2 fast пришёл москву in order. no smell stick this =) left them равнодушен cat. = sense more nourishing венику it home to normal) buy or not, решайте yourself. seller responsible, recommend it can.

  311. S***a

    Great! my cat loves them, I have to buy much more

  312. A***o

    very very good Attention satisfied and recommended selling good packaging

  313. G***n

    quickly come

  314. givecatsabetterlife.com

    the delivery wasn’t the best. but i like the sticks!

  315. M***s

    Great. As described. Cat loves them…

  316. s***a

    cool. like cat

  317. H***s

    Very good product. Shipping was extremely fast!

  318. O***v

  319. F***s

    Product came as described, cats love it and play with it a lot. But if you give it to them often they’ll grow bored

  320. P***r

    My cat don really like it.. She sniff n bite n leave it there.. Sad.. But item all good per Pic.

  321. E***a

    shipping for 2. packed well. given cat when stick, it has become the играться. playing a photo.

  322. I***e

    відрізняються від раніше куплених (іншого продавця) і якістю деревини smell. приємний мене for not smell, i do not smell попередніх in чула. попередніх від відміну on злущилася зразу cortex. попередні ніж легші stench, зсохлі. але він грається і однаково тими і тими s. покищо.

  323. D***o


  324. K***v

    satisfied cat, stick перлась одой from all day, then with wood выветривается smell. приехало ригу in a month.

  325. N***t

  326. A***v

    ‘s mean wood. not tested on effect

  327. H***r


  328. L***n

    Cat loves it!

  329. E***a

    cat oh like do not know whether they. is not going to sofa and all under закатила вытаскивать

  330. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Cats are crazy about them! they live it 🙂

  331. D***o

    cool, not whitening llevara inside But my love CAT, crazy you back and start tumbar mouth above the Good
    free shipping pedire NEW, thanks

  332. I***a

    acceptable walked sticks long holidays given in china. enthusiastic cat.

  333. L***k

  334. A***a

    not for man smell very nice, cat but likes. not directly, разыгралась but it.

  335. M***a

    but there don ‘t descended crazy cat)

  336. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Came to Eastern Europe in just under 1 month. Just as described. Cats love it 🙂 I recommend!

  337. I***t

    perfect and very fast love cats

  338. A***v

    excellent sticks

  339. v***v

    satisfied кашара

  340. l***a

    order come. i think this is what understood all-cat собачкам better.

  341. N***o

    My cat love. Thanks

  342. R***z

  343. S***a

    came of a month, cat play, but not похожими with as before, as a standard)

  344. O***a

    it’s all safe and sound. отслеживался goods not seller on message posted. goods seller recommend.

  345. givecatsabetterlife.com

  346. n***a

    thank you very much for it is like cat flat winter entertainment

  347. S***y

  348. T***a

    order заказывала received 2018 january 14, pretty kitty попозже try match more description to kazakhstan march 5 then personal oh month only small дополню малышкой tip pictures with sealed packaged recommend thank you all order will more

  349. M***k

    Cat loves it. It smells like sausage 🙂

  350. A***a

    stick on this scoring then играясь погрыз cat 1 day

  351. D***M

    My cats started to play and they wouldn,t stop. I wish it will Make them stop chewing wires. I’ve already bought more. I would recommend it to Every cat owner. Cats love it soooo much

  352. J***a

    awesome, i cannot belive it, my cats are mesmerized aa + +

  353. i***e

    ok.love my cat it

  354. H***c

    Great sticks! My cat uses it from the first day it arrived!

  355. j***j

    all super cats zwariowały on point patykow

  356. o***m

    Kedimin you like it. thanks

  357. V***a

    chopsticks cat заинтересовался!)… know тёрся and грыз

  358. S***v

    My cat really liked these sticks. I trust the taste of my cat. Good product. Good quality. Good seller.

  359. givecatsabetterlife.com

    like cat, with them and plays gnaws

  360. E***a

    reacted tumultuously cat, could not even сфоткать normal, lost but quickly interest) cool piece other 4 пробовать’ll котах sticks on other’s:

  361. O***a

  362. I***v

    flat went month of payment. not валерьянка. some other grass smell. cat likes.

  363. K***h

    first time take no longer. грызёт predator my 🙂

  364. givecatsabetterlife.com

    cool sticks for cats have not my gnaws, but rubbing about them, order will still, walking goods, not отслеживался, put in email box not bad, go to do not mail)))

  365. V***s

    Kas keisciausia katinas is proto kraustosi del tu pagaliuku.Elementarus pagaliukai jokio specifinio kvapo.
    Cat loving this thinks.Thank you.

  366. givecatsabetterlife.com

    fress need it does not consider cat, it believed skate nada is what about

  367. M***o

    has come after time but all ok

  368. a***i

    like cat

  369. T***s

    Slow delivery and cat couldn’t care less about them.

  370. A***z

    Cat loves it

  371. M***e

    thanks! to my cats very like it.

  372. A***v

    out cool! in кошаки улете!!!)))

  373. 1***1

    absolutely love cat was first time, gave when wand. подсохла немножечко it now, грызёт with it, but less. hope сохранится грызения effect

  374. O***o

    all perfect. грызут cats and like very stick, and play with them.

