3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy

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3Pcs Funny Cat Toys Elastic Feather False Mouse Bottom Sucker Toys for Cat Kitten Playing Pet Seat Scratch Toy Pet Cat Products 3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB1kWckNVXXXXamapXXq6xXFXXXS 3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB1kWckNVXXXXamapXXq6xXFXXXS

3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy

Cute, small, light-weight, humorous.
Mini mouse made of top quality plush, non-toxic and don’t worry about pets taking part in time will likely be bruised mouth and nostril.
Cute form and vivid colors to draw the eye of pet instantly.
Pressed will sound and a chunk will ring, let your pets have enjoyable.
Make your pet really feel extra fascinating, energetic, nimbler.
Appropriate for small and medium-sized cats and canines play.

Materials: Plush plastic
Dimension: approx. 20 x 10cm/7.87 x three.93”
Amount: 3pcs
Colour: as image proven

3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB1h30IFVXXXXX2XXXXq6xXFXXXj three X False Mouse

3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy 3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB1hs7lNVXXXXasapXXq6xXFXXXN

3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy

Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy 3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB12LsqNVXXXXa3aXXXq6xXFXXXO

Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy

3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB17MIpNVXXXXc3aXXXq6xXFXXXl 3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB17GZDNVXXXXcmXFXXq6xXFXXXc 3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB1NQQONVXXXXb2XpXXq6xXFXXXp 3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB1jb7cNVXXXXagaFXXq6xXFXXXX 3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB1c5ACNVXXXXaxXVXXq6xXFXXXt 3pcs funny elastic feather cat toy 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy HTB1Yx3nNVXXXXaBaXXXq6xXFXXXu



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Mice & Animal Toys

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600 reviews for 3Pcs Funny Elastic Feather Cat Toy

  1. givecatsabetterlife.com

    about shipping month. satisfied overall i, only shortcomings stick-they and furniture laminated to our, but отваливаются couple seconds later, and here good stick on wooden chair leg

  2. A***a

    package three came, such for excellent toys, a spring коротковата sorry, кисуле but like, попались beautiful and color, thank you)

  3. L***a

    happy to cat playing

  4. C***n

    very hot, see time si-8105ql ca holds

  5. m***a

    enthusiastic cat but keeps no suction cup

  6. M***a


  7. s***a

    Very good Thanks

  8. M***v

    котам like!

  9. N***N

    am SOMETHING tiny, pensé the iban become More nor Is exaggerated Little BIG But free size, Is suitable new arrived and It COLORS More fine showy

  10. D***a

    it is 3 pcs, satisfied cat play bright

  11. R***a

    order made in 13-07-2017 and received in 25-10-2017, acing not worked. are super fragile, the first 10 minutes my cats destruiram the little mice the. but still loved and’ll buy new: d

  12. M***a

    Everything is great, product good quality, I’m satisfied. I recommend! 🙂 Thank you!

  13. O***n

    all cats love so much that toy 🙂 thanks

  14. T***a

  15. M***a

    three come. things cool. hold surface well.
    оценила cat))

  16. e***k

    пришёл order, returned-opened dispute. честному everything.

  17. l***a

    grade! enthusiastic cat!!!! thank you!

  18. P***s

    as mouse mouse. such price for standard

  19. H***a

    суперские pieces, cat love to play, бесятся with them!!!

  20. Y***o

    toy good, enthusiastic cat

  21. U***a

    fast shipping things cool! recommend seller

  22. givecatsabetterlife.com

    toy good, but keeps velcro bad. less shipping month.

  23. a***r

    expected them to be bigger but they are nice

  24. D***a

    suction cup fits evil-1st, mouse is with hanging hook tail slightly hazardous

  25. V***a

    3,5 дошло. quality super, almost no smell, fur is soft) very like a cat

  26. A***a

    Item as described. Thank you seller.

  27. Y***h

    put one red and pink two, times играется cat, but more than spring gnaws мышу very

  28. I***o

    ‘m sorry, suction cup not that keeps the ламинате. кайфовые toys. recommend

  29. givecatsabetterlife.com

    hot.-true description

  30. V***n

    mouse super, like cat

  31. N***a

    first заинтересовалась cat, long, worth without case!

  32. V***T

    3 pink mouses so cute. My cat ignore them but it’s so kawaii

  33. O***a

    came quickly, fully compliant with the description, only one keeps sucker toy. i do not take become star for it, вклеить когтеточку toys of equal to all.

  34. T***a

    super fast shipping goods is good.

  35. A***a

    all ok. thank you

  36. m***o

    nice product but my cat doesn’t like them…

  37. K***o

    fun toy. satisfied cat. it is 3 toys. мятая sucker stick and in one female. important is like and cat

  38. K***o

    thank you. passed all successfully. satisfied. recommend.

  39. L***s

    cats are pleased! so that matters that’s all thank you 🙂

  40. T***o

    was 10 заказано seller in different positions. all come. moscow received in 15 days. and very satisfied swiftness seller and delivery. of no. thank you!!

  41. O***k

    сьел handsome my 2 week, still keeps three))

  42. O***a

    have 3 pcs, is not high, look slightly different online. enthusiastic kotofey)

  43. N***v

    all ok! good toys, and fast shipping! cat satisfied. order can safely!

