Do Cats Like Being Kissed?

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Do Cats Like Being Kissed? AdobeStock 27521491 e1527865988761 1030x687  Do Cats Like Being Kissed? AdobeStock 27521491 e1527865988761 1030x687

Despite having the reputation of being independent and detached creatures, any cat owner knows that felines are very often more affectionate than it seems. Cats usually love human touch and adore attention and interaction. But do cats like being kissed? Here are a few ways to determine a cat’s affectionate signals.

Kiss or No Kiss

The answer is actually quite simple: some cats like to be kissed, while some simply don’t. Nobody has figured out yet if they actually enjoy the action, as cats do not understand the emotional significance of a kiss. There are however a few signs that can indicate if it does or does not bother them; the simple fact that cats let us kiss them says a lot about how they care about us. This is why the most important thing is to keep an eye on how your cat shows you affection. This way, you can understand how they show you love.

The Slow Eye Blink

A great sign to look at is a cat’s facial expression; many have probably at least once noticed the way cats sometimes slowly close their eyes while looking at us – because no, it doesn’t mean that they are sleepy. In fact, this action is a way of showing their vulnerability, and thus, their trust, as it expresses that they are completely confident that they won’t be harmed, even if they close their eyes for a millisecond. In other words, it’s a cat’s way of saying “I love you and I trust you.”

The Headbutt

This classing action of “headbutting” happens when cats rub their cheeks, shin, or body against our legs. This usually can mean two things: either your cat is simply showing their appreciation and saying hello, either they’re trying to be a little territorial by marking you with their scent and let everybody know that you belong to them. Either way, they’re showing us that we are important to them.

Ears Up

Another sign that shows a cat’s affection can be identified by looking at their ears. If the ears are standing up, it means that you have your cat’s full attention and that they’re open and ready for some affection from you, whether it’s by being pet, being hugged, or even kissed.

The HIGH Tail

Understanding cats’ emotions can be hard, but looking at a cat’s tail could give a great hint about how they’re feeling. Even though the motion of a tail can’t really say a lot about loving gestures, there definitely are some exceptions. For instance, if a feline’s tail is standing straight up and lightly shaking, it means that your cat is absolutely delighted to see you.

Some Alternatives

With that being said, a good way to show some affection to your cat other than with a kiss is to learn how to return their slow eye blink, as cats actually understand the meaning behind the action they do themselves. When doing this regularly, you might notice that they will eventually return the gesture!

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