  375. J***t

    My cats are indifferent for this sticks…

  376. J***l

  377. V***n

    walked long, no track. satisfied with cat

  378. A***v

    not cat my that delighted. have other балдеет cat)

  379. N***y

    заработатывать хвороста money as 🙂

  380. E***a

    чумится cat, rubbing, cute first reaction)))

  381. v***l

  382. g***m

    stick a month received. cat заинтересовалась. all ok.

  383. I***v

    like cat! and cast обгрыз cortex.))

  384. Y***I

    not much cat and поиграл забросил

  385. s***k

  386. G***o

    дошло, кайфует cat.

  387. I***h

    as реагировали валерьянку cat, терлись muzzle, грызли, no longer today.

  388. a***n

    20дней peter to of ordering. небыло need to communicate with the seller.

  389. e***l

    cat loved but wait a minute movements varied after started making out. like getting drunk. i was scared of a little.

  390. O***a

    fast shipping like cat

  391. Y***y

    Came fast, but my cats wasn’t interested in it so much.. Smelled it and tried to bite on it for 5 minutes and that’s it..

  392. A***v

    special not say what… and they are in wood logs of wood. cat торкнуло… but

  393. V***v

    very long despatching order seller. package шла волгограда to month. only in china отслеживался track. came without damage parcel. cat and cast поиграл stick one, so know true cats love it .. recommend this plant whether have the seller!

  394. O***a

    month have sticks. for star сняла despatching that the seller is very long. кайфует cat from them.

  395. S***c

    Cat loves it and constantly chews on it

  396. K***g

    thank you happy cat straight my very cool

  397. n***n

    excellent everything only палочкам проявила until cat my interest in

  398. A***a

    in less than a month волгоград came send. котам like, both played грызли and, corralled until the inaccessible places. понаблюдаю them how long it will be more interested дополню and feedback.

  399. I***v

    and it matches the description all. withdrew pad little отправлении goods with me. but, then решилось all good.

  400. T***n

    My cat likes that. thank you very much

  401. V***a

    My cat love this! 🙂

  402. V***a

    сошла as crazy cat, валерьянку as the reaction. package ооочень шла long, two more.

  403. A***n

    грызёт sticks cat, just from the балдеет валерьянки. same принесёт stick валерьянкой облитая effect.

  404. E***o

    about 1,5 months to shipping. oh. hit the chinese order ng probably have so дошло faster. cat main likes. on a stick повалялся first, then began to gnaw.

  405. k***k

    пришёл оренбурга month to order. normal packed) 5 pieces 1 have отдала cat) gnaws, like, but it is where and утащил)))

  406. J***a

    good. not only заказываю cat, a dog. not gnaws cat

  407. M***L

    She loves it so much

  408. Y***a

    customize 12.03 received 28.03 france (16 calendar days or 12 business days). i have had 5 pieces 3 big and 2 small. now it to see if my 3 cats will appreciate. i new rajouterai comment in few days. i love cats go j’espère.

  409. M***e

    smelly, tobacco дрянью some more and smell, january заказывала at the end of, box кинули march 28, first котам like, quickly but lost interest, toy once.

  410. O***a

    excellent item беснуется cat)

  411. E***a

    come to sticks нижегородскую area within a month. довольная cat. thank you very much seller. it me sticks обещанных instead of 5 6 later slightly more order

  412. E***a

    to come in all. but, alas, my left равнодушен cat.

  413. S***n

    especially something not stick on these cat кидаются…

  414. givecatsabetterlife.com


  415. Y***a

    branchlets wood, good smell, like cat, with and continues to wear down to the middle раздербанил one)

  416. M***r

    order received. satisfied cat. shipping more month.

  417. E***y

    My cats go crazy for these. Definitely will buy again.

  418. K***a

    item as the picture. играется and грызёт little cat one, draws attention not to a second. spb up to 2,5.

  419. N***v

    hub presell. дошел edge within 35 days. only отслеживался traffic border. match commodity description, recommend.

  420. M***a

    promised came stick stick. all standard)

  421. M***r

    my kids love it

  422. S***v

    addict as балдеет enthusiastic cat (back add it???)

  423. A***v

    branchlets delivered. immediately заинтересовалась cat. sometimes gnaws edge.

  424. A***v

    order come. shipping is very long. заморочки were. resolved. as all in the description, but they are not interested and cat cat. not the branchlets wood wooden short.

  425. M***o

    picture accurate my CAT the adora. now i will View si american clean teeth.

  426. R***n

  427. S***c

    Product is excelent,cants love it,I’m very satisfied. will buy definitly more

  428. I***a

    normal, but like cat. their gnaws it with pleasure playing.

  429. givecatsabetterlife.com

    very delicious, we all brother eaten for one day. adore

  430. A***a

  431. D***n

    cat try several, rub everything about them, play, but not грызут.

  432. P***n

    As described, cat enjoys them very much!

  433. T***v

  434. S***n

  435. M***r

    The item took a long time to get here but it was well worth the wait, my cats love it!