  44. M***a

    cat безума from them. прятать their account, and it to успокоилась поспала)

  45. S***a

    клевые toys, satisfied animal) играются with them, not нарадуются

  46. A***.

    perfect. love my cat.

  47. A***Z

    toy good. not like cat, fancy пришлись children and. доехали moscow 24 days to

  48. n***a

    three weeks delivery могилев. not hold velcro on the floor. not even keeps suction cups of mirror. apparently marriage. like cat!

  49. givecatsabetterlife.com

    super toys, the cat can watch tinker))

  50. J***l

    Very cute. My cats love these toys.

  51. A***r

    крепиться bad, but like котенку

  52. T***a

    excellent all!!! recommend!!!

  53. W***a

    Hello! My product arrived in good condition and on time. Very happy with the purchase. I point the store.

  54. A***o

    fully compliant with the description. дошло quickly. satisfied cat. thanks to seller. recommend.

  55. A***a

    thank you!)

  56. K***n

    all is excellent, fast shipping like котенку

  57. A***n

  58. C***r

  59. D***a

    good toys, like cat. seller recommend sent fast, match all photo.

  60. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Arrived! Very fast shipping, very good product!
    Thank you very much! 🙂

  61. V***a

    Cool. I like it. Stable!
    Thanks, seller ✌

  62. A***o

  63. A***.

    присылает all different colors. cool, small. not playing kitty my true. other apparently interests 🙂

  64. H***a

    match price, all good toys but have different color, red, beige pink. basically like just love pink)

  65. V***n

    order come. packed well. all not fixed. заинтересовалась while cat. advice to buy!

  66. H***t

    Thanks a lot! Cat happy – so I am happy 🙂

  67. V***o

    normal, can take like cat

  68. g***n

  69. N***a

    enthusiastic cat

  70. T***o

    excellent toys, cat satisfied, отходит неё on охотится and not) 3x moscow weeks to about. recommend.

  71. e***r

    perfect! un10 To loveliness communication seller. my CAT This very happy!

  72. N***d

    really super.
    and odorless quality delighted cat toy ….))))

  73. M***r

    My cat loves these! Started playing with them as soon as I set them up!

  74. A***k

    funny toys, but my cat play not with the why. dull. крыма to only 15 days delivery of the.

  75. C***c

    She liked it much

  76. t***k

    It is cute !!! My cat was crazy and said to you : ” Meowe !!! “( Thanks !!! )

  77. S***a

    Very good toys for cats. Thank you

  78. A***r

  79. givecatsabetterlife.com

    match commodity description, not поиграл cat a pair of the time and interesting. kittens will fit for

  80. N***a

    normal goods, about a month walking.

  81. K***o

  82. l***l

  83. N***a

    beautiful mouse keeps a spring (last come). only for velcro minus-beauty, is from the word keeps. if on a flat surface sideways mold and 5мин повисит-falling,-lino vertically on if immediately drops.
    well and note рандомные what colors. i have red, pink светлорозовая mouse.

  84. givecatsabetterlife.com

    3 toys delivery of the month, общалась not the seller. have not personally видела toys, cat at least one but interested. bell rattles, лепится suction cup, xd paw shock after слетела toy true may прикрепили unsuccessful. relatively cheap toys and normal)

  85. A***A

    hold bad sucker, отваливаются. spring can be in any way but somewhere else, such as and sofa шкафом between slit in. cat, without rest all night хренью this бренчал…

  86. T***a

    packed well. 3 pcs set like cat. hold on the mirror like

  87. I***A

    playing kitten. satisfied i.

  88. O***g

    all, but not appreciated cat

  89. T***a

    cool toy enthusiastic studs! thank you!

  90. K***l

    stunning toys, immediately заинтересовалась cat. whole all have, different color. thank you!

  91. V***a

    toy very cute. true думала, повыше that will like котейке. come. seller thanks to seller. order more’ll.

  92. c***l

    free extra long time but it so i understand orders for christmas!!! fun multi color 2 kittens but not fit vacuum super hot!! otherwise hésiter price there’s no.!!!

  93. a***t

    so beautiful kedilerim he loved it… thanks 🙂

  94. C***s

    Everything is OK. Thanks

  95. c***d

    small single product.

  96. I***v

    отслеживался number. cat happy. присососка good.

  97. S***v

    cat bought, play together with a dog. наверно сгрызут-long not be enough. but very satisfied. points.

  98. R***s

    cat toy is very good

  99. M***U

    very nice thanks

  100. A***V

    came toys. заинтересоваллся cat.

  101. r***e

    very funny

  102. D***C

    Nice product, by my cat is still not impressed.

  103. N***a

    all class! quickly come than the picture reality in красивей) seller молодец!!!

  104. m***a

  105. V***n

    as in description. 3 pcs

  106. I***a

    not ламинату присасываются but to good toys. so so to not playing cat

  107. R***a

    to seller thank you satisfied

  108. givecatsabetterlife.com

    product same as picture. very fast shipping. all perfect

  109. D***v

    standards. satisfied with cat

  110. O***A

    good toy, until проникся cat, but i like,-track number отслеживался))) large only have russian post to claim

  111. K***s

    I expected them to stick to more surfaces but overall my cat has played with this and it hasn’t fallen apart. good seller.

