14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy

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14 cm Pet Cat Toys Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Sisal Rope 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1UqgmPVXXXXbPXFXXq6xXFXXX2 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1UqgmPVXXXXbPXFXXq6xXFXXX2
14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy


100% model new and top quality.
Product of pure sisal rope, which is unhazardous and environmental.
Hold with radish and grape, which can draw cats curiosity.
Simple to draw cat’s consideration with shiny colour, promote interplay between pet and also you.

Chew Radish:
Shade: As image present
Size: approx. 14cm/5.51”
Materials: Sisal

14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1kiDWPVXXXXaDapXXq6xXFXXX7

14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy

Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1PHj0PVXXXXcAaXXXq6xXFXXXv

Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post

14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1MGcDPVXXXXcEXXXXq6xXFXXXz 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1rhABPVXXXXXyXpXXq6xXFXXXE 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1FC66PVXXXXaMaXXXq6xXFXXXq 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1CPsxPVXXXXajXpXXq6xXFXXXX 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1EhZGPVXXXXXfXXXXq6xXFXXXf 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1yokGPVXXXXanXXXXq6xXFXXXB 14 cm pet cat toys interactive tree tower shelves climbing frame scratching post sisal rope 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy HTB1kiDWPVXXXXaDapXXq6xXFXXX7






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599 reviews for 14 cm Interactive Tree Tower Shelves Climbing Frame Scratching Post Cat Toy

  1. v***t

  2. M***a

  3. d***A

  4. M***y

    Very good quality of product. I can recommand product and seller too.

  5. t***y

  6. v***a

    dogs love морковку

  7. A***a

  8. c***l

    my cat Is happy!

  9. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Cute. Good quality and really fast shipping.

  10. T***r

    thx 🙂

  11. D***r

    Our cat plays with these, but so does our dog.

  12. Q***e

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  14. L***s

    Nice item, fast delivery. Ty

  15. N***K

    Good cat toy & good price. Thank you…

  16. E***.


  17. L***n

    little bit too big for cat toy

  18. A***t

    Product the same as in the picture. Fast shipping.
    I think that it’s better for dog, not for cat – it’t too big 😉

  19. J***j

  20. E***a

    carrot good!

  21. givecatsabetterlife.com

    Arrived in Germany in one month. Very nice.

  22. givecatsabetterlife.com

    all is excellent, cat used to take. carrot size is turned but cat i cat and small, of course i утрирую, but really big carrot. perfect for small dogs.

  23. T***v

    I was expecting to receive 3 toys because most of the images have 3 of them. Turns out they ship a single toy.

  24. M***n

  25. givecatsabetterlife.com

  26. A***h

  27. A***l

    carrot plain

  28. A***L

    шла toy to us 3 weeks, общались not the seller. такового as order tracking no, the receipt surprise. cat but, and it is the most important. are interested in directly. hope not in this пройдёт

  29. a***r

  30. M***i

  31. J***a

  32. R***n

    brilliant you. strong well made. Just excellent
    definitely recommend. came quickly too

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  34. i***s

  35. S***a

  36. K***h

  37. K***s

  38. A***a

    fine. resistant

  39. s***e

    dats pretty good

  40. S***a

  41. E***r

  42. j***l

  43. J***r

  44. givecatsabetterlife.com

    shipping more month. no smell. присматривается while cat, no more оценила)

  45. A***z

  46. L***t

    slow shipping but carrots excellent product, larger then anticipated which is great! happy to reccomended seller

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  48. C***z

  49. T***f

  50. K***n


  51. givecatsabetterlife.com

  52. O***o

    quality is good, cat satisfied. морковку gnaws гоняет and love to. thank you

  53. J***h

    super toy, thanks !

  54. N***b

  55. A***e

  56. A***f

  57. R***n

    excellent toy. came quickly

  58. B***t

    Thank You, fast shipping

  59. I***e

  60. A***r

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  62. J***k

    cat loves it

  63. A***a

    good toy, satisfied with cat

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  67. S***I

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    cat the can

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  70. A***i

  71. M***j

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  73. M***m

  74. F***e

  75. j***e

    thick strong rope

  76. A***s

  77. M***n


  78. F***t

    Good quality, but much bigger than described. Even without the green part its about 17cm not 14cm
    Too big for our cats.

  79. N***l

  80. A***a

    good goods but not appreciated cat.

  81. A***y

    seller excellent

  82. R***r

  83. E***m

  84. D***i

    Loved it, serious seller, fast shipping as well

  85. P***r

  86. Z***k

  87. a***r

  88. A***r

  89. M***N

  90. givecatsabetterlife.com

  91. S***w

  92. E***a

    carrot big, увесистая dense and. bright, химией but not stink. интересовался cat a pair of minutes, then scoring. but i old, it to play, itself not be.

  93. s***s

    excellent item

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  95. b***t

  96. S***z

  97. J***a

    very good product buy good quality free delivery thank you exactly as picture

  98. A***a

    First order was accidentally shipped to a different city. I contacted the seller and he immediately sent the order again. The second order arrived fast and the toy is good. No smell, sturdy and great for cats to bite and kick.

