Edge of Insanity: Cats love #Freshpet

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Edge of Insanity: Cats love #Freshpet freshpet vital chickenoceanwhitefish1  Edge of Insanity: Cats love #Freshpet freshpet vital chickenoceanwhitefish1

Cats love #Freshpet – and so do I! {Giveaway}

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When it comes to our kitties, we want the best for them. We buy them whatever brand of cat food they love best, even if it costs $20 a bag and they get tired of it within a month. But sometimes the food they isn’t necessarily good for them. Their favorite brand may contain a lot of grain, which may cause obesity, which causes another slew of problems.

Freshpet has a single-minded mission – to improve the lives of dogs and cats everywhere through the power of fresh, natural food. Packed with vitamins and proteins, Fresh pet foods offer fresh meats, poultry, and vegetables farmed locally. The Freshpet Kitchens prepare these natural ingredients and everyday essentials, cooking them in small batches at lower temperatures to preserve key nutrients. Your pet deserves the best!

Refrigerated for freshness, it is suggested to be used within days of opening.

Their line of cat food includes Bagged Meals for Cats, Slice & Serve for Cats that are available, and Cat Cups in Gravy. Flavors will vary depending on the variety chosen.

You can purchase Freshpet products at mass grocers, natural food stores, and special pet retailers. Use their store locator to find certain products near you.

This is Ailig (which is Gaelic for Alex). He is as sweet as pie, but he also loves to eat. Because he is only 4 months old, we didn’t want him to start having weight problems (along with our Siamese male, Brother, who loves to eat as well), so we were searching that would be a little more healthy.
The first to try it out was Ailig. One sniff of the soft morsels and he was sold! He ate most of what was in the bowl before walking away and letting Brother get whatever bites were left, which wasn’t much. Brother hungrily chowed down, and even begged me for more, which I happily obliged, since he didn’t get a lot.

While I still plan on using their current favorite brand of the month, I know I can substitute some mealtimes for this healthy alternative!

Because I know that you also want the best for your pet, two(2) winners will each receive a Freshpet FREE product coupon! Enter below. Good luck!