  112. L***a

    котиков toys great, it only 30 minutes поигрались надоел it

  113. O***h

    as photo! excellent toy! not отходит cat, thank you

  114. S***o

    funny toys, оценила cat. only one выдала as toy таскает for everywhere for it. clearly.

  115. givecatsabetterlife.com


  116. E***n

    my cat likes it very much, but it doesnt stick;)

  117. D***e

    guma nesilaiko, neprilimpa

  118. M***z

    Great seller! All goods received extremelly quickly! 🙂 The only minus is the color of mouse toys. Totally different than on the picture (most of the toys I received are pink).

  119. E***a

    fun toys. cat like.

  120. M***e

    merciii lot fast shipping

  121. G***n

  122. N***a

    3 things come to not ламинату приклеились, only подошёл refrigerator and

  123. K***p

    overall молодцы but so прилипла липли all one and two not отлипала …..

  124. I***G

  125. V***l

  126. d***d

    all super!!! to seller thank you!!! цокотят bright and toys

  127. E***k

    cool game. like котику. minus have one. приклеиваются bad. strong my kitty whether very, whether the weak sucker. котика takes this toy is very long. play 2 hours without my stop.

  128. givecatsabetterlife.com

    покупала when, not ожидала, their will three, small and they will. but really is even better. holds sucker quite good. satisfied overall)

  129. A***n

    funny toys. flat throughout for cat set) everything as in description. keeps помята suction cup slightly and not only one. the rest and everything as expected. true were riding long…

  130. e***a

  131. D***v

    cat like! month delivery over свердловскую area.

  132. O***a

    3 дошел peter in order. really goods! sucker toy good quality and very good. satisfied cat, отдирает таскает surfaces and in the teeth and all the time. very’s they like. thanks to seller.

  133. o***s


  134. G***n

    so so-really humdinger. very хлипкая velcro, so you attach it is so it is still to attack and non-отклеивалась выдерживала cat real. веревочку tied the door handle for total in i. and oh not say highly appreciated kitty to. wine stopper from playing with great interest, with this product than.

  135. M***a

    All is OK.I recommend this seller

  136. N***o


  137. J***e

  138. S***a

    great toy! котам like very, glass are attached to the good, mirror surfaces. recommend!

  139. T***a

    appeared the three pieces in one order that)))

  140. a***y


  141. givecatsabetterlife.com

    good toys, like cat. carelessly glued размазано excess glue multi-items only for “wool. gnaws because these toys cat and, glue of too. hope it is not toxic.

  142. G***u

    my cats are fan… they love fun.

  143. D***S

  144. D***k

    he loves it 🙂

  145. A***o

  146. G***h

    suction cup game cool. cat play

  147. M***a

    Everything ok

  148. givecatsabetterlife.com

    serious seller. product very satisfied. thanks
    very fast delivery

    (serious seller. very satisfied with the product. thank you
    very fast delivery)

  149. M***s

  150. R***o

    stick very well. cats like them. got 3 random colors

  151. givecatsabetterlife.com

    very like cat mouse, lover of it, 2 minutes already through пришивали tail true)) bright interesting, mo walked only long 2, so and all good thank you, mouse 3 come

  152. N***a

    it is 3 pieces! присасывается bad, but оценила cat!

  153. K***n

    guzel but may take longer to arrive to mucize urunler surdu

  154. K***a

    моск up to 10 days delivery., very fast, thank you

  155. givecatsabetterlife.com

    fast shipping week 3. velcro fasten well. happy cat)))

  156. O***t

  157. A***z

    super cat play, super long time by hand.

  158. c***k

    only 10 days the journey netherlands made so fast! is not on the composite, but sign under the good, wonder if they you go.

  159. V***h

    mouse оторвал kitty my per minute. mouse like it-yourself but). true ненадолго sufficed))

  160. O***o

  161. E***a

  162. E***k

    mouse good, but not нравяться cat. as photo. thank you.

  163. givecatsabetterlife.com

  164. I***o

    Shipping very fast only 10 days spain. las figment such as seen pictures.

  165. D***l

    3 weeks and working good. 3hét alatt megérkezett és a cicának tetszik nagyon.

  166. S***n

    AMAZING!! So happy with this purchase, good quality and came so so quick to New Zealand, only 1 week. A+++

  167. I***a

  168. H***A

    very good, the cats liked

  169. C***t

    Excuse me, confused these (which have been delivered) with the orange simple mouse.

  170. E***n

    came in time. hope the kitten likes it

  171. a***n

    tesekkurler arrives on time and is the same as the fotolardakinin

  172. M***e

    Different colour than pictured but otherwise it seems like a good product!

  173. e***e

  174. E***n

    they’re ok, just all the same colour but I don’t mind. my kitten likes them!

  175. A***o

    standards. small

  176. givecatsabetterlife.com

  177. O***a

    came quickly. good. but stick to the bad.