  99. D***r

  100. I***g

  101. g***k

    good product thank you

  102. givecatsabetterlife.com

  103. H***r

  104. D***s

    Very cool

  105. G***i

    istanbula 33 days arrived. weaves of ropes solid stand kind of not easily broken down.

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  107. D***E

    perfect i will see if my love kittens 🙂

  108. E***n

  109. S***n

  110. j***s

  111. M***u

  112. M***a

  113. givecatsabetterlife.com

  114. Z***a

  115. m***m

    It is also good for interior use.

  116. H***i

  117. M***a

  118. O***i

  119. P***a

  120. s***u

  121. C***n

  122. s***i

    Nice toy, my kitty likes it!

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  125. o***a

    wonderful toy excellent quality, this seller advice

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  127. N***a

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  133. K***s

  134. g***l

    fits my waitings

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  138. G***k

    the product is very beautiful the way i expected. cat almıştım and so fondly for history. original product. i would recommend.

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  148. A***a

    Is just listed Which photo. recognize I have you my CAT lo ha despeluchado enseguida (not know how i last). Shipping super fast.

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    all the best, good quality fast shipping

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    cats love the rope

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    thank you!

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    came to netherlands

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    i recommend item fast free shipping

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    The kitten loves it! Good Quality.

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    Very fast delivery to Turkey. Highly recommended!

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  192. I***a

  193. J***k

    third time i ordered and perfect as always.

  194. M***n

    it’s a great success with the cats they love it

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  196. S***s

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  198. Y***a

    3 received goods. fully compliant with the description. thanks to seller. don’t hesitate, order.

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    highly recommend, fast delivery, excellent seller. packaging is good in the product, everything provides a solution to the seller. everything with i’m happy, much very thank you.
    ממליץ מאוד, משלוח מהיר, מוכר מצויין. המוצר באריזה טובה, המוכר נותן מענה לכל דבר. אני מרוצה מהכל, תודה רבה. באמת מוכר טוב לא ציפיתי ממליץ לכל המעוניין במוצר
    highly recommend, fast shipping excellent seller. good product, solution provides seller around. i satisfied, thank you very much. though i recommend seller предирчев type top everything and love.

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  202. G***h

    thank you!

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    thank you! cat really like!

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    fine, high quality my lapinou is nice!!

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    Very lovely, cats love it.

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  215. C***s

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    Really good item
    My cat loves it and it has a big size so it can deal with big cats too !

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  222. a***o

  223. V***o

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  226. O***a

    super, carrot very good

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    Very good product and fast shipping. Thank you

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    enthusiastic коша

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  233. S***e

    nice and good

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  238. V***i

    all ok, italy received in about 45 days.

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    tin, досталось box, survived nautilus but

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  242. A***l

  243. E***a

    cat playing it all, quality is good.

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  245. E***a

  246. L***r

    the tough cute carrot cat play like and bite also.

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  249. A***a

    long shipping course satisfied overall cat oh

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    all fine, satisfied all

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    Thank you for nice toy

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    Very satisfied. Perfect toy, nice material and no bad smell. I can really recomand this product. It s like from normal shop.

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    toy excellent, playing kitty pleasure!

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  268. r***a

    10.02 shipping spb in 09.03. отслеживался goods.
    all like the picture (‘ll have many-many write written)
    gnaws money, играется… like in
    молодец seller!!!

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    cat toy cool, 0 then why неё кися but our emotion.

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    carrot good, cat гоняет

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    carrot токая good size

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    Everything is good, thank you.

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    carrot good, fast shipping cat interest not only u caused.

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    very good toy скручина tight, hope long use.

  286. A***e

    less slightly color bright, than the pictures. material natural, durable and dense weave. “морковью can beast nail inadvertently, which покупалась toy size and weight view (. 15 cm 60g and ~) with this please so…

    no smell, can put will be delighted beast and cat mint near… great for growth period кошаков teenage teeth, all грызут when row, even the host.

    this toy go well with the same also собакенам goals.

    2.5-3 weeks,-bags packed in individual pockets.

  287. J***a

    i will carrot думала soft, but fabric is very dense, i think собачек very suitable for, will not be able прокусить

  288. W***k

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  290. A***o

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  292. i***o

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    not kitty enthusiastic, but sometimes играется

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    great product, my cat loves it. fast shipment. everything ok.

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  301. O***a

    order more walking month, not отслеживался. quality good toy. cat play, love ribbon simple but more)

  302. S***I

  303. C***R

  304. L***n

    very fast shipping i am very happy

  305. O***k

    toy dense, length 14 cm. thread cotton. package шла month. track to russia not trackable.

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    ripstop, good toy

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  308. D***n

    not отслеживался track

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    thank you

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    cat ребено very satisfied, thank you very much more заказала

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    Super fast!!!

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  316. L***a

    tight toy. hard oh is not bright and.

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  318. K***a

    great toy, dog, wicker tight

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    excellent, satisfied собакен

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    carrot cool, of thread, tight

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    my doggy enthusiastic, these сгрызли морковки instantly, кучка from them two days will think thread. опасаюсь, dogs that a bad, as if сожрут thread.