  436. A***n

  437. R***e

  438. A***v


  439. M***r

  440. m***m

  441. A***a

    отнеслась ambiguous cat. the игнорит, the gnaws, but sticks пропадают something you fast, hides, походу

  442. i***a

    выветрелись fast, missing interest

  443. A***j

    very good

  444. Q***n

  445. M***r

  446. D***n

  447. G***K

  448. O***m

  449. M***N

    Thank you

  450. givecatsabetterlife.com

    not interested in these wands cat.

  451. I***a

    like cats sticks

  452. I***v

    gnaws .. satisfied cat.

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  454. Y***s

  455. A***a

  456. f***f

  457. E***a

    just loves their cat. not заказываю first time.
    steel teeth in the best condition, these счищают sticks plaque.

  458. K***v

    mint stick, like cat.

  459. E***i

    thank you

  460. S***e

    five Sticks come, and CAT went crazy babeando, recommend

  461. A***n

    cat like, the second time buy.

  462. givecatsabetterlife.com

  463. R***v

    per pack five pieces and грызёт мусорит cat)))

  464. A***v

    One of the cats love it. Thank you

  465. L***z

    love cat.

  466. G***a

    enthusiastic cat. thanks пролавцу.

  467. givecatsabetterlife.com

    good product, fast delivery

  468. B***k

  469. I***k

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  471. givecatsabetterlife.com

    stop without gnaws surprisingly cat. stick sufficed day) like it. hope safe

  472. V***a

    returned money, goods not come

  473. N***a

    cat likes.

  474. D***v

    like cat

  475. I***i

  476. g***z

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  479. D***g

    looks very well

  480. n***e

  481. E***a

  482. A***y

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  484. A***v

  485. Y***o

  486. L***y

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  488. I***f

  489. M***s

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    my cat doesn’t react to this at all.

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  496. C***t

  497. l***i

  498. j***d

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  501. D***a


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  505. M***a

  506. A***a

  507. R***e

  508. S***r

  509. L***a

  510. T***a

  511. V***n

  512. n***r

    My cat loves them!!!

  513. J***R

    received!!! 2 month at the perm but delivered!!!!)))) first have this record return more’ll contact seller to!!! item examination and then… give британцу-cat to night i tip дополню!!!

  514. L***g

    my cat loves it!

  515. L***i

    enthusiastic котяра!

  516. E***a

  517. V***o

    like cat like, but quickly lost interest. but her cost in response! the only thing track фейковый gave seller-sediment bad оставило that. ivan груданов иваново of completely not i. track, of course, not отслеживался. delivery of the month тюмень more

  518. M***I

    1 bear passed to arrive. gift almıştım-friend

  519. K***y

    Great service. Fast processing. If not for previous delay in orders, I will give full stars for shipping.

  520. r***o

  521. O***B


  522. H***i

  523. m***a

  524. S***a

  525. A***v

  526. c***c

  527. L***a

  528. D***v

  529. A***V

  530. C***t

    Mon chat adore

  531. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Cat loves it. Thank you.

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  533. I***v

  534. M***a

  535. N***a

    cat испробую кошках on long but not like………

  536. G***a

    very interesting, very nice smell not, not just грыз cat поигрался ушёл 10 minutes, feeling in their отмачивали валерьянке)))

  537. I***y

    first cat погрыз выдохлась impregnation probably угас interest and then stick

  538. L***y

    Very fast delivery, my cats love it.. thank you

  539. A***v

  540. V***v

  541. givecatsabetterlife.com

  542. S***r

    Marche réellement
    Mon chat se frotte dessus, le machouille et adore !

  543. L***a

    studs, main and. play грызут.

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    Great item!

  545. t***t

  546. N***a

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    It was opened

  548. M***k

  549. E***e

  550. O***a

  551. P***e

  552. D***v

  553. O***m

  554. a***a

    went long made february 22, brought the postman 24. not отслеживалось. котику very like.

  555. L***c

    безума sticks from my cat, gnaws it it rubbing on it, урчит. it is appreciated their

  556. C***s

  557. D***c

  558. E***v

  559. V***y

    Mon chat adore !!

  560. H***a

  561. Y***s

  562. I***h

    like котику, too.

  563. V***m

    moscow came to within 30 days.

  564. A***l

    came not send nearly 4 month later. предлагал opening a dispute seller after close and wait for it. ali and engaging full refund.

  565. r***r

  566. l***l

  567. M***a

  568. I***y

  569. F***a

    free shipping fait very!

  570. K***a

  571. J***k

  572. s***a

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  574. N***o

  575. a***z

  576. L***a

  577. L***p

  578. M***o

  579. Y***v

    on wood растопку thought, baker stick for turned

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  581. c***o

    free shipping ORDER arrive in matching time.

  582. V***o

  583. e***e

    Very nice, my cat is in love with these sticks, I will buy more of them, think they have helped his teeth also 🙂 Very happy with this product, thank you

  584. F***r

  585. R***v

  586. d***a

  587. S***a

  588. M***r

  589. M***.

  590. p***o

  591. S***o

  592. N***y

  593. J***a

  594. Y***k

  595. P***d


  596. F***o

  597. r***s

  598. E***a

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