  178. givecatsabetterlife.com

    excellent! very cute and firm, my CATS loved.

  179. L***n

    super cat toy my! i recommend! shipping time long.

  180. F***n

    metal is pretty hard rod is as high as the picture but my çhaton brand very nice:)

  181. T***o

    cat. 2 week to дошли toys ukraine. all is excellent.

  182. givecatsabetterlife.com

    toddler high and thought it be increased

  183. N***o

    прибыло fast, toys faux fur stray smell feel like cat)

  184. L***n

    like the pictures, my cat loves them

  185. givecatsabetterlife.com

  186. L***R

    delivery fast, matches the description toy

  187. K***o

    packed well goods, match the description, satisfied cat, thanks to seller. same toys 3 colors. after 10 minutes поотрывала cat шестимесячная my game tails, not know how much they проживут more, but think long

  188. 9***9

    for the price, really liked. enthusiastic cat

  189. O***g

    москву шла package in 2 week. great for 78 usd. advise. very happy cat main

  190. M***a

    cat toy from enthusiastic. very long about 20 cm. 3 per бубенчика no. only крепиться hard glass furniture and floor to stick. went 3,5 weeks. box кинули parcel. not trackable.

  191. H***e

    My cat loves it . lol . The problem was that he liked it so much it got destroyed after one day

  192. N***a

    cat like!

  193. Y***v

  194. M***e

  195. S***g

    all is excellent, 14 days delivery, suction cup, cat satisfied!,!

  196. givecatsabetterlife.com

  197. S***y

    cool! cat playing! advice!!!

  198. V***a

    thank you very much seller, goods in perfect condition and пришёл very fast, order more’ll

  199. p***z

    be take off, no very firm

  200. S***i

    there my cat toys

  201. T***a

    заказывала 30.01.18, 13.02.18 пришёл order. very fast, ожидала even. cool game, whole. no bad smell. each bag in separate запакована mouse has been together with suction cup all-match not липнет suction cup. such as not to floor приклеилась no, and here липнет smooth surfaced. cat like, satisfied and so)

  202. T***e

    заказала 21.01.17, 13.02.18 come. this is normal. all-match. until cat but playing. not присасывается suction cup and one. to seller thank you very much. business good luck

  203. g***v

  204. E***h

    3 иркутск come in, cat like. to the glass лепится good, keeps ламинату to.

  205. s***i

    cool, very like my котёнку

  206. u***i

    thank you goods in thank in 30 days

  207. I***a

  208. A***a

    The cat is absolutely happy . Thank you

  209. B***z

  210. t***t

    good toys, play in love with kitty

  211. F***a

    extremely cute and the cat loves it

  212. O***a

    match commodity description, gregarious seller, russia post by long walking in order. to seller.

  213. Z***e

    Happy cats 🙂

  214. givecatsabetterlife.com

    spring single regret toy can’s too short.

  215. D***v

    great toy for cat and recommend to this seller!)

  216. M***n

    knife chats adores

  217. givecatsabetterlife.com

    all likes

  218. D***a

    straight brand only fixed. all they are interesting cat

  219. I***i

    idea, but one to attach until smooth surface. medium quality.

  220. S***a

  221. givecatsabetterlife.com

    very nice, accurate fashion descripcion

  222. M***r

  223. givecatsabetterlife.com

  224. givecatsabetterlife.com

    ordered 10.02, it is 26.02!! super!!

  225. E***P

    3. cat toy appreciated, but that’s they hold bad, only to приклеились refrigerator.

  226. T***s

    My cats love these. They stick very well!

  227. A***i

    toys have of a month, отслеживался track. toy packed in individual three bags. понавилось all

  228. a***a

    or just glued to the glass mirror. spb учётом with 14 days fast chinese new year. cool)))

  229. N***a

    delivery fast, 2 arrived russian, this large plus! sent 30.01, to russia прибыло 14.02. центрам сортировочным for walking gone on and, received in total 1.03.
    toy no smell, склеена bad, отваливаются ponytails. приклеила hot melt adhesive on ponytails i immediately.

  230. T***a

    thank you seller! quickly come goods, damaged one. everybody like in description. recommend!

  231. l***l

    My cat not play :(, but it play with notting.

  232. E***a

    дошла подмосковья parcel to within 16 days. without mouse one, single hole with suction cup, therefore your performing function. so only four star. see monster пушистому our how these toys enough.

  233. f***r

  234. D***e

    cool toy just a little bit of her sypie;-)

  235. k***n

    Awesome product, our cats love these

  236. D***n

    came quickly. suction cup three one not to what not fixed (marriage)

  237. a***a

    keeps bad, cute pieces but

  238. I***a

  239. A***m

    very fast delivery!!! it all!!! studs

  240. V***a

    match commodity description, all ok

  241. P***v

    from балдеет just cat toy

  242. V***k

    accurate description. fast shipping cat like, sleeping even next. seller recommend.

  243. T***a

    a couple of weeks peter shipping. all is not bad, in addition, is much more cat заинтересовала packaging, than toy.
    котятам is possible, not котам adult)

  244. I***a

    cat really liked посылочку opened once i. отвалился nose потрепаны one and a little. and приклею normal. 4-ку for the goods. 3недели for it.