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  328. D***o

    a long wait

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    all ok. not отслеживалась. simple packaging bag. not playing cat))

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    completely not react cat))) it like this completely not carrot) a pretty it)

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    Cute carrot, took a months to arrive.

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    cool toy, cat like

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  337. l***l

    went long peter to, half month. not отслеживалась.

  338. L***s

  339. D***a

  340. A***a

    delivery of the month.

  341. M***e

    заказывала cat, not like carrot. heavy. подарила dog, enthusiastic, of not release graze …..

  342. C***n


  343. J***a

  344. M***v

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    is large., whether like cat.

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  354. N***r

    standards, but shipping long

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    cat playing, delivery before the moscow month

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    came in a month алтайский edge. морковина cool, high quality made.

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  366. l***v

  367. A***e

    carrot шикардосная! recommend!

  368. S***r

  369. A***a

  370. J***s

    quality not much, too “liquid” carrot

  371. V***n

    if take three sets of large dog to take

  372. N***a

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  374. A***o

    хате across the гоняет колбасой this задолбал cat, тыгыдык contagion-тыгыдык sleeping at night and day.

  375. C***z

    very nice and my love DOG

  376. givecatsabetterlife.com

    pincher was very happy.
    it just режутся chewing teeth and all want something.
    toy price we week спасала its life.
    green отлетел first tail, it then расплел pigtail half.
    плетется quite simple, therefore’ll her periodically refound.

  377. A***a

  378. I***v

  379. S***i

  380. N***v

  381. A***a

    came quickly, отслеживался track. made by good, enough thick and large. котам but still on them. alas.

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    very neat, firmly made toy like cats

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    delivery before the moscow: 01.03.18 26.04.18-. infinite shipping, track number отслеживался at all. самоподтвердился order at some point. i успела open a dispute but i with rang post. отменила. large carrot. сплетена of cotton yarn. пахла no. отнёсся skeptical very first cat, rated but then it and began to play. добротный goods, but overall impression омрачила shipping. решайте, order or not. glad to all that закончилось. fellow in this order no more shall. сыта-s. merci.

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  395. V***a

    the dog dog восторое

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    carrot cool, собачке (5мес щенку york) very like, it is just for graze

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  398. D***a

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  401. S***v

    really liked it itself is playing cat. if no interest to the top little cat mint sprinkle. but we just простирали шампуням with it.

  402. S***a

    шёл томска order before 2 month. well packed.

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    almost shipping 2 month. carrot but very cute, bright, tight.

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    in vladivostok month shipping more. immediately cat appreciated, катает моркву flat throughout

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    carrot good. as the photo. keeps shape)

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  420. P***a

  421. V***s

    It’s lager than expected but still good. Penelope hasn’t played with it yet but I know she will love it. Thank you seller.

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    description, dog likes.

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    as the picture

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    more шла month, not track отслеживался (but provides price is). general all good, not котёнку давала, wash better.

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    carrot super.

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    quality is good. 2 month.

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    carrot good, пёс chew will)

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    carrot excellent, like котенку

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  437. S***a

    fun thing, happy cat

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    Good and quality product, but my cats don’t interesting it 🙂
    Fast shipping and delivery. Good seller. Recommend!

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    a goods long shipping excellent. the cat full delight. all recommend

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    Nice toy, cats like! Fast shipping.

  441. N***k

    чиху my very like. order more then

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  443. C***a

    Very fast shipping, 6 days! Good quality, don’t think it’ll get ripped fast. Our cats like it! 🙂

  444. V***v

    not чёт dog поняла прикола

  445. givecatsabetterlife.com

    small. шла long.

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    морква excellent. like cat, играется)

  447. I***n

    durable, not trackable. damp smell have small

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  449. l***a

    carrot good, strong москву has come in two per week ..

  450. a***s

  451. L***s

    arrivé en 3 semaines , conforme à la description

  452. F***t

    Доставка до Мск 2 месяца, трек не отслеживается; Кот посмотрел, понюхал, покрутил когтем около уха и пошел спать…

  453. I***a

    Заказ 18 марта в Новосибирск прибыло 30 мая. Уж и не надеялись получить.
    Товар достойный, но вот доставка…

  454. S***a

  455. s***a

    всё как и в описании,надеюсь коту понравится

  456. S***v

    Всё хорошо.

  457. S***x

  458. e***o

  459. v***r

    Рекомендую,как на картинке,хлопок,плотное плетение.

  460. S***v

    Симпатичная штучка, пойдет в том числе маленькой собаке. Упаковано хорошо. Заказ не отслеживался на территории России, дошел до Красноярска за месяц с небольшим. Сама игрушка выглядит малость небрежно, но это не страшно, посторонних запахов нет.

  461. A***l

    Прикольная морковка, ней можно бить людей..

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    Thought it was smaller but its actually big and that made me even happier. It just took too long to arrive.

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    Semblable aux photos, mes chats adorent la promener dans la maison 🙂

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    Вроде всё хорошо понадеемся коту понравится

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    Классная игрушка. Кот доволен))

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