  245. i***a

    20дней through received. packed well. have cat appreciated. good toy.

  246. E***a

    cat playing. all satisfied.

  247. y***h

    hold bad sucker.

  248. R***v

    match commodity description, shipping fast.

  249. K***v

    wish all one color. пофиг cat.

  250. I***p

    Product as described.

  251. E***a

    very fast delivery so, поняла even i, namely have this they. price toys факту by (28 rr/pcs), even i said have, for this expensive. wacky materials, липнет bad, smell. only the first проявила cat toy interest in my 10 minutes, отвалилась toy which for four times. no more to day cat toy подходила. i липнет plastic to better to than кафелю

  252. v***y

    very lovely cat давала later will not more)

  253. D***y

    such a low price for pretty nice, like my pet entertainment,-weak and cons of course have spring suction cup плоходержащаяся, even подготовленной. but then saves, three toys set cat play giving mind if, is long enough. вообщем, looking good version save

  254. V***a

    mouse come. beautiful, fluffy are good or mirror tile. active cat playing) mouse each packed separately, suction cup for separate.

  255. givecatsabetterlife.com

    suction cup bad, but overall like cat

  256. A***a

  257. N***s

    cats play.

  258. M***o

    spb to fast.

  259. E***c

  260. Y***v

    заинтересовалась not usually crazy toys special cat. so, пнула all once a pair of.
    yourself and well toys, as far as possible high quality made. delivery fast, straight into закинули mailbox.

  261. R***r

    it. слабенько packed. in general, all is excellent.

  262. D***a

    game very cool! enthusiastic cat

  263. givecatsabetterlife.com

    20 days have very fast. cool, single tail cat откусила)))

  264. s***s

    package ехала long very, likely sent late, pussy but fun.

  265. V***v

    satisfied with cat

  266. J***a

    suction cup keeps the bad surfaces, but enthusiastic cat

  267. M***a

    excellent toys, quality is good. but not like cat, not become играться. table стеклянному floor and are good to

  268. S***a

    enthusiastic studs. clearly not toys in long enough, хлипенькая

  269. M***n

    good dog cat quality worthy

  270. l***l

    would like, kitty… but same sent two satisfied, playing.

  271. A***a

    shipping платную брала cina post registered air mail, 27 days delivered. mirror attached glossy surface and намертво. заинтересовалась dog, cat отвезу as планировалось.

  272. A***a

    дошло of a month, packed in a bag. same 2 put

  273. V***o

    crimea delivery within 10 days. as all in description. small dog it seems quite me kittens, cat разодрал клочья in minutes a pair of the 7 months it. but still left 2 pieces. worth your money!!!

  274. S***e

  275. h***h

    wind chimes without 2 were мышек 3-х of. marriage. like to all cat.

  276. D***v

    went out for long holidays. match

  277. e***a

    fun toys. enthusiastic cat. advise.

  278. A***k

    very like cat mouse, velcro are completely not true. order received 03.02.18 12.03.18

  279. A***a

    good toy. котику likes.

  280. T***a

    enthusiastic cat!!!! thank you!!!

  281. I***a

    cute and funny. suction cup weak

  282. P***g

  283. v***i

    cute игушки but not velcro keep, need приклеивать

  284. s***a

    cat like, walking long true.

  285. givecatsabetterlife.com


  286. Y***a

  287. a***a

  288. givecatsabetterlife.com

    хлипкие slightly, suction cup keep bad, toys of to collect, good, unclench can wire, tail скрепить and squeeze and body. разорванном подъезде in boxes on postage found in package, определила at the package that предназначался me to our претензия-but this, seller not

  289. givecatsabetterlife.com

    will in such price for, toys but is not enough, носов, вылазит and wool

  290. R***v

    it all. thank you. имнусы only, and our липнут bad this безразличны little cat

  291. givecatsabetterlife.com

  292. givecatsabetterlife.com

    came package fast, not know how поиграться cat enough, but проявила interest, прилипали паркетной to board, but no one прилипли very bell

  293. m***a

    лепятся bad, garbage, not know why bought

  294. S***a

    all is excellent. seller recommend.

  295. M***c

    genial! safe that le charms the mi cat!

  296. Y***o

    as all in description. thank you!

  297. F***n

    very fast shipping

  298. M***a

    only keeps mirror.

  299. E***v


  300. A***n

    very satisfied to the glass sucker cat toys;) thank you!!!

  301. A***v

    and it is satisfied котейка important! отходит not from it. suction cup пристает polishing to bad, and here to glass standards

  302. N***a

    item as the picture but, unfortunately, not glued to the floor. may is too small or velcro quality. with this придётся something. like котам

  303. s***l

    fine not sticky, more perfect

  304. V***y

    fluffy satisfied. shipping fast.

  305. a***n


  306. A***l

    владивостока month to. full set. reliable seller, recommend.

  307. V***a

    walking товрар month. my favorite come. burgundy and one pink two.

  308. givecatsabetterlife.com

    thank you, приколные

  309. L***a

    pretty made order soon. so so toy but very. it is not keeps cat paw once and all стукнул отваливается. good that is worth cheap
    ! and better more expected!

  310. givecatsabetterlife.com

    пришёл тварь fast) toy satisfied very fitted therefore very poorly, soft touch but

  311. s***v

    shipping fast. seller recommend to everyone. five stars. thank you.

  312. T***K

    воронежа walking in order to half month. mouse good, звенят bells in. satisfied cat) of минусов: one without mouse and one holds bad suction cup.

  313. E***a

    mo came in the package, satisfied studs

  314. e***z

    goods not отслеживался, but not bad toy

  315. M***v

    not отслеживался, shipping half month, found in parcel mail box. so so velcro, standards in the rest

  316. givecatsabetterlife.com

    of marriage for star 4 suction cup. delivery fast, отслеживался good, like cat. children too. sorry, other color-red.

  317. n***a

    keep not suction cup (

  318. T***a

  319. givecatsabetterlife.com

  320. A***a

    quality super!

  321. g***a

    defective пришёл one, but like cat

  322. K***a

    month to slightly larger walked хабаровска. thank you)

  323. givecatsabetterlife.com

    but it does not have the same 2 all excellent страшного what.

  324. V***v

  325. S***o

  326. v***c

    like cat

  327. 8***8

    cat брала, playing oh …. also not bad daughter) things cool.

  328. V***a

    normal, нифига stick only none, cat but like main звенят

  329. G***n

  330. N***a

    to good toys, cat play no smell

  331. givecatsabetterlife.com

    all-match. thank you!!!

  332. P***h

  333. O***n

    cool toy!!! immediately cat my like, only first with it as show him to play. hours understood and directly played. give two придётся apparently toys three, home and please want хвостиков familiar. toys walked long.

  334. E***a

    not rated cat. 4. without tracking. keeps on glass perfectly.

  335. K***a

    very cool toy, 3 pcs as a set cat playing, attached only smooth surface. these great product money!

  336. N***a

  337. P***i

    Very fast skipping and good quality. My cat is happy so I am happy too! Thank you seller!

  338. k***k

    same three come, crooked glued, and wool отваливаются eyes.

  339. M***y

    put in package email box all the whole, rated until cat.

  340. i***n

    as all in the description, delivery of the month, thrown into the mailbox.

  341. P***x

    hot very pretty recues

  342. M***k

    My cat loves it.

  343. s***s

  344. V***v

    great toy for your money

  345. V***a

    good goods

  346. A***O

    order thank you received, fast shipping excellent shop fast shipping cool toys for kids котиком likes. excellent shop recommend.

  347. I***k

    заказала москву received 17.03 in 12.02, заьавные things, play bought will know gift cat, stray smell no.

  348. E***a

    good toys, like cat! minus the not that sucker on hold than (

  349. R***v

    fast shipping cat like! thank you seller!

  350. G***g

    enthusiastic was cat 1 day

  351. E***a

  352. V***v

    cool, but and 5 minutes without mouse one sufficed cat tail. came одноглазая one more oh.

  353. O***a

    long shipping, but enthusiastic cat)

  354. t***t

    suitable for kittens, отрывают adult, suction cup weak.

  355. P***v

    so so, glass only keeps…

  356. y***k

    поглядел понюхал, playing small said let

  357. H***k

    1 suction cap useless.

  358. O***a

    month дошёл moscow to order. cool mouse заценили studs. quality, of course, so so, but over money so perfect. single mouse red two pink. recommend! thank you seller!

  359. givecatsabetterlife.com

    all received 3 as in the description, spa сибо!

  360. M***y

  361. S***a

    funny toys, cat. long walked

  362. P***y

  363. A***v

  364. a***a

    ordered 16.02, received 24.03, bad shipment, thanks to seller. track not trackable. прилепил refrigerator to, котэ играется love to have.

  365. E***a

    thank you

  366. E***a

    cat, are intact wallpaper) all delivered safe and sound

  367. givecatsabetterlife.com

    good toy, общалась not the seller. no need

  368. givecatsabetterlife.com

    good toys, such price but over long enough on course, please do not be pet.

  369. givecatsabetterlife.com

    even on glass suction cup keeps bad

  370. givecatsabetterlife.com

  371. e***a

    wonderful toys, and i and cat enthusiastic

  372. K***a

    idea, but when вылетает держалки silicone spring will play their starting immediately cat, glue stick to

  373. P***v

    no expensive and funny toys. like my very cat.

  374. v***a

    cat play. s. all satisfied. thank you.

  375. givecatsabetterlife.com

    good toys, like cat

  376. N***a

    three pieces come. pink two, one yellow. springs small about 15 cm. the glass surface keeps good,-the rest.
    not to hold some i sewn on ponytails metal rings.
    кошак enthusiastic.

  377. givecatsabetterlife.com


  378. a***n

    Thank you for good quality items, will recommend this seller.

  379. u***a

    good toys, бубенчиками with. prefers other cat toy

  380. L***o

  381. E***a

    not sucker keep, out cool and so, walked long not отследивались

  382. t***o

    satisfied кашка cool game, two months walking in order

  383. E***A

    half month .. very long awaited киске .. but really liked. playing time.

  384. givecatsabetterlife.com

    like cat one ripped immediately!

  385. Z***o

  386. M***a

    quality not much, but such and cat сойдет money.

  387. givecatsabetterlife.com

    игрушечки vivid cute, and hold on the refrigerator good mirror, отлетают, with others.

  388. givecatsabetterlife.com

    cool toy sorry пофиг cat (

  389. M***K

    Good product.

  390. N***a

    not particularly cat with играется but not it. smell not, quality normal. no bell toys one.

  391. I***k

    cool game, odor no. sucker stick is defective and proved one. stick more good, but keep long. like me, равнодушна stayed cat and. поиграет then can. умничка seller, promptly sent goods delivered too fast and all. recommend.

  392. K***a

    sent different color, tile приклеивать only, all not suitable. laminated on should not, lino keeps also on. cat like)

  393. l***l

    good toys. come to the quantity 3 pieces, red yellow pink. although sometimes отклеиваются неплохие velcro.

  394. givecatsabetterlife.com

    funny toys. this long минусов of parcel is only and attached.

  395. A***n

    great toy! absolutely love cat! to seller thank you recommend!

  396. L***a

    looks good, jusl like the picture, fast delivery (less than 14 days)

  397. V***o

    good toys, color only have others but it is not scary, more like me)

  398. l***l

    goods received, cat, small they height about 25 cm, standards are sucker, best to glass course. later will do photo

  399. R***a

  400. h***y

    product is just fine. arrived very quickly. thanks.

  401. I***a

    good toys, are good, cat appreciated, thank you)

  402. M***a

    toy good, котам like. for goods come 1,5 month, but think our виновата mail

  403. g***g

    are bad намочишь until

  404. givecatsabetterlife.com

    -matching toys mebase. just as cup just slip it in spring and it is easily defeated. but very funny. thanks

  405. V***a

    appraised cat toy) минусов: not attached to the floor, only to the glass/fade and metal.

  406. givecatsabetterlife.com

  407. a***v

    not отслеживался track, длинее they thought, but like cat standards

  408. E***a

    slightly larger калининграда month to shipping. packed well. god славо and cat play) not long enough, but their three))

  409. D***p

    it is all the description, of course is such price but over and quality, and very and strong suction cup олезает all держиться

  410. givecatsabetterlife.com

  411. N***a

  412. A***y

    like like cat

  413. I***a

    the sticking part is not so good, had to use tape, but in general nice

  414. K***e

    My cat will love it

  415. J***a

  416. O***a

  417. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Not sticking well anywhere except glass.

  418. givecatsabetterlife.com

  419. A***a

    cool. like a cat

  420. N***a

    interesting not cat

  421. N***a

  422. Y***a

  423. A***c

  424. b***y

  425. O***a

    excellent toys, plastic лепятся to, hold and long пружинят! sorry, 🙁 that they do not like my cat

  426. h***a

  427. givecatsabetterlife.com

    great for cat кошмарилки))) went long

  428. L***a

  429. s***v

  430. A***o

  431. V***a

  432. T***s

  433. M***m

  434. A***v

    for your good goods price. cat like! seller recommend!
    its for product good price. the seller recommend i!

  435. A***o

    hold bad sucker, but enthusiastic studs

  436. M***r

    the cats love it

  437. P***v

    small suction cup. keeps ламинате not completely not on. 3 pcs was included spring открепила from one to play with.

  438. V***a

  439. S***x

  440. T***s

  441. i***v

  442. N***a

  443. givecatsabetterlife.com

  444. givecatsabetterlife.com

    like this котику toy from the surface of the only отлипается very fast

  445. R***y

  446. givecatsabetterlife.com

  447. Y***a

  448. I***a

    very like cat

  449. Y***i

  450. O***a

    shipped quickly, not отслеживалось. quality normal. not interested cat (but such price for good. 3x have different colors.

  451. N***a

    come order of a month, satisfied quality. only 3 pieces. really liked котикам!

  452. O***a

    not safe, of iron торчал toys in one female pin the tail, пасть воткнуться could укусе that when the cat. so quality toy: have no one eye, лезет pile, wrinkled small suction cup, присасываются bad.

  453. E***k

    Cute toy!

  454. O***a

  455. M***i

  456. k***n

  457. R***k

  458. A***a

  459. V***a

  460. V***v

    отслеживался track, were riding long. satisfied cat

  461. D***a

  462. e***a

  463. givecatsabetterlife.com

    velcro bad, прилипилось only. not заинтересовался cat.

  464. G***a

    thank you, came quickly.

  465. I***a

    cat like!

  466. S***s

  467. R***a

  468. N***a

  469. A***x

  470. M***c


  471. r***h

    very nice one of the cat plays with it the other one not.

  472. D***v

    pretty hard spring. satisfied cat.

  473. o***o

    приколтные cat заценила))))

  474. J***a

  475. M***i

  476. k***v

  477. E***m

    fun thing, but our not appreciated toy cat (cattle). передаривать will toys. it included 3 pieces. went very long, slightly longer about one month.

  478. J***V

    like cat.

  479. O***B

    thank you! all like in the description, mouse three. is not true cats, but it is not wine seller.

  480. A***a

    long shipping, to 2 month новосибирской area. description, need to do with that have not understood as cat

  481. S***v

    thank you

  482. J***a

  483. givecatsabetterlife.com

  484. V***a

  485. I***e

  486. s***s

    incomplete come for 4 weeks. tape замотанный come in. toys are not bad sucker and weight keep, but it is not cat with played остановило умилением!)

  487. R***e

    Great thanks

  488. t***t

  489. P***l

  490. V***a

  491. Y***N

  492. givecatsabetterlife.com

  493. M***y

  494. I***o

  495. E***a

  496. I***a

  497. a***a

    упанаконец today is received. not completely hold sucker. packed bad. помялись suction cup (can not therefore hold)

  498. I***o

    3мышки came, to the floor присасываются good, and понюхал ушёл cat. mouse but when taken in hand, become her willing to play, so it turned more interesting

  499. givecatsabetterlife.com

  500. l***l

  501. V***a

  502. Z***i

  503. Y***a

  504. V***i

  505. l***a

    super, cat appreciated!!!!!

  506. V***v

    foreign smell not, daily херачит cat with it, flipped sofa all have

  507. A***a

    it is very fast, котам. recommend

  508. S***a

  509. S***i

  510. D***s

  511. n***a

    very long time to wait

  512. t***t

  513. T***a

  514. G***a

  515. E***a

  516. I***o

    fun toys. играются отобрали like yourself the cat children running around

  517. V***a

    all good) like them all like true cat)) освоилась probably more!)

  518. Z***r

    super!!!!!! кошарику зашло, it delighted)))))

  519. R***t

    thanks. funny toys play my cat.

  520. m***k

    all like the picture thank you

  521. A***v

  522. A***a

  523. G***o

  524. A***z

  525. a***v

  526. givecatsabetterlife.com

    order received. our cases are not. like playing cat. шумит toy, tail loose, in general recommended!

  527. E***a

  528. M***a

  529. givecatsabetterlife.com

  530. givecatsabetterlife.com

    velcro + good. worthy of quality.
    -long. no cat playing.

  531. givecatsabetterlife.com

    cat satisfied. seller not общались, immediately after all sent.

  532. E***i

    as pictured

  533. N***a

  534. X***s

  535. A***a

  536. givecatsabetterlife.com

  537. S***a

    thank you, all perfect!

  538. V***o

  539. N***A

    really super mouse.
    enthusiastic studs))))

  540. J***a

    such as отреагировала cat. 3 дошел order.

  541. A***y

  542. givecatsabetterlife.com

  543. J***u

  544. c***e

  545. E***a

  546. N***a

  547. Z***a

    funny toys kitty satisfied.

  548. B***l

    very cute toys my ferret and cats love it. only 3rt long taken before it was

  549. c***i

  550. o***a

  551. O***a

  552. V***n

  553. B***m

  554. M***a

    not all surfaces липнет) a dog котика весёлая so)

  555. U***l

    these are absolutely adorable. I ordered them as a gift for my friends cat and she has fallen in love with them so has the cat! The heads are very soft so if it bounces back and hits your pet or anything else it will not harm him. Great product highly recommended.

  556. V***l

    Cute! My kitty loves them! Carries them around with her all over…

  557. L***a

    thank you.

  558. givecatsabetterlife.com

  559. J***k

  560. n***n

  561. l***a

    came toys. cat 5 min. and познакомилась gone, then it will be interested do not know how.

  562. s***s

  563. D***n

    Very fast delivery
    good quality

  564. E***a

  565. K***e

  566. Y***a

    simple, money these are not rub high 30. отваливаются constantly, cat although interested.

  567. A***t

    suction cup and keeps the линолеуме not ламинате. need perfect smooth surface, type glasses. also not cat interesting.

  568. J***a

    good thing. котятам. all like in description.

  569. givecatsabetterlife.com

    fast delivery. toys good

  570. s***s

  571. F***n

  572. E***N

  573. T***k

  574. A***y

  575. I***o

    long and went отслеживалось top only, but клевые toys. cat like. stick firmly on the refrigerator. minus assembled toy huge but have iron on needle staples. unattended cat play to give not.

  576. J***a

    Very nice gadget. Low price and so much fun! Thank you!

  577. A***t

    perfect!!! occasionally my cat play with!

  578. R***o

  579. E***a

  580. R***n

  581. L***a

  582. p***p

  583. O***k

  584. M***v

  585. C***n

  586. o***a

    walked very long лаже protection product is over. but come it pleases. refrigerator or glass only u липнут velcro. разыаливаются fast… foam inside, cat playing ..

  587. e***a

  588. A***e

  589. n***e

  590. J***s

  591. T***y

  592. B***a

  593. givecatsabetterlife.com

  594. k***a

  595. N***A

  596. S***e

  597. J***a

    like toys cat. immediately become play. cat-satisfied satisfied and i. доехала package very fast, 2.

  598. m***m

    opening straight mouse have a day. as game mouse the fun couple watches cats)))

  599. A***a

    such price for standard, fur faux but

  600. J***e

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